THREADS by ZBox June 2019 Zavvi Mystery Subscription Box Unboxing Review

hey guys me host supersorrell thing and so today it's time to unbox Z boxes threads box now I believe this might be Mays box but it's arrived in June so I'm calling it June's box I don't know there seems to arrive at the beginning I think yeah I didn't get the first week of every month so to me this is June's box I won't see another one until July so I'm calling this juice box it's the threads box it's gonna contain a t-shirt and a comic or graphic novel or a book and I actually like Lee subscribe this subscription service because I do like graphic novels and I do have a wide array of like interest with with graphic novels like I would like a sci-fi comic as much as I would enjoy sue barrows as much as they enjoy a horror comic or something else yeah I mean I cannot updation and as you know my comic range is back there and I've got a writer range or everything from like fairy tales the Alice in Wonderland right through to Marvel DC and even some like Halo and Star Wars and the whole stars in there so so good screw ago subscription for me and the reason I like Z box and all this subscription services it's because they get t-shirts in my size I always struggle to find t-shirts in a 3 to 4 XL because that's the size I fit you know baby gorilla size Nala so yeah I do struggle to find t-shirts out in the wild so I do like these subscription services offer the bigger teachers with the cool design the patents so I don't have to wear grind that clothing but guys let's open this box and see what's inside I will I'm just going to say as well I'm not sure if somebody from xavi watches my reviews I'm possibly think so because they do send me the boxes free of charge for review but they haven't put the sticker on the flute this time they put the sticker on the knee so ok so I can do this look it's got a night clean cup and it's got the sea bug logo right there says threads threads and make sure you go to zombie dot-com forward slash threads right let's bring this one out of the packaging let's take a look I've already snipped the bottom so let's look inside what's in that can you guys see all right first things first the t-shirt ooh as it lived a little cool that's awesome hmm it's a dinosaur with a freaking laser attached to his frickin ass all I ask for night I couldn't sir I could resist anything does that do dogs or evil although he still got tiny little baby after so you can't really scratch I have no idea I'm doing I am notes all right there is a guilt on teacher so I like them I know a lot of people always say they're really cheap yes we're actually know the killed on shares are nice and you have given me a to exile this time but it doesn't look pretty roomy but it's okay which I lose a little bit away right now so – exhales good to slide into when we lose bit away I like the design as well is black with blue which is kind of similar to what I'm wearing I like that style better color but not too much snow stained with the black so yeah that's the teacher there's no it's not about sure I like it I always wish though that this shares and the comics were kind of wanting the same like if I sent you a Batman comic you know give me a Batman shirt you know I mean those thought that was kind of the theming was all off with these you get a random shirt or and I'm going and the random comic for month ooh it's fairest I like these so fables so from the pages of fables that brought you fairest and this is the return of the Maharajah I have never seen this one and the women of fables in this all of a series all of their own nice yeah I've never read this one so at it this will be a nice new comment to read it's from vertigo if you're unfamiliar with fables you may know the wolf among us that was a game the made it was made by telltale studios it was adapted from the fables comics and basically all the fairy tale characters are trapped in New York and it's about adapting to their new life but this one is all about the mahara so this should be pretty interesting mmm I like it yeah there's another one legend the exile I read that the other week I was quite good Oh jack of fables I've never read that one no one deserves his own collection more than Jack of fables and the nearly Great Escape I might look that one up I've never actually read Jack of fables we may get not to take away all of it so yeah another comic me to take away to the caravan for a good read at this next month I'm going away for a week don't worry the content will continue I already have a plan right so guys what are your thoughts on that thread box not bad eh that's not a bad book this month I like the t-shirt and I'll write in the comment what are your vows though do you like the comic do you like the t-shirt would you pick up a thread box for your self let me know in the comments down below there is a link in the description if you wanna check out threads box and see how much they are and all that kind of jazz that's all in the link in the description and just thank you very much watching guys as always I'm your host supersorrell and I'll see you guys in the next video may the force be with you you

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  1. I don’t know if you know but there is a flocked Funtime foxy exclusive at smith toys and the fat Thor with stormbreaker and milnijor

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