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good evening our first poem is from Lance Demaryius and it is as thus a long flowing beard finer than silk did not like the way the Wu or their ilk a Brotherhood forged to a lord without soil there would you find a man more loyal a mighty warrior who fought for the Shu the mighty tiger general Guan you The Watchmen rode like the wind on his whip and the general flew into the myths of all the armies the horse runs red rabbit turns red fog the knife Yan Qing long Rises white cloud gwon you the God of War how high does thy saw with Blue Dragon heroes only to fall short of the storm the tiger of Jang dong bellows a challenge flying general smites thy palace O God of War you shall fall and lose red hair most of all thousands stand ready where blood is the ink to write history and tend to the soil to blossom prosperity and for the eternal night be there no contrived for I am temerity a next poem from Davy Neve Guan Yu how do you do high above the five Tigers his blue dragon would fly and saw his steed red hare trades a flying general for a God of War he stroked his beard and swung his glee heaven where his enemies were sent he served Shu Han and died at fan Cheung where his will was never bent as the hand fell some few Titans stood and pledged their blades towards common cause not for fame but the people's good to rest their fate from south-south claws and so it would come to pass through battles in wheat fields mountains and bamboo grass that this warrior of unbounded fame peerless beard and epic name shall fight and fight and fight some more for isn't that what heroes are truly made for Quang huge stands mighty eared flowing like the wonho foes flee before it roses are red violets are red oh wait that's my blood Guan Yu please stop killing me hi hi in the azure skies a celestial dragon soars over war-torn lands he flies in grief he gravely roars Earth's dragon has been slain Guan Yu warrior of heroic Fame all his valor all for naught Wu's scheme his life cut short as a swallow he took flight as a dragon we remember thee lost a star burning bright a hero less in the kingdoms three faced the hell of blood and tear Guan Yu never step back and fear the distance can't break his life promise the wealth cannot change his justice heart born in the grass he revived the han room for his brother simcha with fire simcha with ice other sticking with the pointy end in the time of turmoil dynasty in peril amongst all heroes only yunchang cents tall though the oath of the garden now broken god of the righteous shall never be and our last poem is by Jordan Coles and it reads he defend he attack but most importantly to Liu Bei he came back thank you and good night you

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  1. How did yall get wheels to keep a straight face for more than 3 seconds? I couldn't stop laughing as he read. Thank you for this, i havent laughed so hard in years. As soon as wheels' stern face hits the screen, i laugh so hard, i miss the rest of the poems. Ive tried several times. Saturday night live…step aside

  2. 丞相祠堂何处寻,锦官城外柏森森。




  3. This moved me. Time to grow a natural chimney pot hat and go imperial on China °L°

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