Three poems by Jónas Hallgrímsson

Goddess of drizzle, driving your big
cartloads of mist across my fields! Send me some sun and I’ll sacrifice
my cow — my wife — my Christianity! Shadow Baldur, by my tent,
bursts with reeking juices. Thor throws in his increment,
opening heaven’s sluices. I sat by the Sog one morning when sea-cold north winds blew,
looking on lands with hardly a living thing in view. But soon the blessed sun rose, sweeping the clouds away,
and worlds on worlds of creatures woke to the newborn day. Among them billions of blackflies blotted the sun in murk
and swirled in swarms round Þórður who swatted as if berserk.

5 thoughts on “Three poems by Jónas Hallgrímsson

  1. Sounds amazing. Can you trnaslate my poem and do a recording and send me the sound file so I can make an Icelandic version please?

  2. Your reading is amazing too so it would be brilliant if you could help. I have about 17 languages so far!

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