13 thoughts on “Thriller Writers Panel at Brown University

  1. I remember being Young, reading RL. Stein's books Goosebumps…. Those were some interesting books.

  2. Wonderfull panel discussion. Very informative. Loved the definitions of thriller verse mystery. Dale E. Manolakas, Legal Thriller Author: Latest Amazon release Rogue Divorce Lawyer https://www.amazon.com/Rogue-Divorce-Lawyer-Legal-Thriller-ebook/dp/B0798D9PL9

  3. In a mystery a suspense is derived on what happen!

  4. I really enjoyed this and would love to see more of them………

  5. This was a excellent panel…. I actually learn some informative information from every single individual.

  6. I'm currently in the process of writing thriller. And I got my horror novel to write too…

  7. I guess even Hollywood with all its resources can make a mistake in research and piss off a government agency. lol Hey that writer said NSA and CIA but he only said Agency when referring to the pissed off guys who are the real eyes in the sky who want credit so they get more joining in recruitment. They're gonna bring him back in their office, pissed off. lol

  8. Thanks for posting this. <3 I especially love the part about research. I'm close to submitting a thriller script, but it has deadly scenes involving construction machinery. I had some brief experience inside a backhoe, so I remembered the controls the best I could, but I couldn't be absolutely sure about certain things, and I never had any experience with the rock shredder. I had to base a lot off of some internet pictures to sell and rent the machines and safety instructions or past accident descriptions to try and envision it. But I had to do some guessing and leave certain things a bit vague to let Hollywood or directors with all their credentials fill in the blanks. And it has worried me that my screenplay may not be as flawless as I'd like. And what if certain actions weren't realistically possible? I never thought it could be that easy to get cooperation without credentials.

  9. Very informative. I have already read Baldacci, and I’m actually in the middle of The Forgotten. I have not read the other authors, but now I am going to read all of them except Stine as that is not my genre, though I found him very interesting and entertaining. I was especially impressed with Lisa Gardner. She had great comments. I plan on reading her books.

    After seeing this video, I realized that I have a long way to go. I have published my first book, Father Forgive Me, in July 2015. My next book will be published in January 2016; it is currently the editing phase. I will use these amazing authors’ tips in my next books.

  10. Fantastic! Lots of information and homour, and some really good questions. As a thriller writer, I just loved it!

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