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you long ago by the start rental wheels sure make sure you say hi hi how's it go sir how you doing Doug Preston okay starting q oh are you I don't dress tomorrow yeah yeah thank you look more help or hinder Andy hark various American right let me translate this is Rambo created Rambo I I wrote a novel called first blood in which character was created 12 new york times bestsellers a steady so I 25 created the relic many other ms sellers and did novelization indiana jones and the tourists series is going to film yeah good okay so what is this come off a couple of things this is uh yeah I'm actually from North New York area so how to text us and hunt down there I was like I'm p.m. talk to that happen have Alina how about what's the oh yes that's the end of it that's it so good looking for your story and yarn about you all with my Halloween it for nurses did you take it or you know it's interesting how old a missile latina because in the novel week we can actually tell you the story we can all tell I'm going to do it at Bree off Okinawa oh this is an automatic thing you know the answer is it's a remember Apple in Pennsylvania see whose real name was John Chapman who went through an 1800s planning apples in Ohio and Indiana Pennsylvania those are we really the chakra for anything they need was to send this star we done we do have tetanus but we also mostly it's mostly anthrax vaccines really yeah how about radio tuesday anyway anthrax rabies yes Maxie's persons when you print has my shop let's for a lottery forever to get a flu shot is a typhoid fever for any other you type if your answer me I thought so anyway then cats are they the cats too I don't know no Kendall scary yeah those are communities hot news by anybody else miss just us and what essentially we're prepping will send a vital source of it all of it on are there they're spilling it's good stuff you can't smell that we got all and they're actually outside right out here and always prepped and ready to go a little like we got here so we'd have like fitting that sounds like you know why is a good section of it ultra samples you able to rack out before these farmers from everything bagels for Christmas yeah what are we just yeah I guess Kuwait and then we got here closer than that i'm here from there which are bald man who's their place we get a demonstration come on you're saying wrong policies oh really that's all right I got it out of the bottle there you think building program chill night everyone calls but interest rates yeah you thank you so this will be at the front with you yet great see ya it's already really oh really yeah eres ha tell a relic story what the relic story nothing just on paper oh hello mr. Hanson you must be able to figure stuff out it's a lot of problems 120 voltage you can't plug it into a 220 it'll blow it up first time a fuse in it you plug a 110 item into a 220 volt it'll blow everything inside of it all right a lot of Texas there in the other place and how long you been here I think so I do i do like the bosses versus being bossed around human nature hydrogen thanks sir really appreciate your service thank you so much okay is that plea unit because another question directed okay yeah something very handsome what they're either the net questioned the sick call the sand alright think I don't think the sand has germs on it Beijing for my trust down there so yeah what yours at a 7271 but larger truck there is it is oh yeah c7 it's a 57 Chevy ok yeah that is so classic but what color is it feel what like skin question I mean that's a that's all that's uh that's a nine I really think that is that's a either that's an 80 arsenate I really he looks like a relic I was younger when I wrote the book yeah 30 and 32 30 bit new antenna best sellers it was our time we stop somebody gets the Mahatma la gamba Michael we do you know any senior fine please don't turn the water on get wet turn it off our this month okay well I'll see you in a row you're talking about yes yeah he is your MP or NOAA stupid ass off for me choca universal answer we have reports right oh hi Lucius academic Joe

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