Tiana Clark reads BBHMM

Hi I’m Tiana Clark. I’ll be reading my
poem BBHMM. I’m really interested in acrastic poetry — poetry that is
responding to a piece of art. And I was really inspired to actually respond to a
music video, Rihanna’s music video Bitch Better Have
My Money. When I saw it I was completely awestruck and in a trance and I
watched the video probably 20 times in a row and I’d never seen this kind of
power before. And where a kind of a black female is in a position of power and in
charge and has her own agency and an act of retribution and getting her own money.
It kind of became this power that I wanted to possess and kind of play with
on the page.

19 thoughts on “Tiana Clark reads BBHMM

  1. "Someone has to pay with the fruit from their body."
    Thank you Yours Poetica for bringing these to us. Forever grateful. 💜💜💜

  2. This poem created such a visceral reaction in me. It left me speechless and breathless. The poem itself mirrors the music video so perfectly in the way how it is at once beautiful and violent. Excellent poem. Thank you, Ours Poetica.

  3. This was not what I was expecting it to be. I have never heard of this genre of poetry but this was an awesome introduction to it. Thank you so much for sharing <3 <3

  4. Let us be loud.

    I got full on beautiful chills. This whole poem was visceral and beautiful.

  5. Never occurred to me to respond to a work of art by writing my own piece. This is awesome

  6. This definitely wins the "most visceral poem I've ever encountered" award. Thumbs up for what it's worth

  7. I don't get it… but am willing to listen and learn, but not bleed. Neither money nor blood, and especially not Rihanna's music. I reach up.

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