Tiggs Da Author – Georgia (Official Lyric Video)

42 thoughts on “Tiggs Da Author – Georgia (Official Lyric Video)

  1. Just heard it at Adventure World, Perth, Western Australia. Its so catchy. Tiggs your good.

  2. great,cant stop myself repeating again and again…i say u got me singing..

  3. My name is Georgia, so imma pretend he wrote this song about me :')

  4. for the cheats who steal money and don't love for love !!! lyrics <3

  5. This sounds awfully like when people were enslaved in Georgia, USA. "I'll do anything for ya" and some other things led me to believe this.

  6. I like this. Good feeling, is free flowing and happy. Positively true hearts say what's real like for real by nature. With or with ought stacks no shacks

  7. Run By: Tiggs Da Author can be found on my channel! With a download link!

  8. Well this song is being shoved in my fucking face so much might as well have a listen

  9. r u singin about nation of georgia or state ? great song by the way <3

  10. When gonna be "Run" on YouTube? I watched 200 times Georgia but please, upload "Run"!

  11. tiggs when you gonna be releasing 'Run' on YouTube. Keep up the good work

  12. ill remember this day when I found you before you blow up big x

  13. Even though the weather has been crap in the UK all summer, this song makes it all better 🙂

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