Tim Minchin’s Storm the Animated Movie

[RAIN AND THUNDER] ♪♪ Inner North London,
top floor flat, All white walls,
white carpet, white cat, Rice paper partitions,
Modern art and ambition. The host’s a physician,
Bright bloke, has his own practice,
His girlfriend’s an actress An old mate of
ours from home And they’re always great fun
so to dinner we’ve come. The fifth guest
is an unknown, The hosts have just thrown
us together as a favour Cos this girl’s just
arrived from Australia And she’s moved
to North London And she’s the sister of someone
or has some connection. As we make introductions
I’m struck by her beauty, She’s irrefutabley fair with
dark eyes and dark hair, But as she sits I admit
I’m a little bit wary Cos I notice the tip of
the wing of a fairy tatooed on that popular area
just above the derriere And when she says
“I’m Sagittarian” I confess a pigeonhole
starts to form And is immediately
filled with pigeon when she says
her name is Storm. Conversation is initially
bright and light-hearted But it’s not long before
Storm gets started: “You can’t know anything,
Knowledge is merely opinion”, She opines, over
her Cabernet Sauvignon Vis-a-vis Some unhippily
Empirical comment made by me. “Not a good start”,
I think. We’re only on pre-dinner
drinks and across the room My wife widens her
eyes, silently begs me, “Be nice” – A matrimonial
warning Not worth ignoring, So I resist the
urge to ask Storm whether knowledge is so
loose-weave of a morning when deciding whether
to leave her apartment by the front door or the
window on the second floor. The food is delicious
and Storm whilst avoiding all meat
happily sits and eats as the good doctor –
slightly pissedly – Holds court on some
anachronistic aspect
of medical history When Storm suddenly insists, “But the human
body is a mystery! “Science just
falls in a hole “When it tries to explain
the nature of the soul.” My hostess
throws me a glance – she, like my wife,
knows there’s a chance I’ll be off on one of
my rare but fun rants, But I shan’t.
My lips are sealed. I just want to
enjoy my meal. And although Storm is
starting to get my goat, I have no intention
of rocking the boat Although it’s becoming
a bit of a wrestle Because – like her
meteorological namesake Storm has no such
concerns for our vessel: “Pharmaceutical
companies are the enemy, “They promote
drug dependency “At the cost of the
natural remedies “That are all
our bodies need. “They are immoral
and driven by greed. “Why take drugs when
herbs can solve it? “Why use chemicals
when homeopathic
solvents can resolve it? I think it’s time
we all returned to live with natural
medical alternatives.” And try as I like,
a small crack appears In my diplomacy dike. “By definition”, I begin
“Alternative Medicine”, I continue “Has either
not been proved to work, “Or been proved
not to work. “Do you know what they
call alternative medicine “that’s been
proved to work? “Medicine.” “So you don’t believe in
any natural remedies?” “On the contrary,
Storm, actually before I came to
tea I took a remedy derived from the bark
of a Willow tree, a painkiller that’s
virtually side-effect free. It’s got a weird name: Darling, what was it again? Maspirin?
Baspirin? Oh yes, Aspirin! Which I paid
about a buck for Down at the
local drugstore.” The debate briefly abates as
our hosts collects plates, But as they return with
desserts Storm pertly asserts, “Shakespeare
said it first: “There are more things
in Heaven and Earth “than exist in
your philosophy.” Science is just how we’re
trained to look at reality. It doesn’t explain
love or spirituality. How does science
explain psychics? Auras?
The afterlife? The power of prayer?” I’m becoming
aware that I’m staring, I’m like a rabbit
suddenly trapped In the blinding
headlights of vacuous crap. Maybe it’s the Hamlet
she just misquothed Or the sixth glass of
wine I just quaffed But my diplomacy dike groans
And the arsehole held back by its stones can be
held back no more. “Look , Storm, I don’t
mean to bore ya But there’s no such
thing as an aura. Reading auras is
like reading minds Or tea leaves or star
signs or meridian lines These people aren’t
plying a skill, They’re either
lying or mentally ill. Same goes for those who
claim to hear God’s demands or spiritual healers who
think they have magic hands. By the way, Why is it OK
For people to pretend they can talk
to the dead? Is it not totally
fucked in the head Lying to some crying woman
whose child has died And telling her you’re in
touch with the other side? I think that’s
fundamentally sick. Do we need to clarify here That there’s no such
thing as a psychic? What, are we fucking two? Do we actually think
that Horton Heard a Who? Do we still think that
Santa brings us gifts? That Michael Jackson
didn’t have facelifts? Are we still so stunned
by circus tricks That we think that the dead
would wanna talk to pricks like John Edward?” Storm to her credit,
despite my derision keeps firing off clichés
with startling precision, like a sniper using
bollocks for ammunition. “You’re so sure
of your position But you’re just
closed-minded. I think you’ll find that your
faith in science and tests is just as blind as the
faith of any fundamentalist” “Wow, that’s a good point,
let me think for a bit; Oh wait, my mistake,
That’s absolute bullshit. Science adjusts its views
based on what’s observed. Faith is the
denial of observation so that belief
can be preserved. If you show me that,
say, Homeopathy works, then I will
change my mind, I’ll spin on a
fucking dime, I’ll be
embarrassed as hell, but I will run through
the streets yelling, “It’s a miracle!
Take physics and bin it! Water has memory!
And while its memory of a long lost drop of
onion juice seems infinite it somehow forgets all
the poo it’s had in it!’ You show me that it
works and how it works and when I’ve recovered
from the shock, I will take a compass
and carve ‘fancy that’ on the side of my cock.” Everyone’s just staring
now, but I’m pretty pissed and I’ve dug this far down,
so I figure, in for penny, in for a pound. “Life is full of
mysteries, yeah, but there are
answers out there. And they won’t be found
by people sitting around looking serious and saying,
‘Isn’t life mysterious? Let’s sit here and hope! Let’s call up
the fucking Pope! Let’s go watch Oprah
Interview Deepak Chopra!’ If you’re going
to watch telly, you should watch Scooby Doo.
That show was so cool, because every time there
was a church with a ghoul or a ghost in a school, they looked beneath the
mask and what was inside? The fucking janitor or the
dude who runs the waterslide! Because throughout history
every mystery ever solved has turned out
to be Not Magic. Does the idea that
there might be knowledge frighten you? Does the idea
that one afternoon on Wiki-fucking-pedia
might enlighten you frighten you? Does the notion that there
may not be a supernatural so blow your hippy noodle
that you would rather just stand in the fog of
your inability to Google? Isn’t this enough? Just this world? Just this
beautiful, complex, wonderfully unfathomable
natural world? How does it so fail to
hold our attention that we have to diminish it
with the invention of cheap, man-made myths
and monsters? If you’re so into Shakespeare
Lend me your ear: ‘To gild refined gold,
to paint the lily, to throw perfume
on the violet… is just fucking silly.’
Or something like that. Or what about Satchmo? ‘I see trees of green,
Red roses too’ And fine, if you
wish to glorify Krishna and Vishnu In a
post-colonial, condescending, bottled-up and
labeled kind of way, Then whatever,
that’s ok. But here’s what
gives me a hard-on: I am a tiny, insignificant,
ignorant bit of carbon. I have one life, and it
is short and unimportant, but thanks to recent
scientific advances, I get to live
twice as long as my great great great
great uncleses and auntses. Twice as long to
live this life of mine. Twice as long to
love this wife of mine. Twice as many years
of friends and wine, Of sharing curries
and getting shitty at good-looking hippies
with fairies on their spines and butterflies
on their titties. And if perchance
I have offended, think but this and
all is mended: We’d as well be 10
minutes back in time, for all the chance you’ll
change your mind.” ♪♪

100 thoughts on “Tim Minchin’s Storm the Animated Movie

  1. I more or less agree fully with TM, but… his definition of faith or belief is wrong!
    I would argue that it all come down to the definition of just that word…
    Science is about knowledge, I’m not arguing against that, but belief is about what we don’t know – or what we may never know.
    The moment we have proof of a god, then there’s no longer a need for belief. We now know he exsists; now it’s knowledge, not faith.
    As long as we have no proof of an afterlife or lack thereof, it remains a matter of faith/belief; Do you or do you not believe in an afterlife.
    As soon as we get a proof, be it proven or disproven; then there is no longer need of faith.
    So faith and beliefs are as I see it in no way arguing against science and knowledge; it simply trives to answer questions, science haven’t answered yet.

    …now if we talk about people practising their religious views as were it science and use their religion to deny ‘propper science’ – that would be a question of fanaticism and douches…

  2. If by chance, I have offended, think but this and all is mended. We'd as well be ten minutes back in time for all the chance you'll change your mind."


  4. Oh my god. I've only just noticed that the cast of Scooby Do at 6:51 is the participants of the dinner party!

  5. Aw, but it is a shame that at 8:47 they use the Caduceus to represent medicine, rather than the Staff of Asclepius. The Staff of Asclepius is the symbol of a Greek god of healing, while the Caduceus is actually a symbol of merchants and profit, and not medicine at all!

  6. Agreed with Tim on everything except — I'm pretty sure Horton did hear a who. 🙂

  7. « Like a sniper firing off bullocks for ammunition »… fantastic!

    but it ends sadly « … will as well be 10 minutes back in time, for all the chance you’ll change your mind ». Sigh .

  8. Funny, thought provoking-truth.
    Except, I do believe that the plants that we evolved alongside, do possess the qualities,or elements necessary to heal what ails us, like a store house of nessecary elements to replenish what nay be depleted from ingesting the wrong diet,do to accumulated fad's, and not what or bodies truly need to thrive,or as Spock might say,
    "Live long ,and prosper".✌🌈

    As apposed to- "Chase the American dream"!

  9. Now that i live in a place with no religious people i can watch stuff like this and not worry about offending others. This was fucking great!!!

  10. I’ve watched this video so many times thoughout the years that i actually know almost every line. I fucking love Tim Minchin

  11. OMG! How many times have I found myself in that situation? Complete with the wife silently begging me not to rip the stupid bitch's opinions into a billion pieces brutally and publicly.

    And Scooby Doo was the BEST!

  12. the only things that i'm stumped on are DMT (and other psychadellics, namely psilocybin) trips, and children who remember past lives (see the work of Dr Ian Stevenson and Dr Jim B Tucker).

  13. Been there…done that…didn't worked out well. 
    After a hard day of youtube idiots this cheers me up every time.

  14. Tim, mate, if you ever read this… No homo but I fucking love you.

    Definitely one of your best works. I can't even count how many times I've been in that same situation and yes, I am well aware of the matrimonial warning that's not worth ignoring. And if I do ignore it? Oh how I hear about it on the drive home. I'm sure you get me.

  15. Wikipedia quotes this guy's opinion on alternative medicine as a 'Minchin's Law'. What has science done that an artist's opinion is presented as law.

  16. Don't let crazy hippies that are over the top and ignorant dissuade you from what is a part of science. I'm not spiritual. I'm scientific. And chi imo seems to be of this physical realm and has evolved with us, it's not some proof of God or anything else. It's merely a part of our bodies. The things we are capable of doing with our energy or aura or soul or whatever you want to call it, are greatly over exaggerated. For example energy healing, that is taught in nursing programs, increases blood flow and reduces swelling, which helps the body heal itself better. It's like asperin.

  17. I knew some tosser from Australia who turned up here years ago and announced his name was 'devo'. What a fucking wanker !

  18. Not quite twice as long. If you lived past the age of about 5, you'd likely live well into your sixties. All that infant mortality artificially alters the actual statistic.

  19. The last line has to be my favourite. It's so spot on. For all the accusations of close mindedness, people like that will never accept facts that contradict their world view.

  20. What's the deal with the Shakespeare comment? Storm is quoting correctly, isn't she? Hamlet was commenting on the appearance of his father's ghost and his inability to explain it…

  21. Im sure Storm was commenting on the "opiate epidemic" when opiates are basically homeopathic lol just like heroin, all opiates, are derived from the poppy plant. Just like aspirin from willow bark. Hell even botox is made from botulism. All natural, organic doesnt equal safe or healthy. Id tell you to ask someone whos ingested Botulinum toxin
    (the sickness that results from this toxin is called botulism) but no ones survived it. Not to mention Monkshood, castor bean, toxic mushrooms and the list goes on and on.

    Whats rly sad is one of the hippie loonies in my hometown decided to take her kids out mushroom hunting and ended up killing herself and her babies all because she wanted to jump on the whole "vegan, all natural, homeopathic, raw" lifestyle. Thankfully the youngest did survive, he was 5 months old and when he was examined by hospital staff they assumed he was 5 weeks old. He was so malnourished because her diet was so limited to raw fruits and vegs that her breast milk was deficient in every vitamin and mineral imaginable and not only that but she had become convinced breast milk was an animal byproduct which meant her baby wouldn't be vegan if he ingested breast milk so she had been feeding him water with humus…. idk why humus but if she hadn't accidentally killed everyone the baby would have died. Hospital staff said within a matter of hours he would have died from starvation. She was one of the crazy dipshits that follow Freelees idiotic bullshit and While law enforcement investigated they found she had a blog where she berated, belittled and constantly callrd CPS on moms in our area who let their children eat meat and she also harnessed youtube family vloggers whose kids were just a tad chunky and i mean they weren't obese or over weight, they were normal kids with normal baby/kid fat. Regardless, here this cunt was calling CPS on other parents for feeding their kids meat saying they were killing their kids and busing them when she was the one killing her kids with a forced diet and starving her baby to near death…. They had to move her I o an unmarked grave because ppl kept literally shitting on it and leaving steaks haha which normally i would say thats wrong, barbaric behavior but in this case, fuck it, she deserves worse.

  22. I almost downvoted this because I disagreed withe the main character and his delivery. It's well made though, so… I'll just not rate it. Great animation, Tim. Cheers from across the pond.

  23. Scientism, the ignorant belief system of the retards without any basic understanding of philosophy.

  24. As a liberal Christian, and an irreverent one at that, I often use three quotes from this.
    The one about carving fancy that on my genitalia, the one about the definition of alternative medicine, and the very last line are all things I remember and make use of

  25. Tim is the top. Intelligent and hilarious.
    But most importantly, he has a terrific way of viewing the world and this is the best he ever produced

  26. Good, but one point is off. One life isn't correct. You will live as long as the universe exist. You're bunch of tiny bits of leftovers from stardust that'll reform into something different until the end of times.

  27. Wonderful. "Throughout history, every mystery that's ever been solved has turned out to be….not magic." -Tim Minchin

  28. Let's see, the hard cover is $775.00 and the paperback is $3.98 used from amazon. I know what to do.

  29. I love the jazz background music. Reminds me of the jazz music in the movie masterpiece Glengarry Glenn Ross. I simply must check this out. Later. Regards, Goat from Ruthless Reviews.

  30. Existential crisis. I’m gonna fucking die and then it’s nothingness forever. Fuck my chest is tight. I’m gonna go kiss my beautiful sleeping fiancé.

  31. As a lifelong fan of science and a career-long practitioner (in pharma research, then teaching, then pharma again, now long retired), I think Minchin's drama is a classic. However, I'd also say it needs a followup to correct its fundamental error of elevating dichotomous thinking onto a pedestal. A lot like the beliefs that he rubbishes also do in their own favor.

    My own thinking in that area is switching from being exactly that of the main character to someone who sees the noisy nonsense he criticizes as probably and mostly just that, but also as a natural brain-response to the unknown. Combined with tribalism and a couple of other evolved responses, yet of possibly great significance if properly approached. Even the best science has always admitted – and pointed to – how much we don't know. And a book I'm currently rereading, "Quantum Reality" by Nick Herbert, does a fine job of sketching the arguments within the mainstream physics community that have stayed more or less alive for more than a century about whether the mysteries of QM reflect our poor understanding of it (to be overcome someday?), or the simple fact that our brains and senses have evolved only in the limited way needed to optimize species survival at the level of size and organization that we happen to inhabit, leaving us utterly unable to comprehend levels that involve radically different scales of time, energy, size, or . .??? .

    I connect such cogitation to speculation about what it must have been – and still be – like to be a Euglena, with the crudest eye and bodily mobility imaginable and no brain at all, just able to perceive levels of brightness and swim towards the most delicious light, which is all it needs to get its photosynthetic meals. How could it possibly appreciate (much less explain) a sunrise like this morning's (north of Auckland) with the patterns and colors in the clouds and the thunder rumbles? Then again, consider how much I missed by being unable to detect the electrical discharges and radiation that my AM radio could have translated into sounds that ears could have reported to brain. And who knows what else I missed perceiving, like Sprites?

    And who says we're so special that we're the climax and perfected-end of evolution, without some partially developed senses that give us minimal messages about what's going on? Mainly the religions, no?

    To me, that is self-aggrandizement carried to an embarrassing extreme.

    Such extremism is useful for those who would exploit our tribal instinct for self-aggrandizement as a way to seize control of our tribal groups, but a barrier for the rest of us to overcome in our striving towards a better future for the species – if there is to be a future at all. We need to practice systems thinking always, as well as extracting simple pieces of the systems we are a part of and applying scientific either-or thinking to them.

  32. Amazing how he fits the whole stupid conversation about it all into one piece.

  33. Sadly now Scooby Doo is now introducing supernatural more than before. Ghost ideas sure, but at least still there is unmasking too.

  34. This is just the Normal person aka normie way of looking at life. Things like astrology alternative medicine spirituality etc are very real and scientific. It is people like here that try to suppress human development. The pagan Gods are real. Please look into it. Dont believe me do the full chakra meditation on this site joyofsatan dot com. Also do kundalini yoga. Clean your aura be free.

  35. If I have offended you again, perhaps you should check to see why the fuck you offend so easily.

  36. Thank you! I'm a new fan of his & this made my day! Saving to playlist!

  37. The fact that this doesn't have more views doesn't make any sense to me ITS BEEN 8 YEARS

  38. Jokes on you storm science actually can and does explain love 😜

  39. damn, it's been 8 years? this will just never stop being relevant

  40. Puts a lifetime of serious thought into 10 minutes of humorous wandering. genius!

  41. It's June, in the year two oh one nine.
    And I'm just now seeing this for the first time.
    I'm sad that I haven't seen this 'til now
    And yet happy to have found it at all.
    It's brilliant, clever, witty and true.
    I expect to watch it often – hope you will too.

  42. I've come to this reality…religion and LOA..is ALL BULLSHIT. Spent over a year believibg… with all my heart…to find that all I got out of it was several of free ticket wins and one 50 dollar win. THATS IT. At least I won fifty bucks. But ain't nothing more coming to me.

  43. SO, WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY TIM …………………………….


  45. At least once in a month i watch this … and still enjoy it.

  46. Lemme tell you, most of your science medicines have been taken down from India’s Ayurveda. Which are a little now changed and cause die effects sometimes. The British and others just stole it from us. We even fought it at the international court and we won the case about the Americans and British using our remedies and patenting it as theirs. We won! Still people no appreciation.

  47. i loved this video years ago. the issue is by his logic cannabis doesn't work. and if you know anything at all it does work but its not considered medicine because of the FDA

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