Tim Winton – Talking Justice in the Pacific

here we are in merit for Town Hall we have community information evening stories from activists from PNG I think system really nervous to what's happening that's too big a question good thing Australia yes except society and the frontier still is within us and there's a little taste of the frontier mentality is still lingers in trying to society but it tastes for that there are people among us we have a green tie score I go looking for the frontier whatever it is it won the frontier is the soft edge secondhand businesses will second right differences and second right people dying supply system ability and winding the wire and extracting something to capital is a restless thing when we know capital moves to cheat lightly and they sports it and it words on but it also takes nature and exploits it when chewed up the chief Leyland has chewed up the chief nature just moves on to something else and he doesn't care what lays behind us one of the biggest balls on the ground so I'd be in polluted river so the dispossessed people because here we are but you don't forward in poverty if you don't acknowledge and go back to making webinars and bow a the right reservoir knowledge this year before us you

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