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story 9 of the times Red Cross storybook by famous novelist serving in his Majesty's forces by various this LibriVox recording is in the public domain story 9 the silver Thor by our affair need rifle brigade a silver thaw had said in the icy rain fell so suddenly and so quickly that mass and felt his car skid on what had been a dry almost a dusty high road before he was well aware of the cause two minutes later the imperative necessity of pulling up became apparent and he came to a stop at the end of a hundred yards slide if it had been downhill he thought to himself the depreciation on this particular four and a half horsepower daddy on would have been considerable I suppose I'm in luck the look on second thoughts was of a very dubious kind amidst following on the break of the frost had already obscured the beauty of the night the roadway seemed absolutely deserted and the nearest approach to a village was as mass and guest some five miles off his lamps shining up on what might have been a frozen canal between two high hedges showed that he could as well have been 20 miles from a village for all the chance he had of getting there either on foot or on wheels pulling out his watch he found the time to be ten o'clock he had been about half an hour on the road calculating that he had done some twelve miles and that there were fifty separating the place he had dined that from the place he intended to reach he was still 38 miles from the latter no London for me tonight he said to turning up his coat-collar the thaw may turn to rain and it may not the point is what am I to do if it doesn't he stood up in the car to prospect an answer came in lights that glowed yellow through the mist from some house evidently that stood a little off the road to the left they had been hidden until that moment by the hedge and seemed all the nearer now for their suddenness they shelter from that I see drip possibly a bed for the night there was no resisting the prospect masson climbed it gingerly down commended the car to Providence and made for a white gate in the hedge that seemed to indicate the entrance to the drive his fingers were so numbed that he could scarcely unlatch it anyone who has tried the business of walking in what is called romantically enough a silver Thal will know that romance is the last thing that occupies the mind of a person so engaged the constant striving to remain perpendicular the groveling with unseasonable earth forced upon a man who has sat down upon it with an unexpected pneus that is outside all experience the doubts as to whether any material progress can be made except on all fours combined to keep the attention fixed upon practical things add the darkness of a clouded winter sky a gathering mist and a path if it could be called a path at once barely visible and totally unknown and it will be clear that a man encountering these difficulties will be justified in wishing romance to the deuce nasan wished it further before he had done with it that night the only warning that he had before he was plunged into it willy-nilly was the sound of a whistle as of someone expressing surprise from the high road he had left he imagined that it proceeded from some yokel who had come upon the desert a duty on and he sincerely hoped that the yokel would not have the time or inclination to overall its machinery for a moment indeed with some of the yearning instinct of the motorists for his car he thought of returning to it and warning the Yoko off the very act of trying to come to a decision however made his heels go from under him and when he had got them under control again the decision was formed it was to reach the house or congeal another five minutes kidding and he reached it the back of it apparently for there was no door the result of a polite hail was that a window was open from overhead and a voice girls voice said is it you she said in a whisper only just audible who returned masson a little surprised it was not perhaps an intelligent question but it did not seem to justify what followed the window was shut with a little shriek and a pair or two pairs of sturdy arms closed about masson's body it did not require so much force as was used to bring him to the ground his antagonist or antagonists on top of him he explained as much with some warmth as he lay there but only had the satisfaction of hearing one of the men say to the other there were two it seemed yet taken by the legs mr. board an epic toys kickin el guía on a jog in the belly right ya're jenkins now sir gently if you please the last words were addressed to masson and he guessed from the tone of reluctant respect that the speaker was somehow servant probably the butler all right he said only if you're going to carry me for heaven's sake be careful if you drop me it's murder mind you'll be hanged for it no fear sir said mr. bored jeanie li we won't hurt you never fear what the squire will do is another matter sir as i Dessay you guess ready Jenkins ah said Jenkins and moved forward with Mattheson said mr. board followed with his legs in this manner and with an unpleasant feeling that one or other of them would certainly slip masson made his own triumphal procession into the house he was dumped brutally by Jenkins respectfully by mr. board on the turkey carpet of what so far as he could see for the sudden glare of lights was the large and armored Hall of a manor house he lay for a moment on the turkey carpet with closed eyes when he looked up there was a tall and irascible old gentleman standing over him with a heavy riding-whip stand him on his feet Jenkins and you stand by the door board and see that he don't make a rush now sir the old gentleman himself to messin with the most threatening countenance you're going to elope with my daughter now what mass and stared going to elope with your daughter might I ask can you explain to me what the meaning of this assault on me by your servants I presume they're your servants means you might said the old gentleman caustically they had their orders sir from me to bring you in neck and crop sir neck and crop by GAD you didn't expect that when you came sneaking around here after my daughter now what he thrashed the air significantly any excuse to offer before masson backed away a little towards a light but solid chair that stood near it might serve as a weapon if this old madman attacked Mr board a middle-aged man unmistakeably the butler put his back against the hall door and stood rubbing his hands Jenkins a catered person joke to go far it seemed to masson that with three able-bodied persons opposed to him he had better try the discrete before the valorous part it seems to me he said raising his voice a little that the excuse should be offered to me I can only imagine you're laboring under some delusion ha said the old gentleman which I am quite willing to help to clear so far as I am concerned I haven't the least idea what you mean by accusing me of sneaking round after your daughter I have never set eyes on your daughter I don't know who she is or who you are I came here off the high road perhaps I ought to say I'm motoring to London because the roads are so slippery I couldn't get on seeing your lights I thought I could get some assistance here that's why you went round to the back of the house and my dear sir said masson impatiently are you aware that it's a pitch-dark night that the back in front of your house are equally strange to me that the mistake I made and going to the back instead of the front is the kind of mistake any stranger trying to get here would make he spoke with a good deal of indignation by no means soothe to hear Jenkins nigger that's a good and it was all along of am at stake here and the Squires reply snorted insultingly look here my young man I knew you were a rogue I didn't know you were occur to likely story ain't it motoring huh never seen my daughter what never seen John Clifton of the King's Arms neither I dare say well I have John Clifton knows me and he knows I've got him in my pocket so when you went and ordered a horse and trap for ten o'clock tonight mentioning hang your impotence that you might be wanting it for a young lady you were going to elope with John Clifton he came round to me he'll be waiting about ten-thirty tonight under Missy's window that's the arrangement Squire John Clifton told me that ten-thirty said he and by GAD 1030 it is I've never heard of John Clifton in my life said mass and soothingly stick to your lie snorted the squire stick to your mule ish idiocy return to masson equally enraged only if you want to avoid making a driveling fool of yourself send for your daughter I imagine she'll be able to inform you that you've made a mistake so far as I'm concerned whether the squire thus braved would have proceeded at once to carry out the intention is hands twitching at the whip suggested masson hardly knew at that moment an elderly lady opened a door at the far end of the hall and entered Oh Reginald she cried what is it as the squire turning at her is this the young man is this the the squire choked no it isn't this is the young man who swears he isn't the young man that's who this young man is wants me to call Judith down to verify him I'll be merely injustice to the young lady said masson scornfully as the squire stopped for breath I perhaps said the elderly lady in a deprecating voice possibly Reginald it would be fairer you have never seen the young man before have you Judith Judith some inks said the squire furiously but she has never told a lie said the elderly lady call her the squire rumbled the order and the elderly lady fled Judith my dear Judith masson could hear her twittering to her charge as he leaned on the back of the chair which was to have served him for a weapon in case the squire had proceeded to extremities he suppose the matter was now as good as ended and could afford a smile at the disappointed expression of Jenkins who was evidently the Squires principal backer in the scheme of force majeure mr. board indeed had allowed a sigh of relief to escape him at the new turn of affairs and was for leaving his post at the door didn't I tell you to stay there said the squire sharply and observing mass and smile don't you imagine my fine fellow that you've escaped your thrashing yet brah the last word was an acknowledgement of his daughters arrival under the wing of the elderly lady masson looked at the girl with interest she was tall and slender of a pretty girl there was mass and judged some grounds for the squire suspicions for she was dressed for out of doors in hat and furs and seemed to pale and upset she avoided masson's eyes you wanted me father she said no I didn't confound it said the squire rudely it was your aunt wanted you this rogue he indicated messin with his riding-whip wants to save his skin says he isn't your man now what do you say nasan waited in all serenity for her reply she seemed to hesitate and go forwards it was excusable masson thought the old curmudgeon had frightened the Wits half out of her what esa roared the squire again she twisted her hands together took a step forward in a trembling voice addressing masson Oh dick she said fondly masson became aware that the dropping of a pen might have been audible but for mr. Ward's respectful sigh of dismay at the door for a second he doubted his full possession of his senses what did you say he stammered Oh dick why why did you come I wish she burst into gentle sobs nasan looked about him wildly he felt a mere fool my name is Henry he explained Henry masson just so said the squire grimly Martha take Judith upstairs sent her to bed quickly now no talking now sir to masson as the door closed upon the two ladies are you going to take your thrashing standing up or lying down he had recovered his self-possession and it was masson who felt he is leaving him only for a moment however then standing up he said and gave Jenkins as that individual advanced to call him a kick that brought into the ground he sees the momentary advantage to dodge the Squires whip and to give a swing of the chair into mr. boards breadbasket mr. board fell back unfortunately against the wall door which was against masson's chance of escaping it is probable that the next five minutes offered as good an exhibition of rough-and-tumble fighting as the hall of the manor house had ever been privileged to witness only superior agility enabled masson to keep his end up for though mr. boards attack was reluctant it was not devoid of cunning and both the squire and Jenkins were bulls for fierceness indeed masson panting hard was having his chair wrenched from him by the latter while he dodged the Squires attempts to clench when he felt the other door through which the ladies had vanish scrape his back it gave him an idea and he acted on it letting Jenkins have the chair at full grip which sent him staggering backwards masson buttered the squire turned the handle and was through he hung on to the handle desperately feeling for a key there was none the opposition forces had got their hold and were forcing the door open it was at this crisis that the elderly lady again made her appearance she came bustling into masson's back crying aloud she's gone she's gone with the other young man oh dear as she perceived mass and what is happening where is my brother in their sin masson and let go Reginald she cried as the squire came bouncing through stop it is not this young man it's another young man and Judith is gone she got out of her bedroom window and they're driving off now what cried the squire perhaps said mass and quietly you will now believe what I said he might as well have addressed the walls for all the attention he received the squire had no sooner grasped the new situation then he was foaming for the front door giving directions at the top of his voice put in the mayor Jenkins saddle black beauty tell the boy to ride for the police drat and confound this masson gathered that the Squires broken sentences signified that he had stepped out into the ice paved night with the inevitable results however he must have picked himself up for his allowing a grew fainter but how it will all end heaven only knows said the elderly lady to masson in a despairing way I'm afraid you're right said masson good evening madam the hall door was open his late antagonist had disappeared but since there was no knowing when they would return or in what frame of mine it was not wise to lose an opportunity stepping out into the darkness masson found that the silver thaw had turned to rain and that the path though slippery in parts was safety itself to what it had been he followed the winding drive until he came to the white gate and the road beyond there unnoticed it seemed and untouched stood his car by the side of the road he started it and moved on at a moderate pace a couple of minutes later he neared two figures going at applauding cantor in the light of his lamps the one that led was tall and large the squire thought masson and hooted vigorously a hundred pounds if you'll give me a lift cried the squire I want to catch up a horse and trap just ahead won't you take three minutes a hundred pounds come for mercy's sake sir do said the other mr. board it was clear neither of the two seemed to know whom they were addressing or else they had forgotten the events of the evening which hardly seemed possible I'm afraid very sorry but I can't stop said mass and politely he bore them no grudge on the whole but having witnessed the squire in the fullness of his raging he felt no desire to cumber himself with him anymore it would be conniving at manslaughter quite impossible he repeated as he whizzed by them he put on speed turned a bend of the highway a minute and a half later and pulled up just in time to avoid not mere connivance but actual committal of manslaughter for there in the very center of the road was the horse and trap which the others were so anxious to come up with only it was no longer a horse and trap United but a horse and a trap quite separate entities of which moreover the trap lay on one side minus a wheel with broken shafts so much masson's lights showed him as he came to a stop just in time a little shriek that arose at the same moment from the bank at the side of the road revealed more Oh dick is it father no said mr. Mason with every wish to be neutral in this family affair he could not resist giving so much consolation a young man who had it seemed been divided between soothing the author of the little shriek and holding on to the frightened horse not altogether a simple division of labor came forward at this excuse me sir he said to masson I don't know who you are but Oh dick it's the other young man mr. mr. Henry the Squires daughter spoke from the bank Henry masson said that gentleman not dick I should have been obliged he continued with a good deal of urbanity if you could have mentioned that fact half an hour ago he bore the Squires daughter no grudge on the whole but he felt that he was entitled to that small piece of irony at least it was not altogether amusing to be the other young man the young man the real dick had apparently received only a partial account of the evenings proceedings I'm afraid I don't understand he said frankly I know something went wrong up at the house Judy was telling me just as our horse came down confound that ice thaw the squire mistook you for me didn't he well said masson the squire couldn't very well help making the mistake when a fierce bellowing not foreign the rear interrupted him that is the squire I suppose he went on I passed him a couple of minutes ago he seemed anxious to come up with you good heaven said the young man look here sir I don't know if you know the state of affairs this lady and I wish to get married you see what's happened cart smashed if you could give us a lift he spoke very pleasantly and yet earnestly masson bore no grudge against him as he hesitated the Squires daughter came from the hedge bank where she had been sitting into the light of his lamps you will forgive me won't you she said winningly it was my only chance of getting away I was frantic she looked very piteous and pretty in the light of the lamps you will won't you she repeated certainly said masson there's nothing to forgive pray get in I ought to think myself lucky to have been the young man if it was only for 10 minutes come dick quick cried the Squires daughter the young man let the horse go and climbed into the car just in time I think he said as mass and backed a little and slipped the car passed the foreman trap to a loud chorus of star you rogue good night Squire they all cried as they went ahead through the thin falling rain later on when a misson accepted an invitation to be best man at the wedding of mr. Richard Castle with Miss Judith Trelawney he realized that he had not come so badly out of that silver thought he felt magnanimous in fact end of story nine story 10 of the times Red Cross storybook by famous novelist serving in his Majesty's forces by various this LibriVox recording is in the public domain story ten carnage by compton mackenzie Royal Navy I'm not a man naturally fond of adventure but on the contrary have preserved from earliest youth an ambition to stay at home and watch from a sunny window see to the orderly course of humanity along an orderly street fortune however by depriving my parents of everything except myself and myself of everything except a flute made me a raggle taggle wanderer dependent for my livelihood on the charms of music ignorant of luxury through the exigencies of a nomadic existence I owned nevertheless a very fastidious taste which often led me to despise the miseries of my situation so much so that i believe i would rather a thousand times depend on the hard ground than sacrifice my sensibility in the endurance of an uncongenial bedfellow so much by way of explaining the following adventure which was actually produced by my inability to suffer a common hardship of the Wanderers lot on a December dusk of the year 1753 I found myself with apparently no prospect of a lodging on a bleak high road in the middle of Cornwall what horrid impulse took me to that barbarous Peninsula I cannot now recall exactly but probably my journey was connected with some roadside rumour of prosperity to be found in the West of England at the holiday season my first experience of Cornish hospitality was not happy for having begun to flute merrily in the yard of an outlying farmhouse the savage owner loosed a pair of lean hounds who followed me with a very Adeus barking at nearly a half mile along the road I was determined to avoid such places in few and to keep my breath for a town where the amenity of a closer social intercourse might have evolved a more generous spirit among the inhabitants with gloomy thoughts I trudged on without a glimpse of any village or Hamlet or even of an isolated dwelling such as I had lately tried the night was coming up fast behind me and I was already pondering the imminent extinction of my life's flame in the windswept Boggs on either side of the path when I came suddenly on a small in not visible before on account of the roads curve and a clump of firs shorn and blistered by the prevailing wind here I asked for a bed that on being informed that i must share it with a degraded idiot who my perceived slobbering in a corner of the taproom i scorned the accommodation and inquired the distance and direction of the nearest village there's no village for another five miles or more said the landlord whatcha trade master I did not wish to gratify the bumpkins curiosity but reflecting that I might hear of a junketing in the neighborhood told him I was a musician now why don't he make a can of brake he asked can I break I exclaimed how on earth shall I make for a place of whose existence I am only this moment aware never heard a canter break are the starlings he exclaimed white is a famous place here around and the old Lord he might be proud to listen to a parcel in music come I'll show you the road a burst of gibberish from the idiot made up my mind and I hurried after the landlord who with much circumlocution described my route I left him by the indoor and when I turned once or twice to wave a farewell saw him standing there a white patch in the fading light I passed according to his directions a dry tree a slab of granite shaped like an elephant's back and a stretch of wastewater stuck here and there with withered reads like an old brush until I reached at all Celtic Cross that leaned very forbidding Lee towards the path here a sidetrack dips down from the main road to a valley whose ample vegetation contrasted strangely with the barren moors above my path was soon over arched with trees a smell of damp woodland pervaded its gloom and my footsteps were muffled by the drift of wet leaves had it not been for the deep ruts into which from time to time I slip I should have concluded that I had missed the path and was penetrating towards the heart of a forest I emerged from the Avenue at last though by now it was so dark that only the fresher air and the rasping of my feet on stones told me I was again in open country but it was impossible to advance and I was beginning to regret the end and rail at myself for objecting to the idiots company when I saw above a black hilltop the yellow rim of the full moon whose light increasing every moment was presently strong enough to show me I was not 50 yards from the great gates of kenna brick yet I was half afraid to set them creaking in the silence so menacing were they between their tall stone pillars so complete was the absence of any welcome I have often had occasion to visit the seats of the nobility and Gentry in more civilized corners of England and the air of abandonment that surrounded the entrance of kanna Breck did not seem to consort with the traditions of any famous or honored name the very moonlight in that hollow was tainted with a miasma setting no clear contrasts of shadow and silver robbing the pillars of all solidity and giving the landscape the tremulous outlines of a half-remembered dream I had never before experienced the sensation of absolute decay I had been affected by the fall of autumn leaves from dripping branches by the melting of ice on warm winter mornings but here dissolution was silent without a Kurdish cry or Lisp of withered grass to mark its accomplishment at last by an effort of common sense I pushed the gates ajar and the creaking of them as they swung back upon their end just followed me up the mas grande drive with a whale full indignation the shrubbery planted round the gates did not extend far and the drive soon unfolded its direction running straight and bear over a wide undulating grassland populated with the shadowy forms of cattle to the doors of Kanna Breck a long low building of the undistinguished architecture which I had already learned to associate with Cornish houses I stood a while contemplating the mansion that seemed impossible in the webs of the moon there was neither barking of dogs nor any sign of human life until I observed the shadow of a man carrying from room to room of the second story a circle of candlelight increasing and diminishing with each entrance and exit I supposed it to be a servant's nightly round of inspection and assured of the existence of life within moved across to the heavily nailed door I would have pulled at once the great iron Bell chain had it not been for a strange disinclination to destroy the quiet with so wild a sound as it was I stood there holding my breath I believe while i deciphered the code of arms above the door a medley of Turks heads and birds then with the slight knowledge of French gleaned on my wanderings I fell to translating the motto of the family Oh Sammy l'amour owes enemies la mort notwithstanding the pledge of this sentiment in stone I could not spur myself into arousing the inmates but as there was a rank growth of grass between the drive and the house itself I availed myself of its quiet to crawl round and peer unheard into the windows on the ground floor on a closer view of the window to the right of the door I saw Glen ting on the darkness of heavy curtains a thin line of light without more ado I pulled out my flute and started come lasses and lads this harmless old air seemed to produce a most distressing effect upon the inmates for the curtains were we flung bag and an elderly gentleman with a wig all awry and hands tugging at his stalk stared out into the night as if afraid of hell I tapped gently with my flute upon the lattice and in response to my knocking but with evident dismay my listener was persuaded to throw it open whether the sight of him pale and horror-struck had that led me to expect a timid inquiry as to my business I do not know but I doubt if I ever heard so deep a voice from any human creature before it rumbled like a bull's and I vow alarmed me more than the music of my instrument had alarmed its owner a horrid stream of blasphemies heralded his demand to know my business my name my lord is strip connait peter trip knie a flute player and your Lordships very humble obedient servant to command this Frank avowal had the effect of slightly mitigating his wrath and he was pleased to ask me what I did in his Park at such an ungodly hour indeed my lord I was sent here sent here you vagabond by whom by an innkeeper who plies a portrayed on the desolate Moors adjacent to your Lordships estate he seemed relieved by my information and was gracious enough to ask if I could play NEC songs I answered I could play and sing the Ballad of the golden vanity and many more besides as well as any man alive heike Cynthia he said turning to address another inmate there's a musician outside shall we have a min girl shall we have a merrymaking the poor wretch looks as if a good supper would do him no harm ah sera can you eat he asked turning round again to me I assured him I had a very tolerable appetite and he bad me ring the bell forthwith bowing he would give me bed and board for a night's music I made haste to obey his orders and when I stepped into the Great Hall lighted by a score of candles and the blaze of a gigantic fire roaring on the hearth was glad I had done so his lordship with much condescension presented me to his daughter the Honorable miss Cynthia Starling who received me with the courtesy at the lights a woman of rank to exercise in the presence of this lovely creature I threw off every evil foreboding and made haste to entertain the noble company with as much wit as I could command I may say I was very successful his lordship laughed very heartily at all my Sally's and at once or twice I plainly detected a faint smile pass over the classic features of the Honorable and handsome young woman his lordship excused himself from joining me at supper pointing out with much intelligence that having already dined a second meal so soon after the other would it be likely to injure his night's rest I cordially agreed with him and drank his health in a pint bumper of a very level and solid old Burgundy his lordship was pleased to acknowledge my toast and indeed went so far as to drink prosperity through the humble flute-player sheltered by his hospitable roof when I had eaten as much as I wanted my host called out in his great voice for the butler whom I disliked at first sight he was a tall thin man with ouch ties and an unnaturally sleek face the color of tallow his hands were hairy blue with gunpowder and crisscrossed with livid scars however I soon forgot him and racking my memory for the old sea tunes which his lordship wished to hear the latter SAT upright in the engl a beating time to the choruses with his ebony cane or rather crutched stick which he leaned upon very heavily in his walk being as I supposed a sufferer from the gout the crutch itself was very massive and bound with gold bands I also played some polite melodies for the pleasure of her ladyship which she commended very earnestly but when she had wished us a good night and retired to her chamber my lord canna brake is set out to curse all love songs and country dances and bad me get back immediately to the sea tunes which he loves so well presently he called for the butler springle and to my surprise and I may add profound a vexation invited him to take a chair by the fire and join in the choruses I was shocked to see the familiar way in which this fellow treated his master and for my own part was quick to put the insolent rogue in his place as often as I could thus showing him very plainly how I esteemed his presumption one or two of my hits went very well with his lordship and though mr. springle snarled at me from his chair I was not at all afraid to bait him whenever the circumstances of the conversation gave me an opportunity springel said his lordship after a round of tunes mr. chikni must wet his whistle bring in another bottle of Burgundy and warm me an organ of rum I was amazed to hear a nobleman favor the plebeian beverage of rum and still more deeply amazed to hear his Butler answer him very saucily I I without offering to move himself get up you impotent swab bellowed Lord Cana break what disobey orders would you you dog you whimpering sneering dirty ship steward mr. springel perceiving he had made two free with his masters affable pneus rose at once and slunk from the hall milord Kenna break growled to himself a while and then SAT moodily silent staring into the fire i sees the occasion of the butler's absence to ask him point-blank why the first rounds of my flute had alarmed him so violently for said I there is nothing surprising at this jolly season of the year when awaits and mummers are abroad in hearing the sound of music by night did I look frightened uh asked the lordship ha and I was frightened wound alee frightened I come sir of a plaguey old family and I live in a play he old house and I've inherited very little else but a plaguey crew of ghosts and you mistook me for one of them I laughed we starlings he went on like most old families have our almonds and death cries and whatnot and it has always been accounted very ill work for a starling to hear a starlings whistle I was somewhat put about to learn that my playing had been mistaken for a vulgar birds whistle but concealing my annoyance very genteel II laughed the matter off indeed my lord I believe that is the first time that ever my flute was taken for a bird yes he murmured more to himself than to me yes I heard that whistle 40 days out from Sierra Leone and the next day we was flinging half-cooked niggers into the sea and he stopped suddenly and looked me full in the face but I thought his mind was wandering and paid small attention to his wild words and heard it again when we were careening in the pearl islands off Panama just before I was took with yellow jack but I've never heard it since till tonight because I don't like being milord ganna break with ghosts thick as seagulls roundabout I was happier before I was happier in the pleasant Isle of Thanet with the sea wind singing day and night round my cottage I used to do nothing mostly except cite the craft beating round the foreland and think of him so white and handsome in the downs a stroking all the while my little daughter's light brown hair and now look at me stuck in a low dirty swamp 10 miles from the sound of breakers would nothing to think of but ghosts that's bad for a man who mark you was a seafaring once but there came an ague and took one and another broke his neck out hunting and the third he fell into the pool fishing for carp and so I became Lord canna brick I was at a loss to know why this elderly nobleman honored me with his confidence but ascribing it to the influence of the old sea songs and my own insignificance for I doubt he never thought me a person of much importance and he went on with his monologue without seeming to expect any comment from me then there's Cynthia canna breaks no place for a high-spirited young woman London's a place for her where she can meet women of quality and learn the ways of fashion she's a sweet maid I never knew a sweeter but what's to become of her buried alive in a manner of speaking and like to grow into a mumbling fumbling old maid with nothing to watch all her life but the Suns rise and set and winter coming in cold and springtime rain and a few flowers of summer here I made bold to offer a suggestion that he should to go back to the Isle of Thanet ah why don't I mr. flute player I'll tell you why and he leaned over whispering in my ear because I dare not because I lived a bio bad life when I was young and I'm afraid that's a terrible thing for you to ponder mr. Tripp guinea an old man living alone in a dip of these wild Moors afraid listening to the clock tick ticking and all the time fast afraid you've seen me white and shaking when you tapped on the window me captain Starling afraid sprinkles entrance with rum ena for half a dozen to put an end to further reminiscence why Conrad said his lordship why Conrad boy I see you set a glass for yourself that was thoughtful of you Conrad then suddenly the old man's fury broke out very terrible and so you'd make an income poop of me before my guests would you below deck you swab he roared and picking up one of the heavy cut glass goblets flung it between the butler's legs as he hurried from the hall Lord canna brick laughed and that made me fill up my glass while he poured out for himself and extra strong allowance of rum master springle thinks he can do as he likes because I give him a moderate amount of freedom seeing that we were shipmates once it is indeed a condescension on your part milord for which the fellow shows himself monstrous ungrateful I drink your Lordships very good help he acknowledged the compliment by draining his glass to me and I could not forbear my admiration to see how he poured the fiery liquor down his throat at a single goal I myself a timid drinker could never have survived the quarter of its it slowly when he put down his glass I saw that he was sniffing the air as a stag sniffs for water tell me he demanded can you smell seawater so unusual a question put me in some confusion for if I laughed it aside I would have seemed to suspect him of drunkenness I determined therefore to humour his fancy and told him very gravely that I could not smell seawater I doubt it's my fancy he muttered or rum rum more likely with which he gulped down a second glass even stronger than the former all at once a horrid cry rang through the house the long-drawn echo of it froze my blood and set my glass clinking against the decanter in a tumult of apprehension what's that gasp his lordship and here let me assure you he looked as much alarmed as myself I threw a glance up to the gallery expecting to see her ladyship and bedgown peering over the balustrade but there was nothing then spring Oh his face as livid as his crisscross scars on his hand burst into the hall captain Starling captain Starling he cried I i muttered milord in the dead voice of profoundest agitation captain Starling loaned the butler yeah what exclaimed his master who the player you calling captain I had she learnt is my lord nowadays to blaze with milords chattered springle sea Lords and landlords his Canton SWA walking up the path to this house captain's wall repeated his lordship captain's wall here give me the rum my handsome he drained the glass a third time which seemed to calm his excitement this ain't a fancy yours Conrad no fancy my lord i seed him quite plain and the stars are shining through his wicked bow legs as he come down the slope but let him come spring Oh almost screamed but the swap were too many for him with Pleasant talk of old ships and a knife that goes in easy and quick like I confess I was amazed by the coolness with which the rascal proposed to murder of low creature and was relieved to hear his lordship discouraged the notion none of that he commanded none of that if tis Matthews wall tis him and maybe there's a reckoning and maybe that isn't but none of that if tis man-to-man him and me tis out in the moonlight with ships cutlasses and you and mr. trip candy here to see fair play so drink the rum you cowardly dog and stand by springel swallowed the spirit and the three of us waited in silence till there came a ringing peel from the great Bell appeal that echoed jangling and clanging through canna Brook of the starlings must I let him in captain whispered springle there was a tap tap on the lattice but when we turned towards the sound the curtains were closed drawn and we knew the man outside could not see us let him n said his lordship standing up very stern Conrad moved sideways to the door and what with the way he kept twitching his hairy hands and what with his chestnut brown suit and his manner of walking I could not help comparing him to a large crab captain suave followed the servant into his master's presence he was a short thick-set squab nosed man much weather-beaten and wearing a soiled blue coat trimmed with gold lace trade and tarnished in his right hand he carried a cocked beaver hat in the other a pistol flinging down the hat he went without stretched home right up to Lord canna Brooks saying well if this don't be paid a messmate how are you Lord Kenna brick now ain't it and his Conrad spring olin a bow to rum and Matthew swallow the happy return and wad blessed me he added the catching sight of me here's the strange face after all his lordship never offered to present me the coming sharp to the point said I thought you were dead Matthew I know you did Dickie no more isn't that very astonishing seeing as I thought I were dead myself it was kind of move a yarn Dickie that year sheering off in Jamestown it was a clever trick when you thought you'd quit being a gentleman of fortune to leave me layin low with yellow jack and not a single golden George to so much as spit on not a single golden George to get me clear of Virginia and the tobacco planters and I was took Dickie I was took all right and sold 500 miles upcountry to a Frenchman whose throat I slit so as he died quicker nor ever you'd think a man could die mr. Tripp Guinea said his lordship to me I think you'll find your bedroom prepared spring I'll show mr. Tripp knie to his chamber the butler with many a backward glance to where the to see Captain sat facing one another in the firelight let me up to the wide stairs and parted from me by the door of my room without so much as a good night now whether the wicked flavor of Captain swalz conversation had fascinated my imagination or whether the burgundy had fired my blood with an inquisitiveness foreign to my nature I do not know but for the life of me I could not help wondering how it fared with the party downstairs I resented being shut up out of sight and sound in this gaunt bedchamber and at last no longer able to bear my ignorance I snuff the candle and crept barefooted along the black corridor as far as the opening to the hall here by kneeling close to the wall and peering through the balustrade I could see and hear all that was happening below I ran the small risk of discovery or as I reasoned it would be easy to gain my room noiselessly while anyone from below was ascending the stairs Lord canna brick and his visitor were still seated facing one another while springle was standing well out of the way of both at the farther end of the hall but I don't want to fight Dickie captain SWA was saying I done with fighting long ago this here pop are holes in my hands so pretty that's not for fighting that's for protection Vicki in case you was to leave me once again on a leash or no don't want no revenge nor nothing Dickie but seeing as how i'm tired of roman and finds it at the prospector whitney down by whopping stairs have made a mind to sling my amika canna brick so you think you're going to live at my expense to you asked his lordship grimly but you're not I don't feed ruffians like you Matthew swall turned pious heavy sneered the other took to religion maybe change the name of your ship that's a main unlucky thing to do and by he swore an abominable oath by won't go down with me not with old Matthew spring on my lad it looks as if you were ships cook aboard here let's see the quality of your beef I could not help feeling greatly delighted by mr. sprinkles discomfiture as he stood there in a fine quandary what mutiny Conrad the captain went on as the butler made no offer to move you was quicker at obeying orders in the old days Conrad it was a long way more spry order are served you with your six dozen lashes you become quite a handy let order that quick and handy with that air clasp-knife a yarn gwan red when you done for the crew of the true love what was lying on their backs off calabar awaiting for you to obey orders come look a lot of my lad or you find yourself in Bodmin Jail and his captain swallow who says so springel cowed by the fierce intruder gave up defiance and went to fetch the victuals that's a nice little place Conrad Scott himself continued soooo with one eye very wickedly at Lord gonna break do you want to be my Butler demanded the latter now I wouldn't Rob comrade there's room for both of us maybe you've got a snug little cabin somewhere between decks a snug little birth where you and me and Conrad be able to talk over old times and old chips better you and I should talk over I'm quiet and comfortable and snug lie with the rum going round as it ought to in a gentleman's country house better nor talking over a mad old bailey why you've a darter haven't Dicky what did she say if she went for a cruise down the river one lovely morning in the summertime and seed her father black crow swinging in the wind at execution dock you won't blackmail me said milord blackmail is it by the Lord shouted captain's wall black flags more delay be careful Matthew you know I'm a hot-blooded man you know I won't stand too much ah by the plague and you know mine dick Starling and it ain't lost nothing these 20 years awaiting looky here it comes to this you got a daughter well again he swore that fearful oath if you don't give me your daughter for I won't be put off with no fine words over Jamestown Dickie I'll have something of yours as you Valley I'll have you young made or used wing for piracy that even while he threatened shaking the pistol Lord Kenna brick struck hard with his stick and Captain SWA fell forward among the glasses on the table spring o his lordship gas springel I've killed him Hannah then I saw that the butler was standing in the corner a plate of beef in his hand he came forward and setting down the plate shook the sprawling figure I I he's dead as as beef said springle will bury the body quick comrade wait I'll see he has no friends outside I could not help wondering at the old nobleman's fluck as I saw him move towards the door and thought of him marching around that desolate house with Evan knows how many bloodthirsty enemies ambushed in the shadows when his master had left the hall springle shoot the body more roughly and to my horror for I thought him stone dead captain swallow muttered thickly khurshid icky and nearly done for me a second time but you'll pay you'll pay looky here captain's wall said springel turning the wounded man over and staring into his eyes two's company at kantar break about 38 you sent me off for beef you have me flogged once you've run a ground captain's wall here the fiend caught his enemy by the throat and as he squeezed the life out of the thick-set man spoke through clenched teeth yeah make important last captain swore ow lay Davy Jones is about signaling your spirit now I suppose I should have interrupted the man's villainy but by this time between cramp and terror I could do nothing but like waking on the cold floor of the gallery Lord Kanha Brett came back in a minute or two he's dead dead said the murderer and nobody will know said his lordship with a sigh of relief nuf I don't preach what do you mean why just this here my lord i'm tired of being butler wants promotion i reckon you'll sign some sort of a parley vous as old ensure my promotion or canna brick seemed stricken by his servants treachery are you going to turn against me Conrad you've been a fool said the latter of fool for 20 years afraid of what I might say about the Jolly Roger what could I had done a poor ignorant seaman what was my word against Lord candor bricks you might have cut me adrift long ago that now you can't now things is different his murder stepped in on my side I has I shouted springing up black hearted cold murder but it's you mr. springle that's the murderer milord milord he strangled captain swallow when you were outside that villain there that ruffian in my bare feet and waving my flute I came dancing down the stairs a ludicrous figure I dare swear but jubilant at having outwitted the butler he had his knife out in a flash and I owed my life to his lordship who without a thought of the scandal picked up the dead man's pistol and shot his servant through the back so that he fell huddled at the foot of the staircase then lure Kendrick and I looked at each other with two bodies between us her ladyship I said we'll have to tell her I felt sorry for the old man who had kept his secret so many years but the hall was now running with Conrad's blood and I thought we should do well enough to escape the law her ladyship came along the gallery very pale and beautiful what is it father I heard a shot a bad night's work my ladylove said the father gently but a mr. tripping here has saved Canterbury and his lordship has saved me I cried then we should all be grateful said my lady very calm I slept prodigious little that night and blistered my hand so that I couldn't play my flute for a week but I was always sure for many a year of a hearty welcome i canna brick of the starlings and a story 10 story 11 of the times Red Cross storybook by famous novelist serving in his Majesty's forces by various this LibriVox recording is in the public domain story 11 the bronze parrot by our Austin Freeman Royal Army Medical Corps the Reverend a Otis jolly had just sat down to the gateleg table on which lunch was spread and had knocked his knee according to his invariable custom against the sharp corner of the seventh leg I wish you would endeavor to be more careful mr. jolly said the rector's why you nearly have set the mustard pot and these jars are exceedingly bad for the leg oh that's of no consequence mrs wadley the kira replied cheerfully I don't agree with you at all was the stiff rejoinder it doesn't matter you know so long as the skin isn't broken mr. jolly persisted with an ingratiating smile I was referring to the leg of the table mrs. bodley corrected Frost Lee oh I beg your pardon said the curate and blushing like a Dublin Bay prawn he abandoned himself in silence to the consideration of the numerical ratios suggested by five mutton chops and three prospective consumers the problem thus presented was one of deep interest to mr. jolly who had a remarkably fine appetite for such an exceedingly small man and he awaited its solution with misgivings born of previous disappointments I hope you are not very hungry mr. jolly said the rector's wife Erno or not unusually so was the curate suave and casuist achill reply the fact is that he was always hungry excepting after the monthly tea meetings because pursued mrs. Varley i see that Walker has only cooked five jobs and yours looks rather a small one oh it will be quite sufficient Thank You mr. jolly hasten to declare adding a little unfortunately perhaps amply sufficient for any moderate and temperate person the Reverend Augustus botley emerged from behind the church times and erected a suspicious glance at his curate who becoming suddenly conscious of the ambiguity of his last remark blushed crimson and cut himself a colossal slice of bread there was an uncomfortable silence which lasted some minutes and was eventually broken by mrs. bodley I want you to go into dill bury this afternoon mr. jolly and execute a few little commissions certainly mrs. bodley with pleasure said the curate I want you to call and see if Miss goose has finished my hat if she has you had better bring it with you she is so unreliable and I want to wear it at the Holly Jones garden party tomorrow if it isn't finished you must wait until it is don't come away without it no mrs. Varley I will not I will be extremely firm mind you are then I want you to go to mimic ins and get two reels of whitey Brown thread for balls of crochet cotton and eight yards of lace insertion the same kind as I had last week and Walker tells me that she has run out of black led you had better bring two packets and mind you don't put them in the same pocket with the lace insertion oh and as you are going to the oil shop you may as well bring a jar of mixed pickles and then you are to go to dumb cells and order a fresh haddock perhaps you could bring that with you too and then to barbers and tell them to send four pounds of desert pears and be sure they are good ones and not over right you'd better select them and see them weighed yourself I will I will select the most carefully said the curate inwardly resolving not to trust to mere external appearances which are often deceptive oh and by the way jolly said the rector as you are going into the town you might as well take my shooting boots with you and tell krummel to put a small patch on the soles and set up the heels it won't take him long perhaps he can get them done in time for you to bring them back with you ask him to try I will mr. bard lee said the curate I will urge him to make an effort and as you were going to crumbles said mrs. Bosley I will give you my walking shoes to take to him they want soling and healing and tell him he is to use better leather than he did last time half an hour later mr. Jolley passed through the playground appertaining to the Select boarding Academy maintained by the Reverend Augustus bodley he carried a large and unshapely newspaper parcel despite which he walked with the springy gate of a released school boy as he danced across the desert expanse his attention was arrested by a small crowd of the pupils gathered significantly around to larger boys whose attitude suggested warlike intentions indeed even as he stopped to observe them one warrior delivered a tremendous blow which expended itself on the air within a foot of the other combatants nose Oh fie exclaimed the scandalized securit goblet goblet do you realize that you nearly struck piles that you might actually have hurt him I meant to hurt him said Jolla you meant to oh but how wrong how unkind let me beg you let me entreat you to desist from these discreditable acts of violence he stood awhile gazing with an expression of pain to disapproval at the combatants who regarded him with sulky grins then as the hostility seemed to be temporarily suspended he walked slowly to the gate he was just pocketing the key when an extremely somnolent pair impinged on the gatepost and sprinkled him with disintegrated fragments he turned wiping his coat skirt with his handkerchief and addressed the multitude who all oddly enough happened to be looking in the opposite direction that was a very naughty of you very naughty someone must have thrown that pair I won't tempt you to prevarication by asking who but pears don't fly of themselves especially sleepy ones with this he went out of the gate followed by an audible snigger which swelled as he walked away into a yell of triumph the keira tripped blithely down the village street clasping his parcel and scattering smiles of concentrated amiability broadcast among the villagers as he approached the style that guarded the footpath doodleberry his smile intensified from mere Amy ability to positive affection a small lady a very small lady in fact was standing by the style resting a disproportionate basket on the lower step and we may as well admit at once and without circumlocution that this lady was none other than Miss Dorcas shipton and the prospective mrs. Jolley the Kira changed over his parcel to hold out a welcoming and Dorcas my dear he exclaimed what a lucky chance that you should happen to come this way it isn't chance the little lady replied i heard mrs wadley say that she would ask you to go into tilbury so i determined to come and speed you on your journey the distance to Dilber II was about three and a half miles and see that you were properly equipped why did you not bring your umbrella mr. Dalli explained that the Hat the boots the fresh haddock and the mixed pickles would fully occupy his available organs of pre engine that is true said Dorcas but I hope you're wearing your chest protector and those cork souls that I gave you mr. jolly assured her that he had taken these necessary precautions and have you rubbed your heels well with soap yes replied the curate thoroughly most thoroughly they are a little sticky at present but I shall feel the benefit as I go on I have obeyed your instructions to the letter that is right do dhatus said Miss Turkish and as you have been so good you shall have a little reward she lifted the lid of the basket and took out a small paper bag which she handed to him with a fond smile the cure it opened the bag and peered in expectantly ah he explained two bull's-eyes how nice how good of you dorkus and how discriminating bull's-eyes were his one dissipation won't you take one no thank you replied Dorcas I mustn't go into the cottage is smelling of peppermint why not osteo daughters I often do I think the poor creatures rather enjoy the aroma especially the children but Dorcas was adamant and after some further chirping and twittering the two little people exchanged Brimley affection at farewells and the curate having popped a bull's-eye into his mouth padded away along the footpath sucking joyously it is needless to say that mrs. bhalla hat was not finished the curate had unwisely executed all his other commissions before calling on the milliner had ordered the pair's and even tested the quality of one or two samples had directed the cobbler tis in directors boost to the hat shop and had been collected the lace black LED cotton pickles and the fresh haddock and borne them in triumph to the abode of Miss COEs it appeared that the hat would not be ready until seven o'clock in the evening but it also appeared that tea would be ready in a few minutes accordingly the curate remained to partake of that meal in the workroom in the company with Miss COEs sent her hands and having been fed to a bursting point with French rolls and cake left his various belongings and went forth to while away the time and paint the town of dill berry not exactly red but delicate an attenuated pink after an hour or so of rambling about the town the curates errant footsteps carried him down to the docks where he was delighted with the spectacle of a military transport just home from West Africa discharging her passengers the khaki clad warriors troop down the gangplanks and saluted him with cheerful greetings as he sat on a bollard and watched them one even inquired if his mr. Jolly's mother knew he was out which the Kira thought very kind and attentive of him but what thrilled him most was the appearance of the chaplain a fine portly churchmen with an imposing coppery knows who was so overjoyed at the sight of his native land that he sang allowed mr. jolly was deeply affected when the soldiers had gone he slowly retraced his steps towards the gates but he had hardly gone 20 yards when his eye was attracted by a small object lying in the thick grass that grew between the irregular paving stones of the key he stooped to pick it up and uttered an exclamation of delight it was a tiny effigy of a parrot quaintly wrought in bronze and not more than two and a half inches high including the pedestal on which it stood a perforation through the eyes had furnished the means of suspension and a strand of silken thread yet remained to show by its frayed ends how the treasure had been lost mr. jolly was charmed it was such a dear little parrot so quaint so naive he was a simple man and small things gave him pleasure and this small thing pleased him especially the better to examine his find he seated himself on a nice clean white post and proceeded to polish the little effigy with his handkerchief having previously moistened the latter with his tongue the polishing improved its appearance wonderfully and he was inspecting it complacently when as I lighted on a chalk inscription on the pavement the writing was upside down as he SAT but he had no difficulty in deciphering the words wet paint heroes hastily and examined the flat top of the post there is no need to go into details suffice it to say that someone looking at that post would have seen that some person had sat on it mr. jolly moved away with an angry exclamation it was very annoying but that did not justify the expressions that he used which were not only out of character with his usual mild demeanor but unsuitable to his cloth even if that cloth happened to be but again we say there is no need to go into details still frowning irritably he strode out through the dock gates and up the high street on his way to miss Khalsa's establishment he was passing the fruiterer shop mr Barber the proprietor ran out good evening mr. jolly about those pears that you ordered of my young man you'd better not have those sir let me send you another kind why I secure it well sir those pears to be quite candid are not very good I don't care whether they are good or bad interrupted mr. jolly I am NOT going to eat them and he stamped away up the high street leaving the fruiterer in a state of stupefaction but he did not proceed directly to the milliner's samaranth fancy impelled him to turn up a side street and make his way towards the water side portion of the town and it was in fact nearly eight o'clock when he approached miss casas premises now closed for the night and rang the bell the interval however had not been entirely uneventful a blue mark under the left eye and the somewhat battered and dusty condition of hat and clothing seemed reminiscent of recent and thrilling experiences and the satisfied grin that he was stowed on the astonished caretaker suggested that those experiences if strenuous had not been wholly unpledged sub night had fallen on the village of Bodmin when mr. Dalli appeared in the one and only street he carried balanced somewhat unsteadily on his head a large cardboard box but was otherwise unencumbered the box had originally been of a cubicle form but now presented a slightly irregular outline and from one corner a thin liquid dripped on mr. Jolley shoulder defusing an aroma of vinegar and onions with an added savor that was delicate and fish light up the empty street the curate strode with a Marshall air and having picked up the box for the 13th time just outside the gate entered the rectory deposited his burden on the drawing room sofa and went up to his room he required no supper for once in a way he was not hungry he had in fact taken a little refreshment in town and whelks are a very satisfying foo if you only take enough of them in his narrow and bumpy bed the curate lay wakeful and wrapped in pleasing meditation now his thoughts strayed to the little bronze spirit which he had placed after a final polish on the mantelpiece and now in delightful retrospection he recalled the incidents of his little jaunt there was for instance the slightly intoxicated marine with whom he had enjoyed a playful interview and mermaid Street gleefully he reconstituted the image of that warrior as he had last seen him sitting in the gutter attending to his features with a reddened anchor chip and there was the overturned whelk stall and the two Blue Jackets outside the Pope's head he grinned at the recollection and yet there were grumblers who actually complained of the dullness of the clerical life again he recalled the pleasant walk home across the darkening fields the delightful rest by the wayside on the cardboard box and the pleasantries that he had exchanged with a pair of rustic lovers who had told him that he ought to be ashamed of himself a gentleman and a minister of religion too he chuckled aloud as he thought of their bucolic irritation and his own brilliant repartee but at this moment his meditations were broken into by a very singular interruption from the neighborhood of the mantelpiece there issued a voice a very strange voice deep buzzing resonant chanting a short sentence framed of yet more strange and unfamiliar words donker amit e de ma tomb on si this astounding phrase rang out in the little room with a deep booming emphasis on the tomb and an interrogative note on the two final words there followed an interval of intense silence and then from some distance as it seemed came the tapping of drums imitating most curiously the sound and accent of the words tomb for instance being rendered by a large drum of a deep cavernous tone mr. jolly listened with a pleased and did smile after a short interval the chant was repeated and again like a faraway echo the drums performed their curious mimicry of speech mr. jolly was deeply interested after a dozen or so repetitions he found himself able to repeat with a fair accent the mysterious sentence and even to imitate the tapping and booming of the drums but after all you can have too much of a good thing and when the chant had continued to recur at intervals of about 10 seconds for a quarter of an hour mr. jolly began to feel bored there he said that'll do and he composed himself for slumber but the invisible chanter ignoring his remark continued the performance da capo and odd lib in fact odd nauseam then mr. jolly became annoyed first he SAT up in bed and made what he considered appropriate comments on the performance with a few personal references to the performer and then as the chat still continued with the relentless persistence of a chapel Bell he sprang out and strode furiously over to the mantelpiece shut up he roared shaking his fist at the invisible parrot and strange to say both the chant and the drumming ceased forthwith there are some forms of speech it would seem that require no interpreter when mr. jolly entered the breakfast-room on the following morning the rector's wife was in the act of helping her husband to a devilled kidney but she paused in the occupation to greet the cure it with a stony stare mr. jolly sat down and knocked his knee as usual but commented on the circumstance in terms which were not at all usual the rector stared aghast and mrs wadley exclaimed in shrill accents mr. jolly how dare at this point she paused having caught the curates I a deathly silence ensued during which mr. jolly glared at a solitary boiled egg suddenly he snatched up a knife and with uncanny dexterity decapitated the egg with a single stroke then he peered curiously into the disclosed cavity now if there was one thing that mr. Jolley hated more than another it was an underdone egg and as his I encountered a yellow spheroid floating in a clear liquid he frowned ominously raw by gosh he exclaimed hoarsely and plucking the egg from its galax he sent it hurtling across the room for several seconds the rector stared silent and open mouthed at his spirit then following his wife's gaze he stared at the wall on the chrysanthemum paper of which appeared a new motif unconsummated by the designer and meanwhile mr. jolly reached across the table and stuck a fork into the devilled kidney when the rector looked round and discovered his loss he has saved that some spluttered demands for an explanation but since the organs of speech are associated with the act of mastication the curate was not in a position to answer him his eyes however were disengaged at the moment and some compelling quality and then caused the rector and his wife to rise from their chairs and back cautiously towards the door mr. jolly nodded them out blindly and being left in possession proceeded to fill himself a cup of tea and another of coffee cleared the dish emptied the toast rack and having disposed of these trifles concluded a gargantuan repast by crunching up the contents of the sugar basin never had he enjoyed such a breakfast and never had he felt so satisfied and joyous having wiped his smiling lips on the tablecloth he strode out into the playground where the boys were waiting to be driven into lessons at the moment of his appearance message goblet and vials were in the act of resuming adjourned hostilities the curate strode through the ring of spectators and beamed on the combatants with ferocious benevolence his arrival had produced a brief armistice but as he uttered no protests the was resumed with a tentative prod on the part of jobless the curate grin savagely that isn't the way job 'let he exclaimed kick him man kick him in the stomach beg pardon sir said job 'let regarding his preceptor with saucer eyes did you say kick in yes roared the curate and a stomach like this he backed a few paces and fixing a glittering eye on boils as abdomen rushed forward and flinging his right foot back until it was almost visible over his shoulder let out a tremendous kick but biases stomach was not there neither was vials which of course follows the result was that mr. Jolie's foot meeting with no resistance flew into space carrying mr. jolly center of gravity with it when the curate scrambled to his feet and glared balefully around the playground was empty a frantic crowd surged in through the open house door while stragglers hurriedly climbed over the walls mr. jolly laughed hoarsely was time to open school but at the moment he was not studiously inclined letting himself out by the gate he strolled forth into the village and sauntered up the street and here it was just opposite the little butcher shop that he encountered the village atheist now this philosopher who it is needless to say was a cobbler by profession had a standing and a perennial joke which was to greet the cure it with the words how do jolly and thereby alissa de gracious a good morning mr. Pegg and a polite touch of the hat he proceeded this morning to utter the invariable formula caulking his eye at the expectant butcher but the anticipated response came not instead the curate turned on him suddenly and grout say sir you vermin when you speak to your betters the astounded cobbler was speechless for a moment but only for a moment what he exclaimed nice acer to a sneak and little sky pilot what here mr. jolly turned and stepped lightly over to the shop reaching in through the open front he lifted a cleaver from its nail and swinging it high above his head rushed with a loud yell at the offending cobbler but Mr peg was not without presence of mine which in this case connoted absence of body before you could say wax he had darted into his house bolted the door and was looking down with bulging eyes from the first-floor window on the crown of the curates hat meanwhile the butcher had emerged angrily from his shop and approached the cure it from behind here he exclaimed gruffly what are you doing with that job here he Paul's suddenly as mr. jolly turned his head and he continued with infinite suavity could you sir manage to spare that lever if you would it be so kind mr. jolly uttered a sulky growl and thrust the great chopper into its owners hands then as the butcher turned away he gave a loud laugh on which the tradesman cleared his threshold at a single bound and slammed the half door behind him but a terrified backward glance showed him the curates face reeved in smiles and another glance made him aware of the diminutive figure of miss Dorcas Shipton approaching up the street the curate ran forward to meet her beaming with affection but he didn't merely beam not at all the sound of his greeting was audible even to mr. Pegg who leaned out of the window with eyes that bulged more than ever really do dhatus exclaimed the scandalized miss Dorcas what can you be thinking about in such a pub her remonstrances were cut short at this point by fresh demonstrations which caused the butcher to wipe his mouth with the back of his hand and mr. Pegg to gasp with fresh amazement pray pray remember yourself do dhatus exclaimed the blushing Dorcas wriggling at length out of his two affection at grasp besides she added with a sudden strategic inspiration you surely ought to be in school at this time that is of no consequence darling said jolly advancing on her with open arms old board can look after the whelps oh but you mustn't neglect your duties do daughters said mr. cos sill backing away won't you go in just to please me certainly my love if you wish it reply jolly with an amorous leer I'll go at once but I must have just one more and again the village street rang with a sound as of the popping of a ginger beer cork as he approached the school mr. jolly became aware of a familiar and distasteful roar of many voices standing in the doorway he heard mr. bodley declare with angry emphasis that he would not have this disgraceful noise and saw him slap the desk with his open hand whereupon nothing in particular happen accepting and apparently preconcerted skouris of as many goats then mr. jolly entered and looked round and in a moment the place was wrapped in a silence like that of an Egyptian tomb space does not allow of our recording in detail the history of the next few days we may however say in general terms that there grew up in the village of babam a feeling of universal respect for the diminutive curate not entirely unmixed with superstitious all rustics hitherto lacks in their manners pulled off their hats like clockwork at his approach mr. Pegg abandoning the village street cultivated a taste for footpaths preferably remote and unobstructed by trees the butcher fell into the habit of sending gratuitous sweetbreads to the rectory addressed to mr. jolly and even the blacksmith when he had recovered from his black I adopted a suave and conciliatory demeanor the rector's wife alone cherished a secret resentment though outwardly attentive in the matter of deviled kidneys and streaky bacon and urged the rector to get rid of his fire-eating subordinate but her plans failed miserably it is true that the rector did venture tentatively to open the subject to the curate who listened with a lowering brow and sharpened a lead pencil with a colossal pocketknife that he had boarded a ship chandlers and dyl burry but the conclusion was never reached distracted perhaps by mr. Jolly's inscrutable manner the rector became confused and to his own surprise found himself urging the cura to accept an additional 20 pounds a year and offer which mr. jolly immediately insisted on having in writing the only person who did not share the universal all was Miss Turkish for she liked the sundial numbered only the sunny hours but she respected him more than any and though dimly surprised at the rumors of his doings glory din secret over his prowess thus the day's rolled on and mr. jolly put on flesh visibly then came the eventful morning when on scanning the rector's times his i lighted on an advertisement in the personal column ten pounds reward lost a small bronze effigy of a parrot on a square pedestal the whole two and a half inches high the above reward will be paid on behalf of the owner by the curator of the ethnographical Department of the British Museum who has a photograph and description of the object now mr. jolly had become deeply attached to the parrot but after all it was only a pretty trifle and ten pounds was ten pounds that very afternoon the curator found himself confronted by a diminutive clergyman a ferocious aspect and hurriedly disgorged 10 sovereigns after verifying the description and to this day he is wont to recount as an instance of the power of money the remarkable change for the better in the clergyman's manners when the transaction was completed it was late in the afternoon when mr. jolly reappeared in the village of babam he carried a gigantic paper parcel under one arm and his pockets bulged so that he appeared to suffer from some unclassified deformity at the style he suddenly encountered mr. Pegg who prepared for instant flight and was literally stupefied when the curate lifted his hat and graciously wished him good evening but Mr peg was even more stupefied when a few minutes later he saw the curate seated on a doorstep with the open parcel on his knees and a mob of children gathered around him for mr. jolly with the sunniest of smiles was engaged in distributing dolls peg tops skipping ropes and little wooden horses to a running accompaniment of bull's-eyes brandy balls and other delicacies which he produced from inexhaustible pockets he even offered mr. peg himself a sugar stick which the philosophic cordwainer accepted with a polite bow and presently through over a wall but he pondered deeply on this wonder and is probably pondering still in common with the other inhabitants of problem but though from that moment mr. jolly became once more the gentlest and most amiable of men the prestige of his former deeds remained reverential awe attended his footsteps abroad deviled kidneys and streaky bacon were his portion at home until such time as Miss Dorcas Shipton underwent a quieter metamorphosis and became mrs. de artes jolly and thereafter he walked not only a missed reverence and awe but also amidst flowers and sunshine post grip the curious who would know more about the parrot may find him on his appropriate shelf in the West African section and read the large descriptive label which sets forth is history bronze gold weight in the form of a parrot this object was formerly the property of the greatest shanthi Warchief amankwah tia whose clan totem was a parrot it was worn by him attached to his wrist as an amulet or charm and went on a campaign a larger copy of it of gilded wood was carried by the chief harold who preceded him and chanted his official motto it may be explained here that each of the Ashanti generals had a distinguishing motto consisting of a short sentence which was called out before him by his harold's when on the March and repeated with remarkably close min by the message drum thus when several bodies of troops were marching through the dense forest their respective identities were made clear to one another by the sound of the chant on the drums Almonte quiet eias motto was danke adema tune on etsy which may be translated for enslaves revile me why a somewhat meaningless sentence but having perhaps a sinister significance end of story 11 you

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  2. Times' Red Cross Story Book By Famous Novelists Serving In His Majesty's Forces | Various | 4/6
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