Tips For New Writers by Ron Snider

my name is Ron Schneider to be a writer you need to read a lot and you need to write a lot by doing this you learn how to get your authors voice or writing style which is the quality that makes his or her writing unique when it comes to writing to quote the author and rice and I must say she is spot-on about this she says the great thing about our profession is there are no rules thank for a moment if you want to be a classic ballet dancer or you want to be a great violinist a symphony conductor or you want to be a painter all of those fields contain apprenticeships personal instruction time practicing many many rules that one has to go by however the profession of being a writer contains none of that no rules are involved all a person needs are a computer or word processor software or typewriter or even a pencil and paper that's it then find a place to be alone with your thoughts example sit down at your kitchen table or in the bedroom and begin it is very important that you do not put it off just begin to write remember when I said you need to read a lot and you need to write a lot this is where rating comes into play write the stuff that you're interested in reading that way you know something about it when you write don't rush yourself you need to relax back when I was writing my first book the darkling war it took over 20 years to finish when I started I was in my late 20s and now I am 63 however I was not interested in writing a book for others to read being published didn't enter my mind I was writing just to please myself back then I was not dedicated to writing every day as a professional writer is during those years of writing for myself I was working and raising two kids only spending the time to write when I felt like it usually at night or on a Saturday never had the time to write on Sundays for that I was always busy with church activities now I'm dedicating to writing every day as a professional writer I write at 11 o'clock every night and stop at 4 o'clock every morning 7 days a week if you add it all up I write 35 hours a week finally many years later I completed my book and laid it off to decide then the day came that changed my life forever my wife picked up my book that was written by hand on many notebooks and read it without putting it down afterward she said you really have something here you should try to get it published now that I have my second book out the parallel land and my third book are on its last chapters I figure that the second and third book has taken a year each to write and it probably would not have taken that long to write my third book but I decided to put the darkling war out in the audiobook form and first I had to learn how to do the whole process to pass the strict ACX standards to get my audio book published now it is being sold on audible Amazon and iTunes just the other day I received an email from find away letting me know that my audio book is now being distributed to reach and libraries reaching customers in nearly every country in the world so it is essential that you do not get discouraged when you come when it comes to writing if you do not have a computer or word processor don't get disheartened find a pencil and a paper and begin once again it is very important that you begin to write when I started writing the darkling lore there is little access to home computers heck I didn't even own a typewriter it wouldn't have done me any good if I had back in those early years I didn't know how to type however I did have a strong desire to write so not to be discouraged I went to the store and bought me a mechanical pencil no other reason that I thought it was really cool to look at and a 70 page narrow rule notebook to ride in when I was through with the 424 page book all handwritten I started on the rewrites and all of that was done by writing it by hand eventually the book needed to be typed out so it would be presentable to send off so I purchased a laptop and all the stacks of notebooks that I had had to type had to be typed by the time I was through working my way through the notebooks I pretty well knew how to type this concludes my video blog one of many more to come let's be friends you can keep up with my video blogs by keeping on the subscribe button below until next time god bless and have a good day

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