Tips for Writers | Sandra Simbi & Voice of Deborah

hi my name is Debra and voice of Debra I'm Sandra and we are we're gonna share with you some tips mm-hmm on writing on writing poetry so I hope they are helpful yeah our first tip would be to study your topic and this one's really important just because you'll be able to almost paint a better picture if you understand what you wash them and what you're trying to create for the audience also I mean the second tip or another tip is finding an inspirational space yeah yeah so one thing with writing that we find is enough when you have a place that inspires you how draws out inspiration from you it's it's very it's very key to study yourself and understand what failure draws out into a raging and in what space and is conducive for me to write and what's not so easy for me to write so finding your inspiration of space is a second tip yeah definitely would be to connect with the topic under audience which is very similar to the first one which is to study your topic but if you don't understand your topic well or you're not able to connect with it then you're kind of limiting how much you can draw it out of yourself for what you can actually share with the audience so I think that's really key I'm connecting with your topic I'm connecting with your audience another tip we have is developing a concept so that this helps me with writing certain pieces when I have so maybe it's a letter what you write you know you are in the letter so figuring out what concept you want and who me what what how do you want the poem to yeah so what almost having a plan yeah having a plan a communicator oh you want to look at the end yeah yeah yeah our next tip is to give yourself time and I think we were discussing what to do when you saw like you've got writer's block or you feel like or you've come to a place in your piece where you're stuck are you like how do I move on from this so giving yourself time and understanding that you can actually develop your idea better sometimes when you step away from it and you perhaps take some more time to study it take some more time to really see and on what you want to communicate and then coming back to writing your piece yeah and I think the next step can eluted that because the next step is for fine intimate Revelator yeah and I think sometimes when you're trying to write a poem about a revelation that you may have but it's not intimate to you mhm it comes across it doesn't come across there's a disconnect yeah there's connect so when you seek time in order to become intimate with that revelation yeah yeah kind of like the master suite like the Lord what are you saying through this piece and really kind of pressing in on it yeah I think that really helps the Lord minister every year he opposed to Eudora fire yeah yeah definitely definitely elastic from me is consistency and this is really important just because as writers sometimes you can get into a space of you write only when you need to write or when it's required of you but actually to master your skill and to even and develop it and to become one with it and to walking your gift fully it's to be consistent so to give even giving yourself topics and ideas that you want to share about and writing about them not because you want to share them but just because you have that revelation and you want it to flow out through poetry and three words so yeah the last tip we have is to perfect your skill mm-hmm so as aside from writing a Christian piece yeah to you the Lord is like how have I studied poetry however how do I understand metaphor simile how do I understand writing structure rhyming pit how do i how have I actually studied poetry so that I can protect my school and growth from the level I'm at a greater yeah level here definitely masking yeah so those were our tips for writing and for all the writers out there with hope that you found inspiration in them so yeah that's all from us right away right away you

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