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hey I'm Sydney faith and today I am talking all about self-doubt just like with procrastination and caffeine dependence as writers are very prone to self-doubt I asked you guys on Instagram what kind of things you wanted me to talk about on this channel and I got several responses to talk about a self-doubt which was kind of surprising to me but I definitely know how hard it can be to get out of a self-doubt rut so here are some of my best tips number one is do not go down the rabbit hole when a seed of self-doubt plants itself in your brain it can be very easy to fall down the rabbit hole and you're stuck in your thoughts but you should remember that this feeling is only temporary and you can and will feel better later pretty much just do everything in your power to stay away from that rabbit hole because it's your biggest enemy right now number two is take a step back and get perspective sometimes we get in our own heads and need to step back and evaluate what we're actually doing if you're like me it can be hard to pull yourself away but remember that it's okay to take a break and sometimes we can get wrapped up in little problems and start to spiral if you back up sometimes you might find that your brain is making mountains out of molehills and even if you're not taking a step back to evaluate things from a less emotional perspective is probably gonna help you write your mind number three is to remind yourself of what you've accomplished in the past self-doubt is a greedy little gremlin and sometimes it makes it hard to remember all the great things you've already done so think about or even look over some of your past accomplishments even if they're not writing related maybe it's a short story you wrote or some kind of competition you want heck maybe it's when you saved a kitten from a tree in any case I'm sure you can find one little thing at least to be proud of number four is to do something uplifting personally I like to listen to music to boost my mood and get me inspired to write just do something that you like and that puts you in a good headspace some things you can try are watching TV reading a book listening to music or you can do things like yoga or going for a walk or making something that you enjoy number five is to talk to someone when you get that feeling of being sucked into a whirlpool of self-doubt you're probably not thinking with the most clarity chatting with someone about what you're feeling can not only help you feel better but can help you get perspective so talk to a good friend another writer or a family member you'll probably find they've something helpful to say it's at number six is to improve your skills improving your skills can help boost your confidence about your writing and if I was sponsored by skill sure this is where I would put the ad but I'm not but I'm still gonna tell you that there are pretty good resource to use they do have some pretty good classes on there and I think it's worth checking out and of course there are about a billion in one books about writing out there so I'm sure you can find one that you like what are your best tips for beating self-doubt leave them in the comments below so we can chat about it I post new videos here on Tuesdays and if you stay up-to-date on my upcoming Y fantasy series alexia legends you can join my email list which will be linked down below that's all thanks for watching bye

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  1. Self doubt is controlling my life right now.. thank you for this.

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