hi friends in the video and I'm a banker parada ana-lucia Walker neuropathy hearing lopatina Matty and PSE general English syllabus lingula where is the Abdeen pata part cielo twelfth the point about the poet's Abdeen de heading curium fifteen two points various aux of the following authors in the heading kiriyu 18th point led to which period the poets belong obtained a title keywords ana-lucia waka rahul apathy pakka pune / 1836 British country labyrinth Unga I mean England Lepore and anger along a potential ally ingen pata and tario of dinger Ulla as actual Akana dollar Gareth – lehayim load up on Gallipoli nan I'm Dean pata you know or another novel last year I could occur on the hillock on an audit on Goliath longer adamant alumni you know an alibi Tunku de sol andalucรญa Walker my men and I are younger novels children's playwrights and points so you know / – aunt Terry Andra hula even though or school ladies cannot eat when Tonga slaving in the schooling was sister sort of same dinner theater nanga first young heroes in a poem sell on newspapers with unpublished Pennington anger I kept row 1861 262 Lana using a poem say Latino leaves from the backwoods obtained solely or Buca collect Pawnee sample Penang broken broken china Ricky Perez hey Huey England Akira tonight anger you know cousin kaha quadratic aha so you've not a married name in Anna Harry Cohill Niharika hundra nameless even though here is in a poem Ella theme colic Bonnie oak and Marple English and Canadian versus a bean repeller or Buca Willie tongue Margaret olefin Trevor famous on a novelist when they even loaded autobiography and letters in Rebecca on the Edit panel apana 1899 Ana Lucia Walker 19 not seven layer on the Tunga so even load a period of doing question cater a mine and sovereign 1836 to 19 not seven obtained through to the ends abano otherwise in the 18 to 19 and the modern age every new Salonga so like and so optional a year Carruth Rhonda 1836 to 1907 a cheeseburger otherwise modern age interruption done in a modern age choice burning up so Ana Lucia Walker mamada various works of Dean petha first important a moonwalk snezana una women's rights next turn the leaves from the backwoods and in the third honest oak and Mapple English and Kennedy and verses in the moon in the important Anna walks so in the moonwalk seen other naba mucukunda Martha's Ellen just want to go through bunny Ganga matha linen and pata oh no in the Hollywood second Ernest a Canadian hero in third place for children fourth owners against her will fifth honest ladies home sixth honest to River lovers seventh honest the night comes eight honest the trial of Mary broom Yolanda you know the various works thank you for watching the video


  1. Pls upload about the poet rabindranath tagore, walt whitman, douglas malloch

  2. Mam can u pls explain women's rights poem and to a millionaire

  3. hai..mam upload english words and the nation united poem in tamil

  4. Hai Mam. Kindly explain about Women's right poem in Tamil. Thank you.

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