To My Future Daughter: Dear Baby Girl (Spoken Word)

To My Future Daughter- Dear Baby Girl.
Dear baby girl I’m sorry. Sorry to have to bring you into a world like ours. Sorry that you’ll forever have to fight for the power. The power to speak without being called weak. The power to
explore like never before. The power to make a choice and use your own voice. The power to live your life from being made a wife. My darling I am so so sorry. First a
soft pink blanket is what you’ll be wrapped in, predetermining your gender, never giving you the chance to be your own defender. They’ll strip you of your choices and will silent your voices. Society will put you in its place, making you nothing but a nameless face. The stereotypes, the rules the regulations, baby girl promise me you’ll fight each one with refutations. They’ll try to hold you down and enclose you in boxes, feed your mind with constant lies that is nothing but toxics. They’ll say be like a girl, run like a girl, throw like a girl, talk like a girl, do it like a girl and I’m telling you, honey, sometimes you’re just gonna want to hurl. They’ll try to shape you and define you, hide the separation between sex and gender. You’re gonna hear them say, “Hey let us mend her.” But my dear baby girl, don’t listen to
them, don’t give in. Create your own definition of a woman and look from within. They’ll call you weak ’cause your demise is what they seek. They’ll keep you from cars and exclude you from sports but
honey when you do that, you go build yourself a fort. Not a castle with a tall
tower, now don’t give them that kind of power. “To rescue you. To save you. To be your knight in shining armor?” You my darling are a Queen and can go much much farther. A Queen that rules her own kingdom. One who has fought long and hard for her freedom. You treat all your citizens will love and care but never forget that you are the Queen
my dear. They may laugh and point even call you names and if you’re anything
like me, they’ll say you have to be tamed. They’ll try to prevent you from exploring and block your curiosity but never let anyone trivialize your philosophy. The media
will try to paint you an array of images but they are to be observed and analyzed
with grimaces. There is no such thing as as perfection because baby girl , you are a one of a kind selection. So don’t compare yourself and wonder if you’ll ever be. Just keep looking into that mirror until you truly love what you see. Embrace your
body, your feelings, your sexuality. Never let that make you feel like an object or a
casualty. You are so much more than what you believe if only you knew what I could see. Don’t’ be ashamed of your pleasures or let them tell you how to be measured. Do what makes you feel happy and have the courage to say no when that feeling becomes crappy. Wear what you want and express who you are because you are not obligated to stay closed up in a jar. Open the lid and set yourself free, until you can
finally say, “I really have me.” So stay strong and keep fighting through the
thunder and the lightning. I promise to always be there, in the
darkness in the light. I promise you’re not alone. Baby girl this is our fight.

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