To The Lifeguard, A Poem by Carlotta Stankiewicz – ARTtv WRITING CLUB

[upbeat drum music] To the lifeguard Before we can swim again, splash again Before we can dip again, dash again Before we can punch the water with canonballs Or try to stay under, the longest of all Before we can play again, spray again Before we can squirt and submerge again Before we can dance our liquidly, lovely ballet Or MARCO! and POLO! the day away Before we can float again, flop again Before we can drip, drip, drip, drop again Before we can stand on our hands Sprouting fountains of feet Or meet underneath for a tea party treat Before we can down, down, down dive again Before we feel cool and alive again YOU HAVE TO BLOW THE WHISTLE! [loud whistle noise] [faint family crowd and water noises] [upbeat music]

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