1. Is that……Durrell on the soundtrack?!?! Shits fire 🙌🏼

  2. I get a ton of Tokyo drift vibes but with skateboarding instead of driving.

  3. That shit was like soothing the spraying off the jeans like just the can I got chills lol I'm think it's the bud lol

  4. Bro I remember seeing Han skating in my city and on ig he only had like 9,000 followers and he was cool with some of my friends and now he’s hanging out with Luis mora in Tokyo so proud of Fr

  5. "I'm not a hood Nigga but I'm from the hood Nigga" powerful asf

  6. bro that intro edit with the wheels slappin down and the snare hit synchronizing is so clean

  7. F-LAGSTUF-F&ERASEDのコラボみたいでめちゃくちゃかっこいい

  8. Does anyone know what anime the sprayed painted girl with the “nevermind” spray painted across is from?

  9. literally just found you on my recommended and i don’t regret clicking 😔👊

  10. What’s the song that goes cause I’m from the hood nigga but I’m not a good nigga

  11. Can someone tell me where I can find the picture of the girl with the word never mind across her.

  12. bruh i just started learning how to do a frontside 180 and watching this dude spin 360 degrees makes me feel like such a failure

  13. 一番最後、アディオ登場してますやん笑笑

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