Tonko Tip: How to define colors (#021)

6 thoughts on “Tonko Tip: How to define colors (#021)

  1. Hi guys. I have an idea and want to know if you think is right or wrong. I think that there is a unnecessary urge for artists to put colors in the bag of either warm, or cool. But i think that there are some colors that aren't necessary one or the other. For example, red, orange and yellow orange are warm without question. Blue and teals are cool no question. BUT, some greens and violets are neither, or are one or another depending the context of surrounding colors. Even primary yellow, more than warm or cool, for me it represents pure light. Any tip about this? Thanks 😁.

  2. Thank you for these tips, I wanted yo ask what is the best approach for composition?

  3. Thank you so much for the tip! It's very helpful, I'd like to ask what's your tip on how to have good eyes on color and use color well? Thank you!

  4. スケッチをする際、描く時に選ぶ線と選ばない線の見分け方を教えてください。

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