Tony Fusco – The Twilight of America

this boat is the twilight of America it's pretty self-explanatory so I'll just go right into it in the twilight of America when all the lights went out there was no rapture but there was bodies in the sky when prophets shed their sack cloth and designer suits and makeup when city's dark drowned and we'd feel shriveled the orchards dried up where books were banned the books were burned books were left on read where no news was true news when the eyes of the people glazed over and the ears waxed full we're dead diseases returned from the grave when the churches were closed the pews already empty where armies killed enemies a world away without facing one another the earth shook the mud slid lightning filled the skies like skeleton hands when the wind twisted its whirlwind breaking great buildings when the towers fell when the wild fires ate the landscape into Twilight of America crowds fought in the parks with clubs and rocks and torches in the twilight of America when everyone carried a rifle on a sling a handbag a handgun in their handbag when children hid under desks and locked down and runners blew to bits in the streets in the twilight of America the flag already hung at half-mast lowered itself the rest of the way down in shame you

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