Tony Robbins: Stop Thinking That I Can’t Do It ( Tony Robbins Psychology )

About digging inside and figuring out
what are the things that control every thought every feeling and emotion of
your life if you ever wanted to make a change you wanted to lose weight you
wanted to transform your relationship you wanted to make a shift financially
in your life and you find yourself making progress but pulling back or
never really even getting started just being excited about it for a while
talking about it but not really following through then there’s something
there something that affects the way you follow through something affects the
quality of your life and I’m here to tell you there’s two things that control
everything in your life every thought every feeling every emotion every action
you have in your life what you’re wearing today whether you’re gonna turn
this off within a few minutes or whether you’re gonna stick with me here for two
or three minutes is all controlled by two things your beliefs and your values
whatever you believe if you think life is just a waste of time doesn’t matter
what you do or you know you’re big-boned then obviously you’re not gonna go for
it you’re not gonna try to lose weight you’re not gonna go push for that next
level of your career or your finances or or your relationship or anything else
beliefs control us but so do our values some people you know value just kicking
back some people value making it happen some people value their family the most
some people are value love but you know the real challenge is we have values in
conflict when you really want to make a difference in the world or you really
want to do well for your family or you really want to do well financially but
simultaneously you know you don’t want upset anybody do you want to be totally
honest you want to make everybody happy when we have conflicts between what we
want and what we think we can have or you know you have a goal of what you
really want to make happen but then you have this other belief inside that says
damn stuff never does work those inner conflicts are what keep people from
using all of their energy it’s kind of like taking two steps forward and three
steps back people who succeed in any situation
have a pattern of what they do to succeed and it doesn’t matter whether
that person is succeeding at a business context or a relationship context
doesn’t matter what the environment is the fundamental lessons or
cause for succeeding are very very basic so if we’re looking for the ultimate
success for me the very first thing we have is you have to know what you want
which we call know your outcome you’re gonna succeed at anything it’s hard to
succeed hard to hit a target when you don’t know what it is and as simplistic
as this sounds dunno if you most people really know what they want what do you
think yes or no at least not consciously they don’t right and so it’s gonna be
very very difficult to achieve what you want waited to having to find it but
this is going to become a question we’re gonna want you to ask yourself a lot
what is my outcome in this situation I even have a time management system that
I developed it’s really a life management system which we call opa
because the first Oh sounds for what’s my outcome cuz you can come up with a
question like what should I do and you’re gonna end up with a long list but
as you do all these things what’ll happen is you can cross something off
your list and still be unfulfilled and not really achieve anything that matters
so you say what’s my outcome first then you begin to decide what you need to do
to get the outcome so in this case we want to say what’s your outcome you want
to make it a habit ask this question i watch your the middle of a conversation
stop yourself if it seems to going nowhere and say what’s my hell come here
I want to connect you don’t want to influence this person you want to learn
something what’s your outcome for example how many of you have ever been
caught up in an argument and you even forgot what you’re arguing for but you
knew you had to win how many been there say I okay if in the middle of that
argument you would ask yourself the question what’s my outcome here I
guarantee your brain would say well my outcomes like the fight my outcomes to
resolve this and if you get clear on what your real target is your behavior
will change automatically so very very few people know what they want and the
more you clear you can get about what you want the more you can really achieve
so my right underneath this is the subset of number one still number one
just like clarity is power clarity is power but more clear you can
become but what it is you really want no more power you’re gonna have cuz your
brain is like a servomechanism in a a bomb as an example they sent a missile
out it has a servomechanism it knows what the target is and when the target
moves it follows it well your brain is very similar when you decide exactly
what as you want you start picking up information that you never would have
picked up before consciously for example have you ever bought a particular car
maybe or maybe a certain outfit and then all of a sudden you see that car or
outfit everywhere how many got that experience ai well what’s that car
outfit already around you all the time yeah but you didn’t notice it because
there’s a portion of your brain that it was responsible for one thing and that
is screening out 99% of what you see here and feeling life because if you
were to notice everything that’s going on in this room right now you go stark
raving mad but most of you don’t you put attention to a small number of things if
you could right now notice what millions of things you can notice my voice you
could listen to what I’m saying you can notice what’s going on the background
the screens you could hear the air conditioning you can smell your neighbor
off to all that jumping up and down notice that right you can feel it maybe
a little sweat trickling across your chest or whatever was going on after all
that jumping up and down you could feel the blood maybe vibrating or circulating
through your left eardrum but you don’t think about those things so maybe I
mentioned them or something triggers it so this part of our brain that’s
responsible for deleting most of our thoughts and most of the things that are
going on around us that part of our brain when you know when it knows what
you want it makes you notice those things you suddenly see that car because
it’s important it’s called the reticular activating system you don’t have to
write all the down for sure that’s called Ras the reticular activating
system tells your brain what to pay attention to so when you say that this
is what I really want now anything that relates to that that you would have
noticed before will start popping up into your focus and a lot of times
people say it’s amazing I decided this and it was kind of you know
synchronicity these things started popping up all these things were
probably around you before but you never notice them because you haven’t decided
your outcome now when you know your outcome you’re
had a 95% of the population but that’s not enough ii think i don’t
know is a lot of times you know your outcome but you lose your drive you know
you want something but you forget the most important thing which is know why
you want it know why you want it you gotta know the
purpose in our opa training system when people are managing their lives we have
them ask what’s my outcome and then why do i want this because any person’s
success so really successful knows exactly what they want they know why the
reason i don’t know why is remember I said yesterday reasons come first
answers come second get enough reasons you can get a big enough why you can
figure out hide of you about anything but you got to have purpose because
purpose provides drive now if you know what you want and you know why you’re
lightyears ahead of most the population but you gotta go the step that most
people seem to avoid and that is you got to take massive what that’s right and a
key word there is massive massive action can be a cure-all when you know what
you’re after and you know why you want it cuz we know what you’re after when
you take a CH and you won’t just be expending energy you’ll be moving
yourself in a direction towards something you really really want and by
the way last night we call taking massive action personal what power which
means ability to take action and what stops people from taking action
primarily what fear and the way you get over that fear is what do you think is
the number one fear most people have failure and the reason is they feel if
they fail they won’t be loved they’ll be rejected they’ll be hurt
they’ll be judged so what they really are afraid of is losing love and they
think that this rejection or I should say this failure will lead to that
rejection or loss of love the truth of matter is you can’t fail unless you
don’t try you try something doesn’t work you just learn from it and that’ll make
you better the next time you go about it now if you know your outcome know why
you want and take massive action you’re now in the most small percentile of
people on the planet so what’s the next step though well you
can take a lot of action and get caught up in a pattern like become so
determinate you became what tunnel vision like I know this is gonna work
and so you keep running east looking for a sunset with total certainty and a lot
of belief high-standard still doesn’t work so what you have to be able to do
to succeed you don’t get caught up in some old
pattern is you got to know what you’re getting know what you are know what you
are getting the word we use for this is for sure is we call it sensory acuity
sensory acuity is the idea that you want to become acutely sensitive to whether
what you’re doing is working or not you don’t want to just say okay I know what
I want to know I don’t want it I’m just gonna make it happen this is how I’m
gonna do it you keep hammering and hammering and hammering it doing
something that doesn’t work and people do this all the time right do the same
thing over and over again expecting a different result that’s called insanity
you can’t do the same thing again and again expect a different result when you
can see it it doesn’t get the result but we get caught up in our patterns so we
want to get really sensitized acutely sensitized sensory acuity to whether
what we’re doing is working or not and by the way sensory acuity is really
the measure of a person’s intelligence what I mean by that is how do we measure
intelligence intelligence is a measure of the number and quality of
distinctions you have in a given situation like for example if you talk
to Eskimos that’s actually not the politically correct term anymore I guess
it’s in a way you talk to it in a way what we formally called Eskimos you’d
find out that in a way have more than a dozen words for the word snow more than
a dozen now I’m from Southern California guess how many words I have for snow one
I don’t see any of it it’s called smell baby right but they got to know what
kind of snow they’re gonna make more refined distinctions to be effective in
the world to get their outcomes they don’t know what kind of snow you can
build an igloo out of what kind of snow you can take your dogs through what kind
of snow you can eat alright what kind of snow you’re gonna fall through so who
has more intelligence who has more power in that snowy environment the Eskimo
Army which one Eskimo because they have more sensory acuity they have more
refined distinctions about what each of these elements mean versi to see it as
snow now if you took that Eskimo and you snuck in my car in Los Angeles then we
fried out maybe I have a little more intelligence because he might try to
steer the thing using the rearview mirror right he just doesn’t know so
since he doesn’t have that acuity he doesn’t have those distinctions you
new terribly well there see some people I can hold this up and I can say what is
this and they say well that’s a cylinder other people say no no that’s a blue
white black cylinder someone else says no no that’s a blue color marker a few
people say no no now such as the blue color marker that is a pilot super color
bright and white color marker and if you get in your clothes they don’t never
come out now which through those people has more power 1 2 3 or 4 4 because they
have the largest number of distinction so now if you know your outcome you know
why you want it you got your purpose you got your drive you got your a and oppa
this is outcome purpose action you know the mass of action you’re taking action
and you notice what’s working what happens if you notice it’s not working
you’re taking action but it’s not getting you closer to outcome what’s the
obvious fist step but this step is change your approach change your approach if what you’re
doing your cutie says is not working change it now what if you change
approaching that’s still not working then what would you do what would you do
come on what would you do change again keep yourself in a peak state sit up in
your chair some of you’ve gone back into that deep hypnotic state of learning I
can see and what have you tried that it didn’t work they don’t want you to do
what does that doesn’t work what do you do and what if that doesn’t work what do
you do what if that doesn’t work what do you do what is up there all that and
still doesn’t work what do you do and what have you tried out and it doesn’t
work how many times until you find out what works do not say to yourself I’ve
tried everything that’s bull if you tried everything you have what you want
why I’ve tried everything but I’ve tried millions of things millions numbers them
name them well maybe tens of thousands tens of thousands name a thousand well
maybe 100 name on it well maybe I did these two things over and over again
that don’t work okay but when we start saying I’ve tried everything we tend to
incant that don’t wait we make it an incantation then we believe it and since
we think we’ve tried everything we just give up it’s garbage not true hey let me
ask you a question how long would you give your average baby to learn how to
walk you know before you shut them off and didn’t let them try anymore yeah
what are you crazy my kids gonna keep trying until he or
she walks ah magic formula you know what almost every the whole
world walks okay so this is the ultimate success form that comes down to knowing
what you want why you want to take a massive action know what’s working and
simply changing your approach until you get it that’s it anyone who succeeds
does this they may not call it Robins ultimate success formula but I guarantee
they did it on a corny example Thomas Edison these lights in here did this guy
know his outcome yes or no yes or no he was absolutely clear without knowing
the outcome you couldn’t have built that in million years it didn’t exist before
he had to decide he want to create this result without the use of candles did he
know why you want to do it you you read his writings this man had a
sense of incredible purpose and drive did he take massive action yes or no oh
yes tens of thousands of experiments did he noticed when it wasn’t working and
learned from it yes or no did he keep changing his approach that’s why right
now in this room we don’t smell camel white right now if you know the old
story of him was written about him early in his early days he’s got his best
friend with them he’s doing this experiment and as he’s doing he creates
a small explosion which shakes the room scares both of them very very severely
and then at the end of that he gets up and his friend is totally shaken freaked
out he pulls out his journal he starts writing and his buddy says to him what’s
the matter of you would saying almost killed us so you gonna wait you have
10,000 failures for you give this stupid idea up and Addison’s response to him
was I didn’t have a failure there he goes after 9090 99th failure he said no
it’s not he said I discovered the 9,999 way not to Amenti electrolyte bulb but I
did discover how to create a small explosion which may be useful in the
future somewhere else interesting right because he understood what this process
was he did Bruce Springsteen use this do you think you just want went out used
his gravelly voice and said they may be born to USA and everybody went yeah
you’re it man that what happened know what really happened if you know his
story was that all the agents of evil went to try and book was said just
playing the guitar and keep your mouth shut
your voice is gross sounding it’s gravelly it’s irritating no one’s gonna
like the stuff keep your mouth shut and play the guitar but he knew what he
wanted he had all the drive you can imagine knew why he wanted took massive
action kept changing his approach till he got what he wanted how about Sly
Stallone Sylvester Stallone rocky rocky story is this even right but slices to
slice a good friend of mine and when I first met him years ago he’s listened to
my tapes and stuff and invited me over for dinner we started talking and I said
you know I’ve heard your story from other people but I really wanted to hear
from the horse’s mouth I don’t know how much is mythology and urban myth and how
much is true so he told me the whole story said the essence of it though was
he said he knew his whole life well you want to do
she’s very very young he wanted to be in the movie business period I mean not
just TV movies and yes he said why was for him it was a chance to have people
not only escape but to inspire people and by the way that drive is what made
most of his movies inspired people to what they’re capable of to overcome
unbelievable obstacles because in his own life he felt like he did that when
he was born he’s pulled out by the forceps that’s why he looked the way he
did it’s why he talked the way he did and he
said so I really want to do that and he said I know why I want to do it I wasn’t
one to settle for anything else and he said what happened was I went out to try
and get jobs and it’s not like I went her dream they want you you’re a star it
didn’t work out real well they looked at me and said hey you’re stupid look and
do something else you know cos there’s no place for you in that stuff you’re
never gonna be a star in the movies you’re insane no one’s gonna wanna
listen if somebody looks Bobi and talks out of the side of their mouth right and
got no after no after no after now he said I was thrown out more fit more than
1,500 times of agents offices in New York I said they’re only 15 minutes in
New York I said I know I’ve been on five six seven eight nine times he said
number one guy went in there and I got in there at four o’clock and he wouldn’t
see me so I stayed there and I would not leave I stayed overnight they came back
that’s morning I’m still sitting there he said that’s why I got my first job
the guy said plant come in here and he sat down and he went through this and he
gave my first movie I said I really have thought Rocky was worse mom he said now
this other movie I’d never heard of it he said I said well what character your
place if I was in it for about 20 seconds I was a thug and somebody beat
up he said because they made me feel like you know some of the people hate
your guts you getting beat up will be a good thing and he did like three movies
like that never got anything kept going out rejection rejection rejection so
finally realized it wasn’t working so he changed his approach he said I was
starving by the way he said I couldn’t pay for even they have heat in my
apartment my wife was screaming at me everyday to go get a job I said well why
didn’t you he said because I knew that if I got a job
he said I’d get seduced back and I’d lose my hunger
he said I knew the only way I could do this is if it was the only choice have I
burned all other bridges because if I did a normal job pretty soon I’d be
caught up in that River that’s tough when I feel okay about my life and I
feel like my dream would just gradually disappear he said I wanted to keep that
hunger that hunger was the only thing I thought was my advantage he said my wife
didn’t understand that at all he said we’d have these vicious fights he said
it was freezing so I was broke we had no money and he said so I finally went to
the public library one day because it was warm said I want to read anything
since I went in New York Public Library’s I was hanging out there and I
sat it on this chair and somebody left a book there and he said I looked at this
book and over the poems of Edgar Allan stories of Edgar Allan Poe and he said
so I started reading it he said I got totally in the other girl and he said I
know everything about it he goes on for another 20 minutes telling me about
Aaron Paul he knows everything how he died what it was about what really
happened I said well would have told you for you he said Poe got me out of myself
he got me to think about how I could touch other people and not worry about
myself so much and he said it made me decide to become a writer I said I’m
just imagine rocky the writer right and he said so I tried to write a bunch of
screenplays nothing worked nothing to work I were totally broke he said I
didn’t even have 50 bucks he said and finally he said I sold a
script it was called paradise alleys as a movie I made many years later but I
sold it he said I sold it for a hundred bucks he said a hundred bucks was a ton
of money man I was so thrilled I thought I’m on my way but it never led to
anything he said so finally he said I kept going and going going he said
finally we were so broke he said I hocked my wife’s jewelry he’s a Tony
there’s some things in life you should never do he said that was basically the
end of our relationship she hated my guts so much
he said now we are so broke we had nothing to food no money and he said the
one thing I love most in the world was my dog he said I love my dog because he
gave me unconditional love unlike my wife and he said so what happened was
though we were so broke that’s a survive I couldn’t even feed my dog so I went to
a liquor store so it was the lowest day of my life and I stood outside the
liquor store trying to sell my dog to strangers so I tried to sell my dog for
50 bucks and he said this father there’s one guy negotiating with me and bought
my dog for me my best friend and ours for $25
he said I walked away from there and I cried he says the worst thing that ever
happened my life he’s a two weeks later I’m watching a fight between Muhammad
Ali and Wepner this white guy that’s getting bludgeoned but just keeps on
comin even though I get the hell beat out of it and he said I got an idea
he said as soon as the fight ended I started writing he said I wrote for 20
straight hours I did not sleep I wrote the entire movie in 20 hours straight
right then saw the fight wrote the movie whole thing done he said I was shaking
at the end I was so excited so I really knew man I knew what I wanted I knew why
I wanted he said just like it sees that the formula he said that I said man I
took the action now it’s time to deliver and so he said I went out started trying
cell at the agents and they all would read it and they’d say you know this is
predictable this is stupid this is sappy he said I wrote down all the things they
said and I read them the night of the Oscars when we won yes and it’s really
good the greatest revenge is massive success they said so what happened was
he said I kept going trying to sell it trying to sell it nobody going I’m broke
I’m starving he said finally I meet these guys they read it and they
believed in the script and they love it and they offer me a hundred and twenty
five thousand dollars for my script I said oh my god you must’ve been out of
your mind he said I was I said just one thing though guys you got a deal based
on one thing they said what’s that he said I got to star in it they went what
are you talking about you’re a writer so no I’m an actor no no no you’re a writer
so no no I’m an actor that is my story and I am rocky said I gotta play it you
know I got to be the head person I got me the starring role this there’s no way
we’re not gonna pay out of $25,000 take some no-name and stick you in that throw
our money away we need a star you know and they wanted to have Ryan O’Neal play
Rocky give you a picture can you imagine
that’s who they picked right and so he said no way Ryan O’Neal’s a rocky I’m
Rocky we do this whole thing right they finally he said they said well take
it or leave it he said I left the room I said if that’s what you believe you
don’t get my script he left here’s the man with no money
none totally broke offered $125,000 more money seen his life timing
walked away because he knew his real what news real-life and why wanted he
was committed to it so he said they called him a few weeks later and they
came brought it back and they offered him a quarter of a million dollars not
the star in his own movie he turned it down
$250,000 they came back their final offers three hundred and twenty five
thousand dollars they wanted this thing he said not without me and they said no
they finally compromised and they gave him thirty five thousand dollars and
points in the movie because they said if this is gonna happen then you’re gonna
take the risk with us and the bottom line is we don’t think it’ll work but at
least we’ll spend a bunch of money on you and then they only spent a million
dollars to make Rocky and it grows 200 million dollars at the time I am it was
done pretty well but what’s interesting about this is here’s he I said what you
do I mean even 35,000 it’s not a quarter of a million I was a lot of money when
you don’t have 25 bucks I said what’s the first thing you did I figure you
went out and partied it’s not me said I went to that liquor store for three
straight days and hope that the man had my dog frequented the store he’s because
I want to buy back my dog that was so cool all right that was really cool so
what happened he said third day I was there this guy walks by and I see him
and I can’t believe it and there’s my dog and I looked at I said sir remember
me and he said it’s been about a month and a half
I found this it all come about he said member me and I’m the guy who sold you
the dog yeah yeah I love the dog he’s so look he said I was so broke I was
starving he’s my best friend I’m sure you love him too but I gotta happen
black please I beg of you he said I’ll pay you $100 to the dog I
know you baby 25 they’ll give you a hundred
the man said absolutely not no way it’s my dog now you can’t buy him back right
and so I said you know Tony you know he’d say no your outcome I said yeah he
said I knew it he said I kept changed my approach so I went five hundred dollars
for the dog you guys said absolutely no way
he said $1,000 for my dog guy said no amount of money in the Earth’s never
gonna get this dog for you what you knew he said I knew my outcome right because
he listened his name’s Kip to him he says I take massive action he said I got
my dog I just kept changing my approach so I got it
as a word of caution $15,000 and a part in Rocky
the guys in Rocky you know that dog in Rocky Butkus that
slice real dog right that’s the dog you bought him back so he put his dog in the
movie and he put the guy in the movie a paid 15 grand while he had 35,000 I’m
not pretty cool pretty awesome so there’s always a way if you’re committed
just gotta keep changing your approach

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