Top 10 Guitarists of All Time (REDUX)

the guitar is their weapon of choice scuse me while I kiss this welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten guitarists of all time for this list we’ve chosen guitarists based on a combination of their talent songwriting skills technical and creative merits and their lasting influence if you want to learn more about great axe men or if you are expecting to see Brian May or Carlos Santana on the list be sure to check out our videos on the top 10 solo guitarist and top 10 band guitarists and for even more guitar gods check out our instrumental series number 10 Randy Rhoads roads exploded into the heavy metal universe after giving Ozzy Osbourne’s music a new lease on life though randy rhoads time with the Prince of Darkness and quiet right before that was brief the classical guitar devotee left a legacy that is unparalleled to this day despite his short 25-year life he’ll always be remembered for his ability to make a whole lot of noise with just a few guitars and special effects number nine david gilmour though the multi-talented musician plays several different roles in Pink Floyd he proved to be at his best when playing the guitar David Gilmour’s blues inspired style and evocative notes have produced some of the greatest guitar solos in history simply watch a live performance of Gilmore’s guitar work uncomfortably numb and you’re sure to be a convert number eight stevie ray vaughan with his passionate and expressive playing style SRV brought life back into blues rock he differentiated himself from those before him by blending blues rock and jazz into his sound a fatal helicopter crash may have taken his life but the critically acclaimed guitarists music will continue to live on thanks to his work with Double Trouble and the impact he’s had on future generations of artists number 7 BB King the king of Blues did not only perfect the method of using the guitar as a voice but he also demonstrated this feat on numerous occasions with his own guitar Lucille and thanks to his soloing style and exceptional vibrato BB King has become the ultimate inspiration to many of the biggest electric and blues rock guitarists after him number six Chuck Berry we have Chuck Berry’s thrilling sound and remarkable playing style to thank for rock and roll’s growth and subsequent explosion by bringing R&B and guitar solos to the genre he became a huge influence on rock music meanwhile his stage bravado and accompanying dance moves similarly shaped rock performances for the better number five Robert Johnson he must have really traded his soul to the devil for his talent because his guitar playing style was so complex that few can match it to this day in addition to his impressive technical capacities Robert Johnson could express a wide range of emotions through his voice and this made him an all-around musical legend despite his early death at age 27 there’s no denying that the king of Mississippi Delta blues had a major impact on rock and roll give me your number for Eric Clapton Slowhand developed an unmatchable style that he’s used both as a solo artist and as a member of bands like cream and the yardbirds eric clapton even coined a signature guitar sound known as the woman tone plus his gear for melody is untouchable on top of that Clapton is one half of the team behind one of rock’s greatest love songs and he played its memorable rep with another one of the most innovative guitarists in history duane allman number three eddie van halen he burst onto the scene with his drumming brother Alex and co-founded one of the biggest hardrock acts in American history Eddie Van Halen revolutionized guitar playing with his tapping technique and hard rock style while he continues to play with van Halen his originality and talent have already inspired many and will certainly inspire scores more number two Jimmy Page both as a co-founder of the biggest band of the 70s and as a musician in his own right Jimmy Page permanently altered the sound of music by fusing blues rock and folk he may very well be the greatest guitarist rock has ever seen as aptly displayed in Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven though he was influenced by Robert Johnson the riff king himself has left an immeasurable and all-encompassing influence on later artists that won’t soon be forgotten before we unveil our number one pick here are a few honorable mentions you number one Jimi Hendrix as the original Seattle rocker Jimi Hendrix was a musical innovator whose avant-garde musical ideas and incomparable guitar skills revolutionized music the left-handed guitarist left us way too early at age 27 but in that short time he gave us some of the greatest guitar solos in history let’s not forget the fact that he could also play a mean electric guitar with his teeth do you agree with our list who is your favorite guitarist of all time don’t forget to check out our videos on the top 10 solo guitarists top 10 banget Aris and our top 10 instrumental series for more of your favorite Axman and be sure to subscribe to for more top 10s published every day

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Guitarists of All Time (REDUX)

  1. Worst rankings ever..where is kirk hammet where is slash….they are no doubtedly legends but these guitarists have opened a whole new world for present and future guitarists….kirk @1, slash @2, nd jimmy page @3….seems this post writer is not a music listener and just posted from his own little experience

  2. Once again another greatest guitar player list with no Alex Liefson. He never gets the love he deserves

  3. Every guitar god 2 me stands along i beening jamming since in t late 60z i seen them live n seem them still liveing n i still jam at their music 🎵🇺🇸

  4. Typical American orientated amazed they didn't add Bruce Springsteen or Prince

  5. There are some great players here. I know this is a subjective list but any list of the best which excludes Rory Gallagher suffers by omission. Jimi Hendrix regarded Rory as the greatest guitarist of his time. So, if your number 1 says that, where's Rory?

  6. My top 11

    11. Jack White
    10. Joe Satriani
    9. John Petrucci
    8. Angus Young
    7. Slash
    6. B. B. King
    5. Chuck Berry
    4. Eric Clapton
    3. EVH
    2. Jimmy Page
    1. Hendrix

  7. in my opinion, every one those guys are no1 there all great in their own right they were not mentioned
    1 buddy guy
    2 slash
    3 brain Mayer
    4 Richie Blackmore
    5 prince
    6 Joe Bonamassa
    7 Carlos Santana
    8 Muddy Waters
    9 johnny lee hooker

  8. Y’all are fucking retarded how are you gonna disrespect Srv like that! It’s a stacked list but when it comes to pure skill he’s gotta atleast top three

  9. LOL… Where are Santana, Prince, Brian May, Slash, Gary Moore, John Mayall and many others?.

  10. How is Clapton no. 4th. This list is one hell of a catastrophe. Do we need such misleading content on the internet?
    No Slash or Santana or Brain May . Have you guys lost it?

  11. Sorry Kiddo's, but without any mention of the great "Roy Buchanan", this list is somewhat questionable. ROY BUCHANAN was one of the truly GREAT ones. Amen and RIP

  12. jimmy Hendrix shouldn't included here!!! because he is a GUITAR GODS the 9 list of the guitarist are less amateur compare to JIMMY HENDRIX!!!

  13. Good list, but I can't believe they put Van Halen above Clapton or Chuck Berry above BB King. Even by their own criteria, this is whacked.

  14. Jimi Hendrix being the best guitarist is a fact, not an opinion.

  15. Malcolm Young should've been on this list he's the greatest Rhythm Guitarist ever and he never got the credit he deserved such an Underrated Guitarist however glad Angus Young Was an honorable mention

  16. What about Alvin Lee ,Ritchie Blackmore,steve vai, et tant d'autres…….

  17. Oh wow! Jimmy Page is not first! I can't believe it! Oh I see now – he is number 2. LOLLL

  18. When hendrix was ask what it like to be the best rock, blues guitarist in the world, he replied, you'd better ask Rory Gallagher

  19. BB king man was absolutely great i would have put him in the top 5 mbee top 3 he was a magician on guitar! I also think GARY richrath THE late Gary should HAVE been in the top 10 ! Love Jimmy page but he is in my top 10 but not in top 3 !!!

  20. Where's Django  Reinhardt?  He changed the way guitar was played and he did it with only two working fingers.

  21. Well, it's a hard list to make, and it's impressive that there actually ARE some guitarists here outside the Rock & Roll tradition, but how can there be no representative of the HUGE body of Spanish guitarists? Andres Segovia, at the very least, needs to be here.

    Also Django Reinhardt is absent here? What? That's an inexcusable oversight. I even watched this twice, confident that I had just somehow blinked and missed it. Nope.

    Obviously, there are so many great AND important players (Les Paul is more "important" than "great", for example), but Segovia and Reinhardt should have been automatic entries.

  22. Other than Jimi at #1 (which should be a given at this point) this is a pretty rough. Stevie is top 5. David Gilmour is top 6-7. BB is at least top 10, for crying out loud.

  23. Zappa should be top 5. But I guess he's not comercial enough for the general audience at large.

  24. Kirk Hammett , Dave Mustayne, Dave Navarro plus Eddie V ,Steve Vai, Malmsteen to many to judge.

  25. Comon'…. We all start to play guitar by doing Smoke on the Water! Ritchie Blackmore at least has to be in Top10, if not in Top5.

  26. Must watch this video. Guitarist name is Radomir Mihajlovic Tocak

  27. o.k. at least you list consits of real guitar gods…but missing Michael Schenker is blasphemy

  28. My top 3 Are

    1#Eddie van halen
    2#Angus young

    Just my opinion plz no hate

  29. Playing at 100mph is not musicianship. Agree with Hendrix No. 1. Where's Ritchie Blackmore?

  30. Where the hell is Ted Nugnet, He played raw guitar with no sound toys hooked to it or the amp's ? I don't agree with this top 10 one little bit!!!!!!!


  32. Really? Brian May is not even in honorable mentions?! Excuse you?!

  33. Mojo…. You got to be out of your freaking mind to think that Jimi Hendrix can even be in the top 50.
    OMG….CC Deville of the band Poison outranks Jimi Hendrix by a long shot. LOL, one has to be a drug-induced maniac to think Jimi Hendrix is in the top 50. Lol

  34. Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck rank ride along with some of the worst guitar playing on the planet.

  35. REALLY???🤔

    No Malmsteen!!!?🤔
    No Vai!!!?🤔
    No Marino!!!?🤔
    No Nugent!!!?🤔
    No Dimeola!!!?🤔
    No Lifeson!!!?🤔
    No Stanley Jordan!!!?🤔

    Your Top 10 is CRAZY!!!😵

  36. This video would be ok if the woman would shut the hell up so we could listen to the music! Good grief Man! It’s a Fuking Rock and Role competition!!

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