Top 10 Light Novels in Japan for the week of April 15-21 2019 #LightNovel

hello everybody and welcome to another video where I take a look at what's popular in light novels in Japan this time taking a look at the top 10 best-selling light novels for the week of April 15th of the 21st of 2019 so let's get to the list at number 10 with 6215 copies sold volume number 6 of 86 this one of course on the list previously this is released in English by yen on we've got the first volume already out volume number 2 is on the way this a series about two nations at war the Republic and the Empire the Empire are the aggressors with AI controlled drone machines and the Republic well they have decided to answer with their own drones that are controlled via AI or at least that is what they are telling their citizens in reality the Republic has basically taken anyone who is of any kind of mixed race or you know is an immigrant from outside the Republic whatever has essentially dehumanized them put them into internment camps and is now forcing them to fight if they want to regain any kind of citizenship or any kind of status and it is a pretty heavy book but a really really well-written one and I will be talking about it actually in the next week or so I will have a review posted of volume number one spoilers are really enjoyed it at number 9 with six thousand three hundred and fifty three copies sold this one is volume number seven of choco Chara tow misaki-kun or bottom tier sake this is actually the special edition of volume number seven I believe it came with a drama CD or some sort of special type edition work this one has been licensed for English release by Yen on they're going to be releasing the first volume on July 23rd of 2019 Toma Zaki is one of the best gamers in Japan and in his opinion the game of real life is one of the worst no clear-cut rules for success horribly balanced and nothing makes sense but then he meets a gamer who's just as good as him and she offers to teach him a few exploits so this has been on the list numerous times before and you know I was really pleased actually that yen on picked this one up not only because it's a slice of life but also because it combines that whole gamers slice of life aspect which I've kept saying for a long time that I think it would be such an easy sell to the English market so it'll be interesting to see how this one does I kind of get the feeling like the way that it's been advertising everything that the publisher is kind of trying to push it as a bit of a spiritual successor to my youth romantic comedy as wrong as I expected I have heard from a couple of people who have read this and they say not quite you know the main character isn't quite as engaging or interesting as hajiman but it'll be interesting to see nonetheless and like I said I'm kind of curious to see just how much of the whole gamer aspect and gamer mentality plays out throughout the series and I guess we'll see that on July I number eight with seven thousand six hundred and five copies sold volume number three of nashit a Cinderella Oh cuckoo Sauron hen o tog of annachi No Sukie Haji Mehmed schita or fake Cinderella continuing the kingdom mayhem fables we do not have this licensed for English release in fact this is actually a sequel series to fake Cinderella if you kind of got that feeling from the whole continuing part of the title now the main series Azumi Maya a 33 year old professional pastry chef who went out to buy some mustard got caught in an accident when she regained her awareness she had reincarnated as a 12 year old princess besides she also had a husband who was older than her a king moreover Maya who seems to have realized that she had arrived in a place where her life would be targeted decides to try to get along with her husband in order to protect herself in the name of being a pastry chef I'll defeat the criminal and my husband's stomach at the same time so obviously this one I think this is more of like a shoujo slightly romantic comedy type series again kind of combining those creepy sort of she's young but her mind is old so is it creepy or is it not creepy this one says she reincarnate says 12 year old who's married which yeah yeah I don't know I I don't know why the author would go that route but in any case obviously the initial series popular enough that the author came back and now this is the third volume of the sequel series at number seven with seven thousand eight hundred and forty six copies sold it's the regular edition of volume number seven of jakku Shara atoll misaki-kun or bottom tier character Toma Zaki so this one appearing actually twice on the list altogether it would have been you know almost a little over fourteen thousand copies sold of this vol so again like I said pretty popular series and you know one that I'll definitely be checking out at number six with 8,000 68 copies sold volume 16 of crocodile no AO Don or as the anime was released in English chivalry of a failed night we do not have the light novels licensed for English release this one about Corrigan iki who is a student in an academy that trains mage Knights so those who are able to use magic and the Academy's board decides that they're going to pair up all of the students with someone who is similar to their abilities in order to try and draw out the best in everyone just so happens that his roommate is a really beautiful girl who happens to be also a princess of another nation and well hilarity ensues you know the usual I walk in naked girl oops then they want to fight and of course the one sort of thing about this is that whoever wins the battle between the two of them must be the other one the loser is going to have eternal servitude to that person yeah we can probably see where this whole thing is going a bit of a romantic comedy magic high school battle series that I know it's very popular and a lot of people have been asking to get licensed who knows maybe this will be be here at number five with ten thousand four hundred and eight copies sold volume 5 of fate strange fake this one we do not have an English license for as I said in the last video when this was on the top 10 it is written by Rio gonna Rita who is also the author of Baccano and Durarara a few people commented that this one is actually kind of cool because it it takes the whole setup of the the Fate series which is you know this magical battle in order to claim the Grail in order to have your wish fulfilled but the whole idea and this one is is that it's actually kind of a fake ceremony they're using magic to try and emulate the Grail battle and it means that things get a little bit twisted like some of the people summoned as heroes are probably not what we would consider heroes in the most classic of senses you know given how massive the fate series is and all the variants and everything else this is one that I would like to see get sort of either animated or come out in English whatever just because it is sort of taking a completely alternate view and is kind of mixing things up a little bit Paul Simon re does a decent author it would be kind of cool to see what kind of twists and turns he built into this and number four with fifteen thousand one hundred and forty three copies sold volume twelve of Emoto saya Arabia or a sisters all you need we do have this one licensed for English release by yen on its key Hashima is a novelist whose hopelessly enamored with the idea of little sisters and is constantly surrounded by colorful characters a world-class genius and love guru whose beauty almost seems a waste on her a girl who's constantly troubled by her friendships love interests and can't even find refuge in her dreams a ridiculously talented illustrator each of them have as many problems and worries as the next and they never have a dull day together as they play games travel and work together from the same author of the famous I don't have many friends Yomi hosaka so I've read the first volume of this you know this is a series that I should really pick up some more because the volumes aren't that long and they are relatively an easy light read and they're I don't know what they're like going forward but the first volume they're really just sort of vignettes right they're just like you know this is a specific point in their life so you know the heat breaks down and it skis apartment and so they decide to travel to go away because there's no heat in this apartment there's another one where he's doing his taxes and so forth the book I think if I recall ends with a big game of them playing like Dungeons and Dragons essentially so it's it's very you know very slice of life obviously there's a bit of issue kind of mixed in especially when the author uses its keys kind of predilections to write something that Wow is really over the top like the the book opus opens up the first volume opens up it is like a troll so much because when you're reading it you think oh my god what have I done to myself yeah and you know I liked it I actually ended up liking it I liked a lot better than I thought I would I think I kind of liked it because as much as there was a bunch of absurdity and jokes and everything else there were also some rather poignant moments that it really gave you sort of some insight into that whole artists mindset writers mindset and stuff like I think there was some slight biographical stuff put into that book so uh overall it was pretty entertaining uh like I said it's a series that I would like to pick up some more of cuz I was pleasantly surprised by the first volume number three with sixteen thousand four hundred and two copies sold may atonte conan-kun Jono Fisher toe or detective conan the fists of blue sapphire this is the light novel adaptation of the twenty-third detective conan film this one about a murder that takes place at the the grand showing for a showing of a very rare and uber expensive blue sapphire and of course conan must get involved this one's gonna be on the list for a while i'll tell you all that just right now because if I recall because I'm going back in time kind of weird doing these when they're not really on time I'm getting there I'm getting there in any case if I recall the movie I don't think it opened yet because there's a big spike in sales in this one which I'm pretty sure coincides with the movie so in any case yes the detective conan serie is a very long going series of course on manga originally then we got the manga as case closed business publishing that we've also had the anime on crunchyroll you can see the most recent episodes but I believe the license was lost for the earlier episode so if you're looking to jump on board I think the manga is about the only thing that really is the way to go for you at number two with 22,000 889 copies sold volume 28 of mahouka koukou Noriko say the irregular at magic high school of course we do have this one being released in English by Yen on this one about a world where magic has become basically like a science and technology and it is focusing on a brother and sister who are attending the first magic high school of Japan and the sister is incredibly gifted the brother is gifted but not in a way that generally society understands or contests and so while the sister is put in the first top of the class he is relegated to sort of the hmm less than desirable 's and then of course the series goes into all sorts of crazy directions from there everything from magical high schools competing against one other to terrorist attacks to it goes on and on this one of course did have an anime I think it only covered if I recall the first seven volumes although it did omit one of the books so significant amount of this series not covered in any way by the anime I have said it before and I will always say it I am almost astounded that we have not had more anime adaptations done of this series given how incredibly well the books sell and the fact that there is so much more material than what the anime covered finally at number one with 30 1720 copies sold it is the latest initiations monogatari series and that is Amar'e monogatari this one we do have licensed for English release by vertical and I've been keeping up with that series pretty much I have the most recent one I'm gonna read in another couple weeks so that's the one series I've managed to pretty much keep up on this series of course a series that takes a character rraagh II and he is a not a vampire but not exactly not a vampire and then surrounds him with a whole bunch of mainly girls who all get involved in weird and crazy supernatural things all of them becoming involved with things like abnormalities basically is what they call them and it is an interesting series it is both comedy as well as sort of it does definitely have some poignant moments and commentary on certain things I just I find it really entertaining it's very very character driven but I think what I like most about the books is Nishio yishun just you can tell that he sees it as his place to do whatever he wants he breaks the fourth wall so often in the series stopping to talk about like how it's going to be difficult to adapt to this for the anime or how they can't do a certain thing because the anime won't be able to be aired if they go that way or how they might be breaking laws in Japan if they flirt with a certain person and it's just it goes on and on and I I don't know maybe maybe because I was a fan of Deadpool years ago even before the movie became popular I've always kind of liked to that breaking the fourth wall when characters kind of do that a bit it just it's kind of like it makes you feel I think like you're a bit more a part of it because a lot of those breaking of the fourth walls are sort of wink-wink nudge-nudge to the reader like oh you remember this and even characters commenting that a character is acting completely different than they did for books ago it just I don't know those kind of things just they draw you in and they make me feel like there's sort of that I'm participating in the series is also this is one that I have actually been surprised by how much that I've enjoyed it particularly the later volumes the the what would be comprised of season two I actually just finished reading the last book of what's considered season two of the monogatari series and yeah it was season two was I thought way better even than season one I really enjoyed it so definitely a series that I am making efforts to continue with in this video I want to say special thanks to you Kyle block Yoon Mitchel bond region and Renzo's for their support on patreon as well as the support of all of my patrons that helped keep this channel running help keep the podcast hosted in as many places as possible so I can do as much as I can to try and bring the love of light novels to the masses so those are the top 10 best-selling light novels in Japan for April 15th of the 21st of 2019 I've already got the next video all prepped and ready to go so I'm moving ahead I'm trying to do about two of these a week so that I can try and be caught up hopefully by the end of June early July I don't want to kind of flood like ten of these all out at once because I think that would be kind of boring for all of you in fact my next video is going to finally be a review getting back to reviews going to be reviewing I shall survive using potions volume number one so gonna be trying to get the reviews back into the mix because I haven't done as many of those and it's something that I kind of missed doing so look forward to that and look forward to another one of the videos very very soon in the meantime thank you so much for joining me in this video I look forward to seeing you in any of my future ones till then bye bye for now

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  1. Great video very interesting really…
    Btw could you review some series of LNs that are also getting anime? Or about upcoming LN series to some english publisher?

  2. When is this lad gonna review “Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill”?

  3. Thanks for very good video as always! just for reference, volume 7 of Tomozaki kun special version came out with a special mini artbook from the illustrator, Fly, called ""Fly mini Artworks" which is very cute, like all his works.
    Always glad to see also Rakudai selling good!

  4. Forgot to thank you for the heads up in your last video about rezero anime not ending the same as the light novel just finished reading it now to start on volume 10 that just arrived

  5. tho i've never read monogatari series has anyone ee/ can anyone tell me what is the point of different naming or where is supernatural thing going on =$

  6. Did you know that Fate/Strange Fake was ment as a joke for April fool? And few years later it became solid LN series ohh and btw this Is first written vol. In years by the Author since he focused on other projects and manga series

  7. I find the Monogatari series to be a bit of a tough one to get started on, I got the first book but I keep putting it off. Probably since I've watched the first two seasons already…
    Anyway, thank you for making all these top tens! I find them to be really neat, getting to know, in an easy and engaging format, how the various series does over in Japan.
    And, even though I've already read Potions, I'm looking forward to hearing your review, and thoughts of it. I found the book to be quite good myself.

  8. Its so nice to see that my favorites are selling like fresh bread (86 and A sisters all you need).

  9. Just two I don't recognize on here from the preview (the one with the girl in the all black outfit, and the blonde kneeling down near the end).

    I guess they're a Fate series title and a Cinderella title. Haven't heard of that Fate title. Wonder if we'll get it.

  10. Im on the fence to get 86 or not… otherwise Irregular/Mahouku is the only novel on the list i care about.

    Oh i will wait for your review of 86.

  11. I was first but I don't care and I'm sure you don't care too so don't like this comment if you don't want to

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