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hey guys here today to do what should hopefully be a fun video this was requested by Eliza over on Goodreads this is my top 10 most owned authors okay I have a lot of books to show you these are my top 10 most owned authors not necessarily my top 10 most read I also decided to not choose authors that write series so JK Rowling is not on this list Dinah handler as Lemony Snicket is not on this list these are authors that write standalone books for the most part some of these authors I own as many as fifteen books from some of them I may only earn five or six but as far as I can tell from looking at my shelves these are my top 10 most owned authors let's get started I'm not going in any particular order these are just kind of strewn around and I'm just going to pick up the stack and show you the books to start with that will go with Sarah waters as far as I'm aware I think I own all of Sarah waters novels I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think I do I have the paying guests affinity the little stranger the Nightwatch finger Smith and Tipping the Velvet I'm pretty sure I've read all of those but two and so far my favorite is the little stranger next up is the author that I think has the smallest pile out of these ten and while I earn five books from him I've actually only read one so far so the author is John Irving and the book that I've read so far is the Cider House Rules and I adore it so I'm excited for all the peace others I just need to get to them and I also have one other book from him coming in the mail at the moment so I also own a prayer for Owen Meany the world according to GARP trying to save Piggy Sneed and the hotel New Hampshire next up is one of my favorite authors I've read everything I owned by her there is a book that is out of print that's coming back into print very soon that I'm very excited about but these are the ones that I currently have of course I'm talking about dirty Smith this is I capture the castle the first book I read by her the most well-known book from her and the one that got me completely hooked but I also own and loved the new moon with the old the town in bloom it ends with revelations and some children's books from her the hundred and one Dalmatians the sequel to the hundred one dimensions this is the stylet barking and lastly the midnight kittens next up and author whose editions of mine actually all match they're all vintage at read spines this is w Somerset Maugham I absolutely adore him and I'm actually reading one of his books right now the one I'm reading at the moment is mrs. Craddock I also own of Human Bondage The Painted Veil the magician Lizer of Lambeth cakes and ale the merry-go-round and up at the Villa I've read maybe half of these so far and he's wonderful next up we have an author who wrote one of my all-time favorite books but isn't necessarily one of my favorite authors I've only read a couple of things by her so father so I still need to try out some more from her the book that I adore is a Rebecca and the author of force is Daphne du Maurier these are just two different copies of Rebecca that I earn I've also read Jamaica Inn but didn't like it anywhere near as much as Rebecca and the ones by her that I own but haven't gotten to yet include Mary Ann this is just a plain vintage copy and the scapegoat which matches the other one as well as this collection of short stories which is called don't look now next up we have the only nonfiction author on the list Bill Bryson and I have notes from a small island neither here nor there the life and times of the Thunderbolt kid mother tongue Shakespeare notes from a big country one summer a short history of nearly everything icons of England which is actually just edited by Bill Bryson and I also have two copies of ad since I originally earned this giant hardcover and kept putting it off because of how freakin heavy and massive it is so I eventually caved and got the tiny paperback I also just realized that I also own one other Bill Bryson book of walk in the woods and I am absolutely surrounded by books on the ground right now so I can't go get it but here is a picture okay for more authors to go next up we have John Steinbeck I own Grapes of Wrath two different copies of East of Eden travels with Charlie Of Mice and Men Canary row the Pearl and a collection of his shorter novels that includes tour Atilla flat the Red Pony Of Mice and Men the moon is down canary row at the pearl and sweet Thursday next up we have Neil Gaiman the starters I earn his make good art speech which is super inspiring if you've not read or heard it Good Omens which is co-written with Terry Pratchett the graveyard book which is one of my all-time favorite novels I adore it smoke and mirrors which is a collection of short stories never wear which is one of the few I haven't read yet American Gods Coraline and other stories the American edition of fortunately the milk as well as the UK edition Stardust stories which is a collection of short stories edited by Neil Gaiman and also Antonio unnatural creatures which is a collection of short stories selected by Neil Gaiman the ocean at the end of the lane and this little sample of the ocean at the end of the lane that I got when I saw Neil do an event just before the release of ocean trigger warning and lastly the sleeper and the spindle second last author is P G Wodehouse I adore him he is one of my all-time favorite comic writers and the first two books I have to show you are actually non-fiction books having to do with it so I have this collection of memoirs called wood house on wood house as well as this biography called wood house by Robert McCrum now on to the actual books I have this copy that includes Liberty Smith and summer moonshine carrion Jeeves the inimitable Jeeves another copy of the inimitable Jeeves very good Jeeves heavy weather joy in the morning a different copy of leave it to Smith summer lightning another copy of Thank You Jeeves Oakridge big money laughing gasps the small bachelor something fresh weakened Woodhouse carry on Jeeves my man Jeeves and this TV tie-in edition that includes right ho Jeeves and other stories and the last author I have to show you is evil and war okay we'll start with Brideshead Revisited the complete short stories scoop a handful of dust the movie tie-in edition of Brideshead Revisited decline and fall another copy of decline and fall got a few copies of our buddies which is one of my favorite books of all time have this edition from penguin this edition from Back Bay books and this one was a gift from my friend Rene the ordeal of Gilbert pin fold these two little battered blue editions of decline and fall and the loved one and I also earn the letters of Evelyn war and the diaries of Eaglin wolf those are my top ten most earned authors there is just there's a lot of books a lot of books there I'm sorry I couldn't go into more detail but it was already just reaching epic lengths I will include books repository links to all 10 authors in the description bar if you wanted to check them out for yourselves I hope you enjoyed this thank you all for watching and I will see you guys soon

25 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Owned Authors

  1. If kept all the books i've read…..but I've had a life not conductive to keeping anything…..MOVED A LOT….

  2. If you like big books there is a one volume collection of Daphne du Maurier's novels Rebecca, Jamaica Inn, Frenchman's Creek, and My Cousin Rachel. I have it in my collection. The four novels are all in one thick volume, but the print is quite easy to read. and the binding is beautiful. I received this book as a Christmas present many years ago,

  3. it makes me feel so much less guilty seeing how many of these books you own and haven't read yet xD

  4. Please read My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier. It is fantastic and I there is an Olivia de Havilland film as well.

  5. I'm doing this same video soon! I need to get it filmed and edited.  Such a great idea!

  6. Just discovered your channel and subscribed. You have some gorgeous editions!!!

  7. A great video, I keep meaning to check out Wodehouse and Muagham.

  8. Can I please live with you for a year, I will cook and clean in return for being able to read as many books as I can

  9. Apart from how awesomely fun this video is – are you rearranging your shelves? I'm noticing big gaps and collecting together of editions behind you and that makes me excited for a possibility of a new shelf tour?

    I love your list videos and I really, really, really can't wait until you've read most of Maugham and Irving so that you can do an author overview on them because hearing you talk about authors that you love makes me so happy!

    Also, as always, the editions you pick are absolutely cracking.

  10. I hadn't thought of categorizing my books this way, here's my tally:
    Georgette Heyer – 55
    Rex Stout – 49
    Ngaio Marsh – 32
    Patricia Wentworth – 31
    Lucy Maud Montgomery – 29
    P. G. Wodehouse – 29
    Anthony Trollope – 21
    Dorothy Sayers – 17
    John Mortimer – 14
    John Galsworthy – 13
    It's very interesting to look at it this way, because while I love all of these authors, a list of my top ten favourite authors would be different from this list in several respects!

  11. Really enjoyed this video, gave me a lot of book recs haha I kinda feel like doing this list now (:

  12. Excellent video. You own some stunning editions m'dear 😀

  13. Wodehouse, Wodehouse, yaaay! 🙂
    I am collecting all of Wodehouse's Czech editions (I have got all English ones on my reader) and recently I got all the old books I was still missing (someone was probably selling his grandma's Wodehouse-shelf). So now I need only three new books which are still available in the bookstore and I expect them for this year's birthday/Christmas. And then it will be complete! I am sooo looking forward to that.

    I have got a lot of other books you mentioned in my to-read list, so it is good to hear someone (with such an excellent taste, considering liking P.G.W.) likes them 🙂

  14. That is quite impressive! I would love to own all the books by Wodehouse someday! fingers crossed

  15. I tried American gods but didn't take to it, what would you suggest I start with? (By the same author)? Thanks……

  16. I detest pedantic corrections to YouTubers' pronunciation, but I'm from Steinbeck country so I can't let this one go: it's Cannery Row, as in a cannery where you preserve foods in cans, not Canary Row, as in a line of yellow birds. Seriously, it's a whole thing in California: there's a festival, you go on tours when you're a school kid, there's a kickass aquarium nearby, and it's just a major tourist area in Monterey.

  17. Great video 🙂 I love all those editions of W Somerset Maugham's work – so so pretty!! You sure do own all of Sarah Water's work, which ones haven't you read? If it's Fingersmith and Tipping the Velvet that's pretty funny because they're my favourites 🙂

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