Top 10 Ridiculous Theories About the Ancient Pyramids of Giza

Top 10 Ridiculous Theories About the Ancient
Pyramids of Giza 10. The Pyramids Were Actually Gigantic Ancient
Power Plants Some theorists are convinced that the real
purpose of the pyramids had to be something incredibly complicated, and beyond any technology
anyone even believes in today. They claim that the pyramids are actually
gigantic power plants, and that they used special sound frequencies that emanate from
the inner parts of the earth to conduct great amounts of power. According to the theorists, the shafts in
the pyramid help channel the frequencies up out of the pyramid and into a sphere over
the nearby villages. Supposedly, these shafts were once lined with
gold, in order to further ensure that only the correct frequencies were conducted. The theorists claim that this technology was
capable of creating a self-sustaining energy field that had a radius of several miles out
from the pyramid, and kept batteries, lights and other electronics – which they claim
the Ancient Egyptians had – all charged without even needing to be plugged into anything. This entire theory is rather fantastic thinking,
as it seems humanity would be using something that is clearly an incredibly convenient free
energy source if it were real or possible. 9. The Pyramids Were Designed To Store Grain
For A Huge Famine Last year, presidential candidate and successful
neurosurgeon Ben Carson made the news when he claimed that the great pyramids had been
constructed in order to store grain in advance of a huge famine. His source for this was claiming that the
Bible said so, and many people immediately tried to make it a religious controversy,
but Dr. Carson is quite confused about his timeline of events in the first place. The Great Pyramids were built long before
the period in the bible where the famine even occurred, so they couldn’t have been originally
made for the purpose. Further, Egyptologists have pointed out that
even in a pinch, they would have made fairly poor granaries. But the really silly part is that saying that
pyramids didn’t store grain in no way invalidates the Bible story, as the story in the Bible
never said pyramids were used in the first place to store the grain. In fact, ancient people knew how to build
granaries specifically for that purpose quite well, and could construct them quickly and
easily when needed. There would have been absolutely no need for
such gigantic structures – if the Bible story were true, they simply could have constructed
regular granaries. 8. The Nearby Sphinx Actually Has An Alien Spaceship
Still Awaiting Underneath Many mystical groups and occult orders over
the years have been fascinated with Egyptian magic, the pyramids themselves and the entire
surrounding area. Some have gone to the trouble to channel with
spirits in an attempt to learn things about the past traditions of ancient Egypt, and
have come up with some very strange ideas. According to some theorists, a sort of poem
that occultists claim came from the emerald tablets of “Thoth The Atlantean” suggests
that there is some kind of strange ship buried underneath the Giza plateau, beneath the Great
Sphinx. The poem essentially claims that there is
an actual spaceship under a lion shaped figure out in the desert, and that if the ship is
dug up from the ground, its power will allow the user to “conquer with ease.” The occultists are convinced the poem translated
from the tablets – which only one person ever saw – proves that an alien or advanced
being of some sort actually left a spaceship buried under the ground. While the idea is incredibly bizarre, it would
also be difficult to disprove, as the Egyptian authorities are not about to let anyone excavate
the entire ground underneath the Great Sphinx. 7. The Pyramids Are A Navigational Beacon For
Alien Beings Conspiracy buffs out there have insisted that
the pyramids are simply far, far more than we could ever imagine, and have built absurdly
elaborate theories. One of these theories claims that the incredible
effort that went into the pyramids was so that alien beings would be able to navigate
their way to and from our planet. The theorists begin with the fairly common
pyramid conspiracy that the pyramids were allegedly built directly in the center of
the earth’s landmass, and also perfectly align with the three stars of the constellation
Orion. While most theorists stop here and don’t
go much farther, some believe it was truly a highly technological beacon. These theorists believe that the pyramids
were lined not just with gold, but with special crystals that created a piezoelectric effect. The theorists believe this ancient, possibly
alien technology allowed them to shoot a beam of light all the way out into space that created
a perfect beacon for navigating in ships. Some even believe that the pyramids at Giza
are only part of a larger network of pyramidal navigation beacons, some of which are in South
America. 6. The Pyramids Were Built by the Residents of
Atlantis A few years ago, a group of German wannabe
scientist conspiracy theorists got themselves in hot water while visiting the ancient pyramids
at Giza. They had managed to finagle permission to
see their way into the pyramid and explore certain parts most people didn’t get to
see, but abused the privilege by doing their level best to sneak artifacts out of the country. While many people who sneak artifacts are
trying to get rich, these men were trying to prove their conspiracy theory, and disprove
mainstream Egyptology. They believe that mainstream Egyptologists
are covering up the real truth, and were planning to run pigment and other tests on artifacts
related to the Pharaoh Khufu, who claimed to have built many of the pyramids. They are convinced that Khufu came upon the
pyramids much later, repurposed them for his own use, and then later took credit and claimed
responsibility for having them built. They believe that if the dating on various
items doesn’t match up in testing, that it will prove their theory. The biggest hole in their theory is that their
alternate belief is that the pyramids were created by Atlanteans, the legendary people
from the city made up by Plato that never even existed in the first place. 5. The Pyramids Are Actually Gigantic Water Pumps Some people state that Egyptologists have
not found much in the way of mummies inside actual pyramids. On the other hand, they have found a huge
amount of evidence that points to that being their original purpose, and are convinced
that is the original purpose. However, if some of the theorists who believe
they were not burial chambers are correct, there still had to be a major purpose for
the pyramids that made some semblance of sense. While the theory could still be completely
off base, and does sound a little fantastic, the water pump theory has been independently
tested and at least has some interesting features to it that seem plausible. Part of the theory centers on the fact that
the burial chamber and other theories do not take much account for the massive subterranean
chamber near the bottom of the great pyramid. Some theorists, after testing multiple models
(including one using an actual pond), have managed to simulate a sort of water pump. While they did have to make a few small modifications
from how they knew the design of the pyramids, it was a very close fit and worked as a water
pump. These theorists believe that there was a tunnel
at some point connected to the Nile to facilitate its function. If true, this theory could go hand in hand
with the theory that water channels were used to help build the pyramids in the first place. 4. The Pyramids Were Built By Hybrid Giants Called
Nephilim For those who haven’t heard of them, the
Nephilim are a supposed hybrid people mentioned in the Bible, that were the children of men
and some kind of fallen angels. Some theorists also believe that the biblical
stories are referring to the offspring of space aliens who bred with human beings. The stories in the Bible and other ancient
myths tell of incredible giant people who were hybrids, looked somewhat different from
humans and were almost unbelievable in proportion. Theorists point to ancient pictures where
there are beings that seem to tower over other human-like beings, including one where the
supposed nephilim are equally as tall as a giraffe. They also point to alleged giant fingerprints
and footprints cast in ancient stones, and other such proofs of giant beings that once
walked the land. Some of these theorists are even convinced
that rather than using some form of clever means to build the pyramids, that they simply
employed these giants that were easily able to lift huge blocks. Of course, the big problem with this theory
is there is that giants have always existed in and out of history because of rare genetic
disorders – such as Andre the Giant in modern days – and even the strongest ones known
of would hardly have been able to easily lift those blocks. Even the giants we know of in history and
through archaeology were not that large. 3. Some Theorists Claim There is An Ancient Underground
City Beneath The Pyramids A few years ago a theorist was reading old
books about explorers who searched the pyramids and the surrounding areas, as well as more
esoteric historical texts, and noticed that there were claims of a cave system beneath
the pyramids of Giza. After a lot of clever searching, he managed
to find the entrance to a fairly large cave complex beneath the ground near the pyramids. The caves were fairly narrow in a lot of places
and didn’t lend greatly to exploration, but he was struck by inspiration as he walked
through them. He wondered if the dark caves leading under
the ground once inspired the myths of the dark underworld that Egyptians face after
death. While our intrepid explorer mainly thinks
the caves are really cool, and may have psychologically affected the ancient Egyptians, some theorists
believe there is way more going on. They point to ancient legends that claim there
were once multiple marble cities underneath the Giza plateau, and that the pyramids were
only a surface entrance to a much greater city. According to these theorists, there are giant
cathedral size rooms of breathtaking beauty and design, likely filled with artifacts and
waiting to be found, if we would just go search for them. 2. The Ancient Egyptian And Sumerian Giants Hidden
In Stasis Chambers Around The World According to conspiracy theorists, someone
who works secretly for the government once told them of secret stasis chambers where
a once existing race known as the builders are hiding within, waiting for the right time
to come out and rule again. These beings are giants with red beards and
pale skin, using special crystal technology to slow down time. The stories also allege that there are stasis
chambers like this squirreled away all over the world with some occupants looking slightly
different, and that some of the ones that have been found had already failed and their
occupants had died. According to the theorists, to complicate
matters further, the beings seem squashed into the stasis pods, as if they somehow simply
took advantage of technology someone else had already built. Either way, the theorists believe these beings
are ancient and are using technology to make themselves essentially immortal. The story takes a creepier turn in that they
claim that there was evidence some had left in the past already, slowly exiting over time,
and at one chamber some had written their names on the wall on the way out. Some of these names were written in Ancient
Egyptian, or Sumerian, indicating a link to the pyramids, the ancient world, and alien
theories. Another name supposedly written near the entrance
to one of these chambers was Abraham Lincoln, who in a speech once mentioned an extinct
race of giants who walked the land. Of course, most (sane) historians would say
his words are taken out of context to promote such theories. 1. Some Theorists Are Convinced The Pyramids
Used Real Light Bulbs And Everything While many theorists will go to great lengths
to explain the pyramids and their purpose, some people get a bit more caught up on the
minutiae, and focus on very specific hieroglyphics that seem to depict modern objects. The more likely truth of course is that it
is easy for us to see modern objects in their drawings because our own inventions are familiar
to us, so we see what makes sense to us. However, that doesn’t stop some theorists
from going to incredibly elaborate lengths to explain why their theory makes sense. One theorist saw a hieroglyphic drawing that
sort of looks like a really elongated light bulb if you squint at it really hard, but
was more likely some kind of depiction of a snake, possibly in a vase. The picture itself is incredibly disproportional
if it were to depict a light bulb, as it is almost as large as the person who seems to
be holding it – also, holding up a gigantic light bulb doesn’t seem like a very practical
use for it. However, the theorist has more than just pictures
to prove his case. He believes that the lack of major soot inside
the pyramids, in the spots where hieroglyphics were found, points at there being an artificial
light source. After all, even with full sunlight outside,
many of the internal parts of the pyramid would still have been pitch black, and writing
on them accurately would have been very hard to do. Of course, the hieroglyphics could also have
been drawn as the pyramid was being built, before the chambers were sealed completely
from the light of day.

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    With regard to the three Ghiza pyramids representing the stars of Orion's belt, it seems there was originally a fourth pyramid made of black stone which was quarried to oblivion at some time between two and four centuries ago. If so, then all theories related to Orion's belt are no longer valid.

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  68. Any "modifications" made to the pyramids to make the water pump theory work, basically negate the theory..Unless they can prove that their modifications are simply replacing something that was lost due to damage/theft/rot, etc..Still doesn't make sense that they would build something that involved just to pump water…The only thing that could cause that many people to work on something that massive = RELIGION + EGO

    They also might have used highly polished, metal "mirrors" as light reflectors, hence the shafts in the pyramids…As there would be crews working on the interior of the pyramid while the outer structure above them was still being placed…Not to mention torches, since they obviously had knowledge of fire…
    Another reason for a shaft, esp angled like that, is to possibly remove smoke from either cremating bodies or using fire to harden/bake objects or even to cook food..The problem is, there's simply not enough data/physical proof to determine exactly what the pyramids were used for and how they were built….People "abandon" homes in modern times and people are often mystified as to why, so I doubt we'll ever know much about the pyramids, unless we find the Library of Alexandria or it's store of knowledge….Or invent a sort of time machine to go back and observe the Egyptians of that era

  69. Earth batteries and piezoelectric why don't we use them idk.

  70. On number 1 , actually you can light up even the darkest of tombs by simply aligning a series of reflective surfaces, with outside sunlight. Modern Egyptians and Egyptologists are actually quite aware of this, as it is still a very effective method of illumination.

  71. 6;00 "Made up"
    By Plato.
    "That never existed?"
    Please post a link to that information.
    Thank you.

  72. i recon all they did, is get 10 friends to place the 1st block then get each of them to find 10 more friends to add more blocks, repeat….

  73. #10 – “It seems humanity would be using something that is clearly and incredibly convenient free energy source if it were real or possible.” Why??? Answer = MONEY + GREED.

  74. So many comments and countless theories when it is all so simple! It was a training camp for Chuck Norris.

  75. In the case of power Tesla proved that there is clean and free energy all araund us and in the case of paramids there was gases who Mix in the wrayth way prodjust elektrycety

  76. I believe that the UFO research guy with the crazy hair who is on Ancient Aliens is really an alien. Just saying…. he has that crazy hair Crest like the Centauri have from Babylon 5……just a theory.🤣🤣😂😂

  77. The PYRAMIDS were a power plant …. I saw many documentaries saying so. Many scientists also believe this…. refer to the scientist Nikola Tesla.

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