Top 10 Scary Paintings That Moved

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Top 10 Channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we
are talking The Top 10 Scary Paintings that Moved. Paintings are an artform that stem back thousands
of years, and have always held a certain degree of mystery. A lot of people report phenomenon like paintings
watching them or moving in their frames, like in Harry Potter. Shout out to the Fat Lady and all my fellow
potterhead. My family had a painting, in fact they still
do, a copy of La Fumieer and my sister and I were really scared of him….I always felt
like he was watching me no matter where I was! Like, share etc. 10 – The Virgin Mary Lipsyncs
This is insane! In 2015 Parishioners at Saint Charbel’s
Church in Sydney, Australia got a shock when they reportedly saw the lips of Virgin Mary
move in sync with the Lords Prayer. For those sceptical, two church goers actually
filmed the incident. The painting hangs above the church alter
and is thought to have come from the middle east. Footage filmed by young Catholic, Kristen
Keirouz, was uploaded to youtube and I have to say…. It really does look like her mouth is moving. It also looks like Christs hand moves at times,
too. Kristen spoke to the press and said: I believe
it was a miracle, and not just lighting because we all saw it at the same time and because
her lips would start moving and then stop and start again, 9 – The Anguished Man
I absolutely cannot stand to look at this picture. I know art is subjective, but I can’t imagine
having to look at this painting ever… let alone giving it a focal spot in my home! This painting is called The Anguished Man
and the urban legend goes that it was painted with the artists own blood mixed with oil
shortly before they killed themselves. The owner, Sean Robinson, was handed down
the painting by his grandmother but claims he doesn’t display it as nobody but he likes
it. On the few times he has displayed the picture,
he and his family have reported strange goings on such as bangs, voices and strange smells. They even reported that the painting moves
of its own accord. Trying to find proof, Sean set up a camera
in his spare bedroom and recorded the activity over the evening. This is a piece of the footage recorded in
June 2011. Yep, according to Sean, the painting was at
an angle against the wall and there was no drafts present so it should not have been
able to fall. This one is a little bit of an Urban Legend,
but stories of it are all over the internet…. At number 8 Sonee’s Suicide Painting
So according to Urban Legend, A teenage Japanese girl called Sonee drew this picture and then
scanned it into her computer and uploaded it to the internet. The image reportedly had quite the effect
on viewers who said they saw sadness in her eyes and her face change expression after
staring at her. In South Korea the story gained a lot of momentum
and people would claim t hat if they stared at her for five minutes, her face would twist
into a taunting smirk. According to the legend, some people who starred
at the picture for longer than five minutes were compelled to commit suicide. It turns out it is all an urban legend though
and the picture is by an artist called Robert Clang and the girl in the image is a fictional
character called Princess Ruu. 7 – Misty Bernardo de Galvez
Look at this majestic fellow! This is powerful historical Spaniard, Bernardo
de Galvez who was instrumental in the Spanish Military in the late 1700s. The city of Galveston in Texas in named after
him, as is city hotel, Hotel Galvez. In the hotel, there is an oil painting of
Bernardo that is reportedly haunted by none other than the chap himself. The painting sits at the end of the downstairs
hallway and is quite the feature. Despite being a beautiful old oil painting,
a lot of guests at the hotel don’t like the picture one bit. A lot of people have complained that they
feel cold when they’re near the painting, and almost all guests of the hotel will tell
you they feel Bernardo’s eyes move to watched you. It seems if you try and take a picture of
the painting without asking permission of the late great Bernardo de Galvez, it will
come it blurry. If you ask, however, he will allow a nice
clear picture to be taken. Those eyes. They clearly see you! 6 – Ivan The Terrible and his Son Ivan
This 1885 painting by Russian Realist Artist, Illya Repin has been causing a stir since
it was created. The painting shows a mortally wounded Ivan
being cradled by his Tsar father, who has mortally wounded him. A lot of critics challenge the historical
accuracy of the painting, but none the less, it is one of the most famous Russian classics
and is currently in the Moscow State Tretyakov Gallery. When the painting was first unveiled, a lot
of people claimed to be deeply unsettled by it, some saying they saw something terrible
within the picture, other than the already terrible subject matter. In 1913, a mentally ill man slashed the painting
with a knife and it was restored by Repin himself. Once again, the painting was slashed in 2018
by a visitor to the Moscow museum who was reported to be shouting that he saw terrible
images moving within the picture. The man was identified as Igor Podporin who
claimed he was overwhelmed by something. He later blamed vodka for his outburst. 5 – Love Letters
Love Letters is a painting of a four year old girl – Samantha Houston – painted
by Richard King in the style of a pre-existing work by Charles Trevor Garland. Samantha was the daughter of a Texan US Senator
who died in 1887 aged four when she tripped and fell down a staircase as she chased a
ball. It seems, as a tribute, The Driskill Hotel
in Texas had an painting of her commissioned which still hangs there today on the fifth
floor. It seems that Samantha’s spirit may have
imprinted on the picture as guests say they have heard her giggling when they’re near
the picture. Many guests report feeling like she is trying
to tell them something, saying they have seen her expression change when they look at the
picture. 4 – Moving Mourning Portrait
A REALLY scary video was uploaded to youtube in August 2008 by HauntingPainting. It is called Scary Ghost Girl Painting: Movements
Captured. Now the painting is of an unknown child in
the 18th Century and is reportedly a Mourning Paint – a Memento Mori. This basically means the painting of a person
who has died in order to remember them. It seems that this mystery girl is haunting
her own painting. The narrator of the video says that she sometimes
weeps and that occasionally her mouth opens. This moment was captured on camera – hold
on to your knickers. Yikes. A lot of people in the comments section are
calling this fake… but honestly, I didn’t like looking at this picture while scripting
this video. 3 – Painting of a Headless man
I am not okay with this painting. Why? Well because it at first looks like a nice
little depiction of an old station wagon…that is until you realise there is a freaking headless
man hovering like a decapitated creep behind it. The artist, Laura P, painted this image in
response to a photograph James Kidd had taken of a stagecoach stop in Tombstone Arizona. Her finished painting was hung at an office
in Arizona, but after three days staff demanded it be returned to the artist. Workers said that their papers would go missing
and that the painting seemed to always move. They reported that despite being constantly
straightened, the painting would always become crooked on the wall. Laura then took the painting back and hung
it at her home. Unfortunately for her, the weird occurrences
and picture moving followed her! She said doors would start opening and closing
on their own in the room the painting was in, and a glass smashed in her hand right
in from of the picture. Laura has expressed a desire to have the image
destroyed, regretting ever creating the painting. She is worried what will happen if she does,
though. 2 – The Dead Mother by Edvard Munch
Like… Edvard basically just needed a hug. If you recognise his name, that is because
this artist is the famous painter behind The Scream. Munch’s work is notoriously filled with
pain and anguish, which is more likely than not down to his poor health and difficult
upbringing. His mother died when he was 5 which probably
explains this unsettling painting, the dead mother, completed in 1900. The picture is already scary to look at, but
it gets even creepier when you hear what those who have owned it or worked with it in a gallery. Firstly, the little girls eyes are said to
incessantly follow people wherever they go… but worse still, it is said that the sheets
on the dead mothers bed rustle or move. Some have even sworn the little girl leaves
the painting all together. 1 – Hands Resist Him
Oh this again. Ergh! The hands resist him painting gained notoriety
in 2000 when it sold in ebay for just over 1000 dollars, claiming to be haunted. Reportedly three people involved with displaying
the painting died including the art dealer and the art critic who first reviewed the
piece. Hands Resist Him is a painting by Bill Stoneman,
the name is said to come from a poem written by his wife about her husbands adoption. In the painting, a boy is seen standing next
to a creepy looking doll while disembodied hands paw at a glass panelled door behind
him. The painting was found abandoned in a Californian
Brewery, which is where it seems the couple who listed the painting on ebay found it. The wife: One morning our four and a half
year-old daughter claimed that the children in the picture were fighting and coming into
the room during the night. Now I don’t believe in UFOs or Elvis being
alive but my husband was alarmed. To my amusement he set up a motion-triggered
camera for the nights.” The couple claim tat the motion camera captured
the boy exiting the frame under duress from the doll. It is also thought the hands in the background
move. The painting was bought by Gallery owner,
Kim Smith, who shows it on request. She does so less and less nowadays as she
said people keep complaining of falling ill after viewing the picture. Since gaining notoriety for Hands Resist him,
Bill Stoneman has created a prequel and a sequel image. Well this list has well and truly freaked
me out! Which of these moving paintings did you find
the scariest? Let me know in the comments section down below! Comments from a recent video, the Top 10 Scary
New York City Urban Legends. Bob Bob said: Snappy Chappies is my new favourite
term for Alligators. Good! I am glad! They are Snappy chappies !
Lambent Lark Wrote: I use to deliver produce to Hunts Point in the Bronx. (It’s the distribution center for most the
fresh fruit and vegetables going into the city.) I saw a rat so big there, it that scared my
dog. My Co-driver wanted to come back with his
deer hunting bow. He was sure it was a record book topping rat.? Let me know what Top 10 you would like us
to film next!

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  2. The Mona Leica is not a cursed painting. Leonardo de venchi didn’t use his own blood to paint it!

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  6. A few things to consider, if you're a bit chilled by some of these:

    1: a well known effect, ubiquitous gaze, is caused by your brain basically interpreting a 2D image, as 3D. It only works when the focus of the eyes in the painting are "focused" on a point directly in front of the painting. This is why the eyes "follow" you.

    2: mass hysteria. While this has some negative connotations, it's a normal thing. Humans are, by and large, pack animals with easily fooled brains. It isn't a matter of intellect either. The human brain will "want" to see something. If it wants hard enough, it will see it. This is why many people see a mouth move on a statue. The brain wants to see it. That, or someone at the church is pulling a fast one, but that just seems dishonest.

    3: subconscious suggestion. Again, it isn't a matter of intelligence, as I've been told "I'm too smart to be fooled." This one is a mild form of hypnosis, believe it or not, and bear with me, as it takes a bit of explaining. You are exposed to it every day. The local AC man posing with a golden retriever in his commercial, the fast food burger looking thick and juicy. A couple Christmases ago, Sprite had a commercial out with (I believe) LeBron James. The family was gathered around a fire taking pictures, everyone was hot and thirsty, then James appeared passed around Sprite and poof! Cool and comfortable. The background also changed from a tight dark maroon, to a much more open white, and gives you a tight hot feeling at first, followed by a refreshed cool feeling when the sprite appears. You associate the sprite, with refreshment. When people view certain paintings, they've heard "This painting is haunted or cursed!" This, assuming you believe in hauntings or curses, means your brain will be programmed to think "Oh. People get sick when they view this painting. Time to vomit!" The paintings are less haunted, than carry a reputation. The brain will act out the expected result. Basically, if you believe those who view the painting get sick, you will.

    I apologise for the long post. Hopefully you stuck around. Thanks! I hope this helped in easing any chilly willys you may have.

  7. As a young child I would stay up watching tv in the living room, my mom had this picture of a rainy night in the city of paris, I happened to look and the cars and people on the streets were moving as it rained. A lot of strange things happened in that house.

  8. 100% been scared of a painting. In my old house my mum had a picture of (I think) Audrey Hepburn and she looked depressed and sad. Whenever I walked along those hallways I felt like she was starring into my soul.

  9. 100% been scared of a painting. In my old house my mum had a picture of (I think) Audrey Hepburn and she looked depressed and sad. Whenever I walked along those hallways I felt like she was starring into my soul.

  10. 100% been scared of a painting. In my old house my mum had a picture of (I think) Audrey Hepburn and she looked depressed and sad. Whenever I walked along those hallways I felt like she was starring into my soul.

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