27 thoughts on “Top 10 Visual Novels part 1

  1. if you really like fate stay night i recomend you play Fortissimo EXS Akkord Nächsten Phase or FA ver, i know there's​ no translation but you can use VNR and little skill to read japanese. you will love it cuz just like fate series Fortissimo also using kinda greek mythology and other and of course battle between magi. After you done play, you can play Kadenz Formata Akkord Fortissimo

  2. Rewrite was my first VN i dont know if any other can beat it tbh although i just started VNs it will be a tough one to beat however that can easily changed.

  3. Damn, these look awesome! I can't wait to check them out! 😀

  4. Rewrite was a bit longer than 50-60 hours…
    By a "bit" I mean it was a lot longer if you want to read all the routes (and the secret unlockable ones) but by all means, a great VN, I'd certainly put it in my own top ten!

    I'm totally with on FSN and Umineko, those are great! I haven't read KiraKira or The Devil on G String, but maybe I'll check them out since we seem to have similar VN interests

  5. are these free visual novels from steam? cuz I'm trying to get visual novels

  6. Im trying to get into visual novels any one know a good one to start on?

  7. Where can you buy these novels? I cant find any and just want to try some out

  8. Which explains the name^^ Heavens feel, or in other words a little bit of heaven. U can never be 2 sure what 2 expect in life, and even less in death^^

  9. fate/stay night…. HEAVENS FEELS route!!!!!!! why oh why…. everything that was pure was tainted XD my life is a lie T_T

  10. you have a good taste in my opinion ^^
    I played already a lots of VNs 4 of them are in your video ^^
    Rewrite, G-Senjou, Fate/Stay night and Kira Kira :3

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