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hey guys it's Jess from piece of books I'm chained here with my favorite historical romance authors so a few times I've talked about some historical romances I've read and some my wrap ups or my TBR's and I've had some comments asking for my recommendations for historical romances because I don't think anybody on YouTube really reads historical romance because that is definitely more of a older genre like I feel like that's what your mom would read or something like not all of the 20-somethings that are on YouTube and the teens that are on YouTube but I love historical romance I remember the first rhetorical roommates ever read in high school and I loved it and I've just been obsessed with them mostly because those were the only ones that were really like steamy if you know what I mean and I loved that and it was only in his toga romances you know like the trashy romances were historical romances I read them I love them and I have not read as much as I want to lately but I do have core authors who are my favorites and I have maybe like two of my squares of my bookshelves full of my favorite historical romances and so I've got some of my favorite authors to share with you so I'll go ahead and get to them the first one should come to no surprise to you guys if you've been watching my channel but in the last couple months and that's the Leonora belle because I recently finished reading if I only had a Duke which is the second book in this series the first one is how the Duke was one yes and these are fantastic historical romances I love them so much i gobbled them up the first one's about a girl who is the bastard child of a Duke and so she is lives with her mom and they are kind of in like a brothel kind of situation but she really wants to open a home for women who don't have to sell their bodies to survive and they can have a safe place to go to and what happens is that her birth father's wife comes and asked her to pose as her real daughter because her and her half-sister look exactly alike and she's like my daughter's overseas right now and she's a Wallflower she's really shy and she can't get a guy to save her life and so I need you to pose as her for this Duke who was hot inviting a bunch of ladies to come in and see which one he wants to marry and so she was like no but then she's like I'll give you money to open up the house you want to open up and she's like okay and so she goes and tries to pose as her half-sister and she is not used to being a quiet and submissive she very outspoken and she's very good at defending herself and so there are times where she is forced to defend herself kind of and it's funny I love how much her in the Duke butt heads and how instantly attracted he is to her and he's like no I want just a really submissive wife who doesn't really say anything and this lady is the opposite of that but I really attracted to her I loved it so much cuz she's like she has to leave at the end of this and my her sister take her place and it was so good the second one that is about the sister whose place she took over and it's amazing as well you need to read these books they are amazing my next favorite author actually discovered in college and that's Elizabeth Hoyt and I love her main Lane series I've read two of them but I think I own four of them and they're mostly about the ghost of st. Giles is always the guy and that's like the vigilante of London who goes around and saves London's innocence and these are about women who kind of encounter that guy and either I think that one of these she like wants to kill him because she thinks I killed her one true love and the other one she like nurses him back to health and they fall in love and they're always different men I think you are part of this ghost of Saint guy who's kind of character it's so much fun I just love it so much and the women are always very strong and independent which I love in historical romance is because that's not really what was acceptable back then but they always fall for the guy and the guy always falls for that I mean though they don't want to and I love how it's like they're kind of like the superhero of the historical times because they're going out and trying to save people and wearing like the mask thing and I love these books so much Elizabeth Hoyt is awesome you need to read her books the next two I don't really remember too much about but I know I love this authors books and that's Lily Dalton in both of these it's never desired Duke and never surrender to a scoundrel I think they took place around Christmastime and they're both about women who are already married but they are kind of estranged from their husbands and their end up falling really in love with their husbands and so like during this time period it's well known that the women didn't really love who they married and so I don't think they really love these guys and they married them especially one of these is that she hasn't really like seen her husband at all I'm like she like kind of encounters him out of a ball and they have like a really intense moment together and so it's it's really fun how like they realize how much they really love that try to give it to their desires during a time period where you shouldn't have I love them so much I'm pretty sure these were more Christmas ones because she does have mistletoe under her hand so if you want a great historical romance for Christmastime check out Lily Dalton the next one is out like a classic historical romance author and that's Eloisa James this is the only book I've read by her and that's the Duke is mine and I think this is a retelling of the princess and the pea I believe because of all the mattresses but she's got a series where it's all retellings of fairy tales so there's like Cinderella Beauty and the Beast this one I think they're Sleeping Beauty there's the Swan one Ugly Duckling I think I don't know but I've only read this one and I think I own like nine of them because I love this one so much Eloisa James is just such a great author and I'm just so intrigued by the fact that they're kind of based on fairy tale retellings and I love fairy tale retellings especially because I think this Dorgan romances would do like a fantastic job at it because fairy tales are historical and take place during historical times so I think that they'd be great as historical romances so I definitely need to read more of them of the nine books I own by her and I've only read one but I really really loved her her books were just gorgeous to like look how gorgeous that cover is I love it so I definitely enjoy Eloisa James and I need to check her out more and you guys should too so those are really my favorite traditional historical romance authors but I could not do a historical video without mentioning Diana Gabaldon because even though these are kind of fantasy because there's time-travel it's still historical and it's still amazing and I still love it so much like all of these were more london-based and I don't know why I didn't include any of that worm or Irish face because there are great ones that are like Ireland and Scotland with like you know those hot Scots that I love so much and I don't know why I think I've read a handful but I really need to read more that take place in those areas because I love them so much Jamie Fraser is like my one true love like yeah they were killed but they are men they are manly men and I want them all so I love love love Diana Gabaldon if you have not read Outlander you have to I still have not read Dragonfly and amber which is killing me a long time to read a 900-page book but I'm going to soon sometime maybe like Christmas break I'll just plow through this we'll see it but I love her books so much and let me know down below if you have any like books historical romances you love that take place in like Ireland and Scotland because I would love to hear and read those like right away also let me know down below if you have any other historical romance authors you loved like Vikki Dreiling is awesome there's Lorraine Heath Mary Balog there's Jennifer Haymore Kathy Maxwell Julianne long those are all classic historical romance authors that I've read a couple from and really enjoyed but let me know if you have any favorites and especially let me know any Scottish or Irish favorites I need more those of my life as always thank you so much for watching and have a good day bye

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  1. I loved linda lael Miller's springwater do you know of any other books like it

  2. I started reading romance novels at age 12 or 13 I'm now 26

  3. Sarah Donati's books are Outlander in late 1700's in colonial New York, without the time travel. There is even mention of some Outlander characters in one of the books in the series I would say I found her writing style so similar to Diana Gabaldon, actually even better. Try them, you'll love them!

  4. Julie Garwood….

    The Highland Lairds Series:
    The Secret, Ransom & Shadow Music

    The Laird's Brides Series:
    The Bride & The Wedding

    There are others but these are my favorites…writen a while back… She shifted to contemporary romance but these are still good! note: Ransom is my favorite!

  5. As a history major and a romance novel lover, historical romance is my favorite!!

  6. No trashy there phonographs books erotic and people loves them. Historical romance a 15 girl can read it.. I read Eliza the Holt too graphic for me. What about Cathy maxwell Lorraine Heath and Caroline linden. What galbadon wrote a romantic book. The title please?

  7. Cathy Maxwell books you and no other, great book., a seduction at Christmas the book who made me Cathy fan and when dreams come true I am a huge fan of Cathy and I recommend all her books. Other Lorraine Heath pleasures of a notorious gentleman very emotional ๐Ÿ˜ญ at 12:00 am I was cry ๐Ÿ˜ข and I do not went to sleep ๐Ÿ’ค until I finished. The series who made a Lorraine fan was the scoundrels of Saint James based on 1840 in London. A new one surprise Jennifer Delamere a new comer and inspirational historical an heiress at hearth, how a young goes to Australia in the 19th century to accompany her brother and then they are back in London because she found that she is a heiress, people are ignorant believing that you are a prude if you like that genre. They are wrong because I never read that inspirational romance books well I read the heiress and surprise I love it ๐Ÿฅฐ and more that I do know that an inspirational romance. Do you like to read a good story with a build up and romance without a cover that looks too sexy but emotional ๐Ÿ˜ญ sweetness and great story well buy this book. You will not regret a book for all seasons. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. Lenora bell is new for me. I am from the old school Lisa kleypas, Cathy maxwell Lorraine Heath Samantha James. I found inspirational romance and surprises I love it ๐Ÿฅฐ. All of them five starts and I now a big fan. Elizabeth Camden and Jennifer Delamere. I recommend those 2 ones. I bought their books and I am fan. I ask myself how readers missed so great books, the stories are great very realistic historical romance. The authors do a research regarding the times that the stories are envolved. If the write regarding a war they show proofs of the time it is about a sickness the authors explains how they get the medical records to proof the conditions about the epidemic. Give a try you will not be desapointed

  9. Thereโ€™s no so trashy romance books romance is beautiful and the people who does like them is soulless.๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  10. I know Im late to this video, but I love that there are people in the YT book community who reads cheesy historical fiction!

    Margit Sandemo is the queen of Scandinavian historical romance! <3

  11. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. She started the fictional modern steamy historical romance trend. My favorite of hers is "A Rose in Winter". Amanda Quick and all her Pseudonyms.

  12. One of my all time favorites was โ€œHis wicked kissโ€ by Galen Foley. The woman grows up in the jungle and knows how to throw a machete and is also a crack shot. It also has pirates. Whatโ€™s not to love?

  13. Anne Rice wrote a romantic retelling of sleeping beauty I think it's a trilogy and it starts with Claiming Sleeping Beauty and I don't think I read more than 4 chapters it was just way to dom/sub. BUT I RECOMMEND the Captive Prince trilogy by C.S. Pacat I'M IN LOVE WITH IT I'm not even half way through the second book but I'm in love. It's male/male, there's a prince (of Akaelos) whose brother has his father killed and him sold of to the prince of Vere (they're rivaling countries) as a pleasure slave but Lawrent (prince of Vere) never asks him to anything sexual for him he just tries to humiliate and hurt him. Although there's not much sex in it, there's a lot of mention of sex. I think Lawrent and Damen (former prince of Akaelos) are going to fall in love even though they always act like they hate each other. And also their world is somewhat homo-normative when it comes to partners who aren't your husband/wife because they don't want to make bastards

  14. All time favorite is Kathleen Woodiwiss. I have all of her books but Shanna and A Rose in Winter are absolutely the best.

  15. I started reading Historical Romances in high school too, but stopped for some reason that I now can't remember. I just picked up a few new ones and then I found your video, so thanks for the recommendations!

    Also, have you read any Bertrice Small books? She has a million, but they are all historical romances. Her most famous one, and one of my all time favorite books, is Skye O'Malley. It's such a phenomenal story. My other favorite is Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux. it's kind of like Outlander in that there is time travel, but it's a stand alone. It's also very very good.

  16. At a cursory glance I didn't see any "Zebra" books in your repertoire. Zebra beats Harlequin Romance hands down.
    For me it's like this Harlequin Romance = soft core Zebra = hard core.
    Stepping away from Zebra I'd have to go with Linda Lael Miller. I've read
    Lily and the Major (1990) Emma and the Outlaw (1991) Caroline and the Raider (1992) in less than 72 hours. lol Yep, I lost a lot of sleep when I first got them. I just couldn't put 'em down.
    I bet you're familiar with "The MacGregors" Series by Nora Roberts
    Usually, if it's a trilogy or saga it's good enough for me.
    If you've read their work be so kind as to let me know what you think. Thanks

  17. Hey, I didn't scroll down through all of the comments, so it may be that someone else has recommended this to you, but just in case.. I have to have to have to HIGHLY recommend (per your love of this genre) Lauren Willig and The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. Girl, it's outta sight! I have to admit, I'd become a bit of a snob with historical fiction, eschewing the romance genre as not 'challenging enough to the intellect'. Pshaw!! She's an amazing, awesome, flipping HILARIOUS author who happens to tell beautiful love stories that are smart and super fun to read. If you've not stumbled upon her yet, please please run, don't walk!

  18. OMG I love historical romance too, you have to read Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas, it's one of my favs from HR

  19. I love the outlander series from Diana Gabaldon. I love Claire and jamie. literally my favourite historical romance books OF ALL TIME. ( I also love the TV series, but I'm just waiting for season 3 )

  20. One of my favorite HR books is The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss (she's a throwback to the 70s). Another favorite is Viking romance by Josie Litton (Dream of Me/Believe in Me -it's 2 novels in 1 book – Amazing!)

  21. You should try The Lady Meets Her Match. Both lead characters are commoners in London and it plays on the question, "What if Cinderella doesn't want her shoe back?"

  22. I love historical romance books but I hate it when they are trashy.

  23. "I feel like that's what your mom would read." I LOLED SO HARD GURL! I started reading historical romance novels at 14. 13 years later and now I read them, heart them, and lose my fangirl shit over them on YouTube (and other romance subgenres. And romance Asian dramas. And now I'm digressing out the ass.)

    Point is, Hoyt is sooooo my goddess! I recently posted a review of Sweetest Scoundrel and had a billion percent fun acting out some of those quotes. AIN'T NOBODY DOES BOMB HEROINES LIKE HOYT! Not to ruin it for you, but heads up that The Ghost of St Giles isn't always a dude. But shhhhh. Spoilers.

    (Insert love of Eloisa here so this comment doesn't turn into an essay!) You said you like fairy tale retellings, but what about 90s rom-coms as historicals? Yes? No? Maybe so? THEN OMG YOU GOTTA READ SOPHIE JORDAN! Her book While The Duke Was Sleeping is an historical version of While You Were Sleeping and sooooo much good. I also reviewed it on my channel and I swear I try to pimp this book to all the humans everywhere. It's. That. Good!

    I have…issues…with Gabaldon. She's frequently trash talked the romance novel genre and community. Ever since, I've never been able to give her my reader brain. Her sales exploded once her publisher started marketing her books as, and shelving her books under, romance. I still got mad respect for her as a writer, but not so much for her as a person.

    Okay. Recommendation time:
    1. A Lady Awakened by Cecilia Grant: Widowed heroine needs a baby in her oven to save her servants and asks playboy hero to do the deed. The conflict goes epic 'cause she treats the bowchickabowwow very clinically; romtastic antics ensue.

    2. Almost A Scandal by Elizabeth Essex: Heroine disguises herself as a dude to take her bro's place on board a Navy ship because sailing and Navy-shizni is in her honor and her blood. No gay panic from hero-face AND MUCH FORCED PROXIMITY AND FEMALE ASSKICKING ENSUES! Also this was recommended BY Courtney Milan so you know it's good! Oh, speaking of…

    3. Literally any historical by Courtney Milan! I've read and reviewed, most recently, The Countess Conspiracy, so that one: Friends to lovers story. Super duper smart scientist has a vagina in Ye Olden Victorian Era. So, in order to present her findings and research, she gets her dude friend to pose as her. AND OMG THE FEELS!

    Okay. I'm going to shut it up now, because despite best efforts this definitely turned into an essay.

  24. Kleypas is a good one, but Hoyt, Dare, Moning for timetravel/scottish/fae/ berzerker grteatness. (I'm not referring to her fever series)

  25. I am 52 and refuse to grow up lol. I love historical romance and I also love Young Adult too. new adult is good. Thank you for doing this.

  26. You absolutely must read A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught!! It's my all time fav historical romance and half of it takes place in Scotland.

  27. You absolutely must read A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught!! It's my all time fav historical romance and half of it takes place in Scotland.

  28. I have just started to read historical romance and I really want to try Lenora Bell!

  29. It all started with Kathleen Woodiwiss and Gabaldon is a unique voice in this Genre.

  30. I read my first historical romance as a kid, and it wasn't steamy but I loved it. When I picked up my first steamy one, I was a teen and became addicted LOL. You're right, not too many Booktubers read them!

    Thanks for sharing all these! I need to check out all these authors. Julia Quinn is my all time favorite!

  31. Have you ever heard of Amanda Quick? I have all her books that she has written ^_^.

  32. JULIA QUINN!!!! and MARY BALOGH!!! Both are AH-freaking-MAZING

  33. Yaaaay!!! I'm so happy that I found you!! P.S. I'm a momma lol #38yrsstrong lolol

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