Top 5 Favorite Stephen King Novels & Dr. Sleep Review. Ep68:

today on the show we're gonna be talking about one of my all-time favorite authors Stephen King so I've never really talked about books on the show I talk about comics I talk about movies but I do read novels I enjoy reading a whole lot and today I want to talk about one of my favorite authors Stephen King I've been a lifelong fan I'm pretty sure it started in the womb when my mom was reading his books while I was in utero and then I popped out and I learned how to read and I started reading Stephen King books and Here I am today Stephen King yeah yeah never heard of him what's he written be written what's he written he's written like over 50 books okay this guy is so insane he's so prolific and so many of them are just totally amazing okay he is a big deal robots oh yeah well decide for myself well uh if you do want to decide for yourself I do have a couple recommendations for you I highly recommend reading a Stephen King's it I feel like is the craziest scariest one I also really love the shining it is just so good I've read it multiple times so Salem's Lot Salem's Lot is just so great I've never seen a good adaptation of it on film yet and I wish they would because it's such a good book then you have the Dark Tower series which is one of my favorite ones but that's only for people who like weird stuff it's not for everybody cuz it's like a really big series if you're in a fantasy weird metaphysical time cowboys I don't know it's a whole thing and also insomnia it's one of my fits I also really like insomnia just mainly because the main characters are old people and you never see old people as main characters and they're so cute so I really enjoyed that one as well it also has a lot of Dark Tower references within there so you know whatever it's a whole thing Stephen King has an entire fictional universe if you weren't aware and it's pretty great I love fictional universes I have a penchant for them obviously so I enjoy any writer who has a really super weird giant fictional universe going on and I'd like to give a little shout out to Stephen King's short stories not only are his novels really great his short stories I feel like are almost even I really enjoy them so definitely check out his collections the short story 1408 is one of my favorites and the movie adaptation really isn't as good and also I really been thinking a lot about his short story the jaunt so definitely check those any of his short story collections you can't go wrong so why are we talking about Stephen Queen and books today well I'm bringing Stephen King up because I recently just finished listening to his audiobook version of dr. sleep and it was so phenomenal it was so good that I felt the need to make a video about it just to tell you guys how great it is what's it about well robot doctor sleep is the sequel to The Shining and it's all about Danny Torrance all grown up it's so amazing it was so much fun to be back with these characters that you know and love even dick Halloran makes an appearance Wendy's there and even some of the ghosts from the Overlook show up it's just if you're a fan of The Shining you'll definitely enjoy this a whole lot but be warned you need to have read the book not just seeing the movie before you get into dr. sleep because there are key differences between the book in the movie and you need to know those things so you won't be confused my favorite things about Stephen King what I love about his writing is how he seamlessly blends the mundane with the fantastic for example in dr. sleep the way he talks about psychic abilities and how they're used and things like that it just it seems so real that it's like it makes me wonder whether he has psychic abilities you know like it's just like yet this is so like it just makes so much sense the way he says it he's just weirdo alert over here sorry I'm fangirling a little okay can you break well it's not becoming it's not becoming and the other thing that I love about Stephen King is how I learned so much about being a human from reading his books for example in dr. sleep I really found myself relating to Dan and Abra a whole lot and it just helped me to understand myself in more meaningful ways so Stephen King definitely has a lot of philosophical things in his books he just asked a lot of questions about life and you know I think we can all relate to that so back to dr. asleep while Dan Torrance is struggling with the same raging alcoholism that consumed his father a little girl named Abra is born and she's like a shining powerhouse okay if Dan is flashlight Abra is a lighthouse meanwhile you have this roving band of psychic cannibals in RVs called the true nut and they feed off of children who have the shining and they call it taking their steam so when they get a ping on Abra who's like the steam motherlode they want to get her all to themselves so that's a set up and as I said it's quite a page-turner and this book was extremely satisfying there was a lot of fun character arcs there was a lot of action and excitement and like fun psychic battles that were just like holy crap that's so cool so yeah if you're into like weird psychic stuff and you want to learn more about like advanced shining use then this is the one for you yeah whatever if a book was any good it would have already been a movie and I would already seen it so you do realize that Stephen King is one of the most adapted to film authors like since the 70s they've been adapting his works like every year there's anyone yeah well it's dr. sleep a movie not yet it is not good enough obviously such a jerk comes after finishing dr. sleep I got really interested in the man himself and I wanted to learn more about Stephen King so I downloaded on writing his book which serves as a part memoir as his experiences as a writer and part guidebook for those who want to enter the craft and this book is very fascinating very educational I feel like a lot of the lessons that he talks about can be applied to more than just writing it can be applied to just about any creative field and it's really fun to hear him talk about his life experiences like where he gets the ideas for his stories for example he talks about how his mother used to work in the industrial laundromat and she used to feed sheets into the Mangler and so that's where I got the idea for the Mangler which is so interesting and it's also really interesting to hear Stephen King talk about his struggles with addiction and it makes you appreciate things like in dr. sleep where you have Dan Torrance who is having you know some problems with addiction and you know that when he's writing he's writing it from genuine experience like it feels completely real because he actually went through this and he's putting one of his characters through this and so it just really makes the connection I think far more complex and interesting so yeah I feel the need to announce to everyone out there everyone who's listening that Stephen King is a national treasure and his son Joe Hill is a chip off the old block okay he's got tons of amazing stuff coming out he's got short stories comic books novels and the most exciting thing of all is that now you have stephen king and joe hill and they're blending their universes together okay so in Joe Hills book Nosferatu he makes references to things in Stephen King's universe such as like the Pennywise circus and things like that from it now in dr. sleeve Stephen King makes a mention of Charlie Manx in his Wraith who was the main bad guy in Joe Hill's Nosferatu so it's like the universe is expanding even more now and I'm just so excited about it and the thing that I also love about Joe Hill is that he started writing under a pen name because he didn't want to make it like just because he was his father's son so he went to make it on his own and he totally did because like that guy can write okay seriously so I highly recommend picking up dr. sleep if you are looking for a new novel to check out also listening to the audiobook I really like the narrator it was a guy named Will Patton and he did the best voices oh my gosh she had like a great voice for everybody so he was an amazing storyteller and also Stephen King has two books coming up this year mr. Mercedes and revival I'm really excited about both of them revival though sounds like my kind of because it's got some weird Heartland stuff and I'm from the south and I know about that so looking forward to it so that's it for today thanks for watching be sure to like this video subscribe to my channel and follow me on Twitter Instagram Facebook and Tumblr and if you like my shirt I got it from T 3 calm it's pretty cool it's like kool-aid man mixed with Lovecraft it's perfect for me so if I'll come through to anyone out there and you want to start your very own Stephen King adventure you can go on right now and download one free audio book you can get dr. sleep The Shining on writing whatever just use the promo code comic book girl 19 get your free audio box free yeah fun fact a lot of people ask me about 19 and my name where does the 19 come from are you 19 years old absolutely not if you think I'm 19 you're out of your mind but I would like to share with you now where the 19 comes from it comes from Stephen King's The Dark Tower series I love The Dark Tower series and 19 and Stephen King this universe is the number of Kollek the number of destiny this whole thing it's like it's a fate number so that's why I use it part of the reason why I use it tonight okay so Stephen King is a part of the comical like Stephen King of influence on yes the whole time yes David key is such an influence on me that his special number is in my name because I love his him so much in his books you read it mmm I'll be Stephen King I refuse to read and you can't make me okay you're right

46 thoughts on “Top 5 Favorite Stephen King Novels & Dr. Sleep Review. Ep68:

  1. If you start to read doctor sleep. Don’t start at night….just don’t.

  2. Little did they know… Doctor Sleep is getting an ADAPTATION THIS YEAR BABY!

  3. This girl is just a big child still, se's never grown up. she just floats around on a "Everything is sooo cuuuuteeee" bubble

  4. You liked the narrator? It irritated me and can't listen to Mr. Mercedes because he narrates it. I don't like his narration style at all. I had to read it on my ereader and I loved it.


  6. I'm just wondering if you could do a review of my prison horror novel, BLACK MOUNTAIN. I could send you a free signed hardback. 🙂

  7. I know this video is old, but I just found it while searching for Doctor SLeep reviews..Stephen King & Joe Hill are my two favorite authors. I am really stoked that NOS4A2 is getting ready to be a series on AMC (hope they dont screw it up!!)..I REALLY love that book! If I had to pick only one Joe Hill book as my favorite, it would have to be Heart Shaped Box though.. But in all honesty, they are all pretty freaking phenomenal!. Stephen King has been my favorite author for as long as I can remember, and I have a pretty extensive collection of his books..Just got a new copy of the Shining & IT, since both of my old paperbacks were SO OLD they kinda started smelling a little funky & the pages were hard to turn (I know, I probably should have been storing them better!!)…But I have been dying to re-read both of those lately.. I also finally ordered a copy of Doctor Sleep- people keep saying it is very connected to Castle Rock, so I feel obligated to check it out! Oh, and I also agree with you about Salems Lot- that book is SOOOO good!! and omg it scared the crap outta me the first time I read it! Every time they try and make a movie of it they completely mess it up-if it were done right it would be awesome!!!…One other book that I LOVE that you didnt mention is Bag of Bones..if you havent read that one you really should !! It is amazing!!

  8. I had no clue about your 19 coming from DT…makes you top of the list in my coolbook

  9. Doctor Sleep was NOT phenomenal. I get all books are subjective- but as a huge fan of The Shining book, I was not a huge fan of the sequel. It definitely did not feel real- it felt like Dean Koontz wrote it, it was pretty corny. I mean, it was a fun story- but not as a continuation of Shining- AT ALL. Dan stole a blanket from a homeless person and stole money from a shitty mom and that’s rock bottom? Give me a break. If it was an original story it would have been okay- but it did not feel at ALL like the authentic universe of the original. I’m dumbfounded by your review.

  10. I watched this video back when it was uploaded and wrote down Dr. Sleep to pick up later. I finished it this morning and I'm mad I waited so long! Another amazing recommendation from Danika!

  11. If you enjoy Stephen King, you may like to listen to this rendition here;

  12. I became a huge fan of 20th century Ghosts with out knowing who Joe Hill was. I really need to read Dr Sleep and Nos482. Cool to hear about their connections.

  13. Brian keene has a fictional universe. I reccomend Earthworm gods, for you cbg19.
    It's right up your alley, & the main character is an elderly man.

  14. I just finished the Dr Sleep audible book and it was awesome,at times It felt like Donald Trump was reading me a scary story.Lol

  15. Picked up a copy of Dr. Sleep at a 5 below store(hardback)….WINNING!!

  16. I really liked how both the villains and heros in this were not one dimensional. The True Knot loved each other and were mostly loyal and when things got bad they were almost worthy of sympathy (almost) and Abra, the sweet little girl was not THAT sweet. She was flawed and at risk of misusing her powers. I really liked Billy too. He added a lot of charm to the book. I was pleased with the outcome in the final chapters. There quite a few genuine surprises for me. The final showdown had me reeling while reading it in the Barnes and noble bookstore. People kept seeing me shifting in my chair as the excitement gripped me further. Stephen King is unique in his writing style and use of imagination. There is a lot of humor in this too that demonstrates that. "Rose, the Hatless" …I'll say no more lol.

  17. I'm almost half way through it and so far its really good. Its also really funny in some parts. The True Knot are disturbing but Rose is hot.

  18. did ya hear theyre gonna make dr sleep into a movie? the director is the same guy who directed Geralds game!

  19. On a King thing lately. Great vid. Great shirt. Deciding on what to read next.

  20. my God, man—i also ADORE "1408", and "The Jaunt" still haunts me. It's maybe my favorite Stephen King story of all, and i can't believe you called it out like that. we are obviously really compatible when it comes to King. (seriously, I can't believe you mentioned that story. it's rather obscure, relatively speaking.)

  21. Stephen King IS awesome. and with the incredible success of "It", we're going to be seeing a TON of Stephen King movie adaptations and "It" was pretty good. i'm pumped.

  22. WUTT??! Seriously I didn't know that the shining has a sequel LOL!!

  23. I hate the bitches who run Stephen's website. They treat people like shit. Don't go there.

  24. I just read my 1st Steve King book, the Shining. Did not know there was a Sequel, if its anything close to as good as the Shining book I will be extremely happy !! Thanks

  25. I use to wonder If George Lucas was an alien who was just telling a story from his own world

  26. The sad thing is that they would have to remake The Shining before they can make Doctor Sleep.

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