TOP 6 MOST VIEWED Auditions on Pilipinas Got Talent 2018

Kids do not try this at home. Selling of Vape to minors is strictly prohibited. It’s like magic ah! Right! So many. It looks nice on the screen The O’s that he is making really takes skill It is so hard to do because it easily vanishes with just a little bit of wind. That’s awesome! It’s so big. Looks so good Wow, Robin stood up for you. Don’t attempt. Only professionals perform this stunt. You need strong core muscles to do that. He’s great. Nice! Thank you so much. I’m really entertained Where is the guy that fell Who fell? It’s okay, we will not judge you There are circumstances where you didn’t notice you are already falling But are you okay after you fell? That’s good Because there are people where after they fall they don’t know if they are okay What they showed is very exciting and I will not be irritated to those people who stay at the gym who are GGSS(Gandang-ganda sa Sarili – Narcissist) if they will show this kind of talent then it’s great that you can make a talent out of staying in the gym What I also felt about you guys is LLSD Big big chest! For this one guy here! I’m ashamed of you. This is my first time to see that kind of act Just wait for it, I will be your contender. And because you had the golden buzzer from FMG you’re heading straight to the semi-finals Thank you so much. Good evening to you. Why do you walk like that? Yeah, Why do you walk like that? Oh My! (Taray) He suddenly has shades Eeehh, so confident on his looks, he’s not even that good looking. I agree I was entertained there ah Yes This is the type of guy who steals something from you without you noticing it. Fast hands. Your name? My name is Jeptah Callitong And I’m a close up magician~ Can I get my props real quick? Oh so you forgot? He started with showing of his shades Just go! We’ll be waiting for you He’s weird Goes to an audition to forget his props And the funny thing is that he has to go back to Ilocos Sur (Northern region of the PH) to get it So we have to wait for 5 hours, he needs to ride a terminal first He really has to travel Don’t just wave there! Come here! May I perform closer to start my MAGIC~ So the ending we were the ones who bothered you, huh? It’s like we were the ones who wasted your time? You do great! Goodluck goodluck! May I start? Yes you may start So I have a rubix cube and I’m gonna shuffle it. And I’ll shuffle it again. -Is it messed up? Ate Vice?
-Yes, messed just like your life. Thank you, so I’m going to fix my life, Because of you. -Wow, incredible! That was fast! -Wow Magic Amazing~ So I have a 5 peso coin, we’re not gonna play Kara Krus I want you to please sign this coin, Sir Robin, here please He will not get hurt, right? Names please, Wifi Password, Cellphone number, like anything Just to make the coin unique Okay, on the other side I want you Ate Vice to write anything I blew it and now it’s erased because it’s new I’ll put it in my hand, and please blow it Miss Angel Blow it please. Wow it smells good Blow it please sir FMG -But what are you reaching there ?
-Please hold it. Don’t tell me your making our boss hold a sock?! So I’ll just blow this Wow Magic~ So inside that there’s a red thing wrapped in rubber bands You picked it right? -Can you pass it to Miss Angel
-What are we gonna do? Miss Angel please take the rubber bands off?
One by one There’s nothing to open and there’s nothing to come out -Please get what’s inside
-I’ll get what’s inside?
-Wow magic~ -Wow there’s another one magic
-Please pass it to Sir Robin So Sir Robin inside that there’s (inaudible) Please take it, and do you remember your coin Ate Vice? Wow magic~ So inside that there’s a coin and do you remember your coin? The one you and Sir Robin signed? Don’t tell me this is your grandmother’s dentures. Oh no! Wow, magic~ So a lot of people were asking me if how do I do it?
-Incredible~ This is how I made it? So here is the coin and someone took it from me and that is my assistant. Oh! What was that?! -I saw a foot
-Wow magic~ Was it a foot? So I have a deck of cards, Miss Angel please look at that… -Hey, what are you..
Wow magic~ I’m scared of following him, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Please hold this Ate Angel, thank you -You’re shaking, calm down Oh my. Oh my, your hands are soft. Please hold it. So please think of a card Don’t think on an credit card,ATM card, SIM card, memory card (SD Card) -With the color?
-Yes Please say it out loud so we could hear it -The card that she chose?
-King of Hearts? Wow! Magic~ So before I performed I have this one card faced down from all the other cards May I take it? -It’s still on it’s plastic packaging, ah.
-Yes, because it’s just new -So King of Hearts, right?
-Yea? -So there’s a card that I flipped in here. Please check if it’s that one? I’m shaking because I’m excited to see you
-Just Relax. -Oh my Gooooood
-WOW MAGIC~ -Thank you So I actually have one more trick Sir FMG, please tell me to stop anywhere. -STOP
-Take it please, don’t show it to me -So I’ll just take this?
-yes Please show it to the camera but do not show it to me So just say the words, “Wow, magic~” -So I can face y’all
-Silly, you were looking at the monitor Wow, This guy! -Is this your card?
-Really? -Watch, is this your card? -No
-No again? Watch this is Wow, magic~ It’s really attached there, you can check it So there- wait -Don’t do that to our boss!
-I’ll just put it on your neck Put it on. For remembrance. – No, its okay. Why is he so warm to our boss? So I have a rubber band? Where’s the other one? Sir Robin just do this to your hands like you’re gonna shoot me Please do this and move abit closer Just hold that Nothing wrong’s gonna happen This will never escape but if I do this and I do that Wow, magic~ Thank you Good, it’s good -So, we got fooled again?
-I agree We all got mugged basically Wow, that was great. You’re great with magic but your looks, “Wow~ Addict.” I was impressed because sometimes I ask about how do you guys do it but still haven’t got an answer Thank you I really think you are great But sometimes you have to be cautious People might think you’re crazy People may not take you seriously, they may not appreciate your talent. Wow, magic~ So here we are getting fooled It hurts but yea I have to comment that you need to relax next time You’re shaking Wow bro. You’re really great And your magic is flawless I’m impressed, congratulations We’re gonna vote Hopefully you get a yes, if there’s a no, Wow Badtrip~ Okay, i’ll say YES. Jep My vote will be YES -Two Yes’s
-Thank you Wow~ “Wow” only. Wow bro, YES Yes for me Jeez, this girl is scary I’m the real target here ehh They always give me this kinds of acts The time where I should’ve been going to the hotel Girl what’s your name? -Kuya Robins gonna take a bullet but when it comes to Sadako he backs out. -What’s your name? Oh my God! Why is her eye like that! Okay Sis, perform! HER HAND IS SO COLD! Her delivery is so good Her eyes are so scary -Damn! She’s still not done? Wow, so talented! wow.
*sarcastic* A’right! You’re not gonna stop until you’re a victim of TOKHANG Think of the hardships of your parents You have a TV AH! She haven’t pulled it out. What kind of ghost is that? A’right! Just let it all out! You’ll soon be losing it! How about me? Put that thing! Put it! Okay, let’s have our comments, FMG.. boss you go first. I don’t know what to say. Thank you for participating But wow, her entrance! I have a fear from “Sadako” -Can we see your face? Ah, she’s beautiful Beautiful alright. And she’s nice when she was alive Hello and Good evening to everyone! What do you call that talent? Pulling objects! Ahh, pulling objects What’s your name? My name is Mary Grace deCafe 29 Y.O And I lived in Iloilo City and then this is my face The reason I do this talent Is because I want to make people happy And I enjoyed it from what I am doing. Furious pose, when they see my face they’ll lose it. I saw this on Asia’s Got Talent, the girl. Her head’s twitching Some class, it’s so enjoyable to do it Even though they can’t see my face But the most important that they enjoy it You really scared Robin. You know, he can block bullets But when it comes to you, it fades away. it’s okay. You’re a good artist Thank you! You’re my idol Vice, can I get a hug? Oh dear. I’ve waited for so long! You’re my idol! Forgive me just once When it comes to entertainment, you have achieved it right. You can return now on stage. We’ll do the comments. -I love the way you turn it scary…
-That’s what I thought -That was a very successful comedy act.
-Yes guys, that’s what I really wanted. For me, because I laughed so hard. Please… I beg you. Please just read this one. -Oh, “yes po”
-Oh, yes! that’s what you said right? No take-backs Please read it. Please. You know even I don’t have to read it, I will still say YES Scare him again! Scare him. She’s in the next round. That one towel fell off already. Is this legal?! Their nudities can be seen here clearly! OMG! I’ve been blinded. I can’t bear this one. Toni Gonzaga, could you please interview this guy? You guys should know, this is the worse position. *The translations may seem rude, but honorifics were used in the following* You look restless. -A little bit
-Your eyebags is on its way to your cleft chin What work do you do? Tricycle, I drive tricycle, I drive tricycle for a living. That’s a lot. *Jokingly repeats contestant’s line* What’s the connection of your job to tricycle, driving a tricycle, and driving a tricycle for a living… To your polo that you didn’t even finish buttoning up? It’s because it’s hot if I buttoned it all up. Why does it have to be buttoned at the top but not on the bottom? So I could look cool. To look cool? You’re a funny one… When do you start driving? Morning, Afternoon, Evening? Morning til Evening. As long as there’s a passenger. Then why weren’t you there when it was dawn, aren’t there still passengers till dawn? There’s none. I was there! But I did not see you! Don’t say none because there is, THERE IS! *It’s a reference to a famous filipino movie scene entitled: “Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa” How unfortunate, I was not able to meet you there. *Cheesy pinoy love song plays in the background* He’s feisty. x2 If by chance, you’ve met me along the road And you’ve picked me up on your tricycle Where will you take me? To a place where you’ve never gone to. How would you know I’d like it there, if the reason I haven’t been there yet is because I never wanted to? So that… when you get there, you’d learn to like it. *Their conversation turned into a pick-up lines*
*Cheesy pinoy love song* How would you tell me,
that you want me to ride on your tricycle… And take me to the place where I’ve never been. Ughh… Good evening “Ma’am” It’s already late at night, and you’re still loitering on the middle of the road… I’m on the sidewalk. Why? Am I stupid to loiter on the middle of the road? I’m walking on the sidewalk. On the gutter! Can I repeat from the top? “From the top” he says, “I’d repeat from the top” Goodevening “Ma’am” It’s already late at night, and you’re still loitering on the side of the road along the gutter… If you please, won’t you ride my tricycle so I could safely take you home. You said you’d take me to that place I’ve never been. So you think, I’ve never been to our house!? So I just built a house to take a picture of it, and never even went there? AND you said I was walking late at night? When you say “des oras” what hour is that? -2 am -About 12 at night If “des oras” that’s 10 pm because it’s actually “dyes oras”
(dyes=10 [Spanish Origin]) Waley (Nah). Please edit that out. *Vice realized his corny/embarrasing joke* From the top! You’re the type of worm that hasn’t been salted yet but is already wiggling violently. That’s just how I do it. But I like how you move it. *Enter cheesy love song* Thank you. When you moved it seemed as though I felt something special about you Do you already have, someone special in your life? I do have. How dare you lead me on Just to tell me in the end… That someone’s already won you over. What am I?
A MISTRESS!? *Enter cheesy sad-dramatic pinoy song Forgive me for not telling you earlier. -He’s good! You had the chance to tell me the truth but you didn’t because you wanted to deceive me! You’re not different from the others! You’re a fraud! Don’t think that I deceived you. What’s happening? We just turned into a teleserye
teleserye=pinoy tv drama YOU FOOLED ME, FROM THE FIRST TIME WE MET YOU ALREADY FOOLED ME because that’s not the face I saw on your profile picture! *The teleserye took a weird turn* Forgive me. That’s because it was… edited. So now what’s going to happen to us now that you’re owned by someone else? Now that you know… maybe this is the right moment in time… to say farewell to one another. *Enter cheesy dramatic pinoy love song about break ups* For the last time… is it possible to feel the sweetness and warmth of your kiss? Please stop! Make it stop! He’s so much fun… this lunatic… You know… you’re crazy Ok so now let’s vote. Ah, it hasn’t started yet? -It hasn’t started yet! Just what is your talent? You madman! I’ll vape. You’ll vape!? Maybe if you do your talent it’ll be the reason you got “No” [email protected]*rF#c&8n I forgot the audience. I thought there’s only 4 of us. So you’ll vape! You better be good! -He’s good at acting. -Yes, natural.
-Yah -And he’s always saying something, it’s never ending. -And he also does these… without inhibitions. He’s insane! he’s truly insane! This guy is insane! He just made it smoke, like he’s trying to sauté something here on stage. That’s what we waited for!? From the very beginning you know our president has a deep hatred for those. Those vices. and you just came here to act psychotic? You see? that’s what makes us mad… when you’re angry but he’s joyful. The others almost died doing their performance… and you just smoked! But you know, even though I know there’s something wrong with you I still like you. But even though you know it’s wrong, you’d fight for it anyway until it slowly feels right. -Maybe… I was one of the people who started to make your life happy, when I came. It looks like you’d be the one to end it as well. If you stayed. Robin, won’t you talk to him instead? I’d leave him to your care. So your talent is? Vaping or making the people laugh? ‘Cuz you need to clarify it. ‘Cuz if it’s vaping… Guard! But if you’re a comedian, then you’re fantastic my man. Even though I’d like to crush you like a flea. You’re still so adorable. Your cuteness makes me want to throw you out in a cliff after keeping you for awhile like… “You’re so cute!” Then I’d toss you from above. You know, something like that.
(There’s no English translation for “gigil”, search it up) In other words, we’d like to shake you off!
(Reference to shaking off fleas/lice) If we’re to judge your vaping, you tried to make us laugh but you’re a bit corny there. But your session with Vice, you managed to do great, I believed in you then. You know what? It’s cuz you work on the road. The intelligence is different when you’re on the road. You know, like the “street smart” that we say. -It’s fantastic!
-It’s fast -Ok, so let’s vote. Y.E.S. That’s a YES! You’ve got a great talent, my man! Not the vaping… But how you made people laugh.
“Yes” for me. Thank you, Idol. Thank you. Huh!? Immediately!? For me, we’re here to give entertainment to the people. May it be good or ridiculous. I don’t know if I’d regret what I’m about to say. But I’m excited to see you again on the other crazy stuff you’d do on the stage. Thank you, maam, thank you. I’d give you a YES. You know… I won’t deny to the audience of Pilipinas Got Talent the comfort that you were able to give them because that’s what we need every day. So I am saying YES to you. Thank you.

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