Top cop Neeraj Kumar grills Arvind Kejriwal with poem

21 thoughts on “Top cop Neeraj Kumar grills Arvind Kejriwal with poem

  1. Neeraj ji , with due respect u r a scrap. How u became police commisnor

  2. Arvind Kejriwal is Speechless…and he reay deserve it. Party k naam par sab Delhi walo ka kaat dia.

  3. I thanks for because he is speaking thruth face of corruption and also more than i have no words but i feels shameful to that kind of politician in India

  4. I am a big hater of Kejriwal but no one has the right to humiliate anybody

  5. sharm aati hai… aise commissioner par… iski himmat hai modi k against aisa bolne ki… ghatia tarike se baat karta hai,,, seriously are u IPS.. khejriwal tuj se 10000 times better hai,,,

  6. Neeraj Kumar nailed it.. perfectly portrayed wat girgind lomdival is…

  7. dis man is bullshit…..isko to juto se marna chahiye badtmeej ko
    pta nai kejriwal ji ne ye bardash kakse kr liya….juto se mar k bhgana chahiye aise badtmeejo ko

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