Tragedy into Triumph – Inky Johnson Inspirational & Motivational Video

I come into my junior year and I’m about to get exactly what I want About to get this thing called NFL And I’m ten games away from this dream That I wanted my whole life right this thing that I’ve been working for my whole life my whole life is dedicated to this One game I’m up Saturday mornings four o’clock five o’clock in the morning two miles to a fire station two miles back home I’m in the park 9:30 10:00 at night doing Everything in my life surrounded the game of football I’m sitting at home at night I’m throwing balls up to the ceiling and I’m catching them different type of ways trying to see if a receiver wants to check me if I want to catch an intercept like everything revolved around this game and I finally get in the position in my life to where now I’m ten games away from it I’ve got the paperwork that states I’m about to be an NFL draft pick NFL on top of the paper Inky Johnson projected top thirty automatic Multi-millionaire now all you have to do the hard part’s over just play the next ten football games Ink you’ve made it And I go out in a silly game against Air Force, two minutes left and I go to make a tackle that I can make with my eyes closed And I hit this guy and as soon as I hit him I knew it was a problem but i didn’t think it would be this type of problem Like you know How when things happen like I didn’t expect that but I don’t think it’s gonna be anything too crazy And when I hit him every breath from my body left my body goes completely limp I fall to the ground I blacked out my eyes open I’m still not you know too concerned because it’s football I told pastor I never thought about a career-ending injury, you have injuries within the game When my eyes open guys run over Ink let’s rock man let’s go let’s finish them off and I’m like I can’t Like what do you mean you can’t you are our starting corner get up you can nurse your injury after the game man Like no I can’t they said what do you mean you can’t I can’t move It’s a shock neck to my toes I can’t feel anything Shock leaves it stays in my right arm in hand I’m like maybe I got a bad stinger They put me on the spine board wheeling me off the field Doctor says to me as he’s walking beside me I don’t know how you’re still alive son you don’t have any pulse. We get to the ambulance my father standing there I’m like pops I laid it on him right I put it on him right my dad’s like yeah but I think you got the worst part of this one Ink Doctor say we’re gonna take you over run a couple of tests bring you back into the room everything will be cool They run the tests they bring me back into the room mom comes in kisses praise Son you’ll be fine she’s going to walk out doctors rush in head boy says hey man got to rush him back to surgery he’s about to die And I look at him and I want to ask him like man you can’t use another word like use a synonym brother Why you gotta say die like you sure die man And he could tell from how I’m looking at him that I’m questioning him He says to me you’ve ruptured a subclavian artery in your chest you’re bleeding internally If we don’t perform his surgery tonight I guarantee you you won’t be here in the morning From seven years old to 20 years old bowled down to one moment The sacrifice, the dedication, the commitment Came down to one moment And the next morning when I woke up from that surgery The NFL on my scale of life Was that big SEC championship That big Cornerback That big, I was embarrassed I’m sitting there and people coming into my room like Inky man I’m sorry about what happened to you And I’m saying to myself Man Ink you really messed it up this time Like man that’s really the only thing you wanted huh Like you just thought because you grew up in this so-called hood Two bedroom home, 14 people Like the only thing you really wanted was the NFL that’s it I’m like man you limited God to that Like life holds no substance no value like efficient but not effective. I did things right but I never did the right thing And now the thing I place my identity in now it is gone That’s why I laugh at people when they say man if I could just get this i’ll be Man if I could just get this position I’ll be whoo. Man if I could just get this amount of money I’ll be I’m like But what happens even if you get it or you don’t get it. What happens when God says yes and no Like do you have the ability to accept what you don’t understand Can you still see God’s plan when it didn’t go the way that you thought it would go Can you handle when things get off course I’m sitting there and I’m thinking like man I’m eight games away and God is redirecting me and I’m like God just let me get to the NFL then redirect me Like let me get the contract then redirect me so that I can help my family and Gods like no son I need you to really go that way and I’m like you sure like man I need to go this way He’s like no I need you to go this way I got something better it now i might take a little longer to manifest but I got something even sweeter Like I got something more fulfilling I got something more rewarding I got something son that’s gonna carry you for the rest of your life Like it’s an amazing thing I knew this was what I was supposed to be doing when One day I’m backstage and I got the same feeling that I got when I used to be in the tunnel before I was running out in Neyland Stadium I said thank you God And so now I live my life a certain type of way according to what God has done I live my life a certain type of way according to the power that I know the lord possess I live my life a certain type like when I go to the lord in prayer I go bold And every time I go bold I’m so thankful that that’s not me and my lord’s first time communicating And people have the nerve to ask me all the time Inky why wouldn’t you change what happened to you you got a paralyzed right arm and hand I’m like if you only knew and if you only saw the works that God has done in people’s lives around me what he’s done in me yea it’s great it’s cool but what God has done in the people’s lives around me like you can’t put a price on that Like at a certain point like what is it really about Like and I know the initial reaction when we go through things is to say man why does this have to happen to me and that’s an honest reaction Because sometimes good people go through some crazy stuff And some of the things we go through I’m just be real there’s not a scripture for it It’s not you can’t go, hey go to roman’s 2:2 they’re like what There’s not But this is what I’ve understood in life some people don’t need you to preach a sermon they need you to live one And so when they see you living it They can connect and identify with that The only thing I ask of you As talented as brilliant as powerful as beautiful as you are Never allow life to make you forget why you started in the first place Meaning that first time you said man I’m riding with Christ let’s go That first feeling you got like that first interaction that first connection you got like when you first got it it’s like when people say at the beginning everybody is excited Everybody is on fire but at a certain point you hit something along the journey and it’s going to test that level of commitment At a certain point you’re gonna hit something is gonna test that level of faith and my definition of commitment was always Staying true to what I said I would do long after the mood that I’ve said it in has left Like am I gonna stay true to my beliefs and my core and my essence of who I am as an individual even if I get a paralyzed right arm and hand am I gonna stay true to even if my career that I thought I was gonna have disappears am I gonna stay true to it even if one day I’m in a football game the thing I love to do The thing I have been practicing my whole life and then one moment it gets wiped out am I gonna stay true to it Because depending upon if I’m gonna stay true to it a lot of other people’s belief in their christian journey is predicated upon that in my belief and my christian journey. In other words I’ve seen a lot of other people say Inky I want to give my life to Christ not because of something that happened with me but because of something I’ve seen happen to you And so when ESPN comes to me and says Ink you would be in the NFL right now like if you only knew If you only knew my father got saved because of my injury If you only knew My three boys that went first round to the NFL all of them got saved if you only knew If you only knew my mother the level of affect like if you only knew Like I just seen God do some things through the injury and I’m like man every day I wake up I just try to stay out of His way I’m gonna leave you with this We already know what to do when God says yes We already know what to do when we get blessed. We already know what to do when our prayers get answered But the question that I have for you and it’s rhetorical what will you do when God says no

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  2. 4:32 “I did things right but never did the right thing” 😯🙏🏻❤️

  3. Never allow life to make you forget why you started in the first place

  4. Inky you are an amazing and unbelievablely strong man. The most inspirational video I have ever watched. Thank you sir. You have helped me in ways that I never thought before seeing this.

  5. People don’t need you to preach a sermon they need to see you live one. Powerful 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  6. Wow God has done incredible things. Grew up a catholic and now have been Christian for a few years and let me tell you I’ve never felt so loved than when I ask for Gods presence, it’s truly amazing. Bless you Inky keep going brotha God has plans for everyone 💪🏼

  7. The Sermon i need to Listen, came to im the right time😭😭

  8. Thank you for letting me know where I am right now. I lost my job twice despite of my dedication sacrifice and commitment. I cursed God and failed life's test. I am blaming everything on Him. Although I know this will pass but I still could not keep my commitment to Him. Thank you for this spirit awakening video. You help me energize and renew my faith to God. More power.

  9. Would to God that everyone would live their christian life with this attitude and faith! Oh my, oh my God help us. This is the Christian life in truth!

  10. I thought the same thing happened to me one day at practice I hit a guy and I dropped and I couldn’t feel the left side of my body and I thought of inky right after it happened but it was just a bad stinger

  11. I have heard INKY a couple times now and it’s amazing what he is doing today. I been dealing with Depression as well and trying so hard to fight it.

  12. Thank God I saw this video I had a breakdown this day and I ask God what should I do, then maybe this is his answer. Im very grateful to see this. 🙂

  13. I came to this video wanting to talk about the concept of benefit if this person didnt play sports and applied himself to something that was important. Now I realize football gave him the hunger, now hunger makes him great

  14. Amen, first time I see this and it really hit me hard. God bless you brother!👍

  15. Always watch inky whem i fill down thanks ink AND thanks to this awesome channel

  16. When God is for you, it doesn't matter who is against you. 🙏🏼

  17. God just told me no to something I prayed so hard for, and wanted so, so, so badly. But I still trust God’s plan for my life and I know that his plan is greater than mine.

  18. "I want to give my Life to Christ not bcuz of something tha happened to me but bcuz of something I seen happen in you. "❤️❤️I understand this.

  19. I believe in God.
    I got rejected from my dream school today,
    Im from a third world country and we only have two or three colleges that are good. I feel like I could have done better in the entrance exam. The thing I don't know is, that weather if it is God telling me no or did I just not try hard enough bc when I ask myself did I really give it all I had? I hear a voice telling me No.
    I don't know if I should try again next year or settle down for my second best option.

  20. Please help me
    I want to quite a day job and follow my passion. But I'm not sure God's plan. I'm afraid that I will fail.

  21. Hallelujah, JESUS!!! Glory to GOD! 🕊️🛐🕊️🛐🕊️🛐

  22. Your video came in through a suggestion!! This was one of the most touching stories I’ve ever heard!! May God Bless You and all people who surround you young man!!!

  23. sir i am in this low low low time but i feel and hear make me stronger never give up

  24. Praise Jesus!! God is good!!! Even tho I'm going thru things right now, I'm still trusting Gods direction timing and will!! Amen!!..please uplift me and my children in prayer!..

  25. Loosing my parents. My best friend (Dog) I grew up with all elementary, middle , high school just passed away. Having no one to call to try to express my feelings. But I’m here god. I’ve been really really distant for you but I know you’ve been covering up after me and protecting me. God bless everyone.

  26. 😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. 🙏 god bless you my brother I wish u could have made it to the nfl but now u have the chance to tell the world ur story and ur very blessed

  28. I'm sorry god for thinking I know better when u sad no!! Forgive me. Now than forever

  29. People strive for what they want, if they are fortunate, Love will give them what they really need.


  31. Thank you! God bless you. God Is bigger than our Problems.Without God we are Nothing.

  32. “People don’t need you to preach a sermon, they need you to live one.”

  33. Thank you Inky ! Allow Him to continue to pull into you and out of you!

  34. The same exact thing happened to me and the only way after that was God's way

  35. God answers in three ways.he says yes and gives you what you want.he says no and gives you something better. He says wait and gives you the best

  36. The best speaker I’ve ever heard in person. Keep up the great work Inky and GO VOLS. GOD BLESS

  37. When got say to me"NO" , I gotta sleep on it again and I gotta obey him what he want! Thank you for giving worthwhile speech.

  38. I never was religious, my parents didn’t raise me religious but finding god on my own and getting closer with him has saved me in hard times.

  39. Your Story is so Powerful Thank you so much for sharing this made me look at myself as a person

  40. Well done Inky, Our Lord works in mysterious ways, sometimes, even tho we may not always understand, we should just believe in trust in him, because he will NEVER put us wrong on anything, take care Inky.

  41. I’m a top wrestler in state going into my senior season and I broke my c4/c5 vertebrates. I had many offers but probably won’t be able to wrestle ever again. This video is so inspirational and similar to me😰

  42. When things actually go the way you planned it and it gets taken away ina blink of an eye. It's a different feeling. You lived your life striving for certain goals, when you finally get there and it's gone in a matter of months its different. I like the message but it doesn't apply to me. I had what I strived and worked hard for. In the end I'm left with nothing. I still like listening to this. Gives me hope I guess

  43. The fact that all of us are born shows that we are tough, so when adversity comes we should be able to fight through it. Unfortunately many of us can’t due to certain mindsets.

  44. Going through this now….God is telling me to leave a man I love and trust in him."but God this is my future. This is what I want" he keeps telling me, Brittany, you need to walk away and have faith in me. HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE. Walk away from a 5 year relationship and trust in Gods better plan for your life, or disobey and live your life, not Gods way.

  45. My uncle who served in the army was really close to me and taught me everything about never giving up and becoming the best player I can possibly be, he told me that he was gonna be at my championship baseball game, in 4 days, but he passed away before it even happened. I dedicated that game to him and stayed strong and went 5-5 with a home run, 3 doubles and 1 single, with 5 RBI’s. I took the trophy I got and put it in the middle of the field, and took the necklace I’ve had that he gave me 3 years ago and but it on the trophy and whispered, “we did it………..”
    RIP ❤️❤️

  46. I absolutely love the ending. We already know what to do when God says yes, we already know what to do when we are blessed, we already know what to do when our prayers get answered. What will you do when God says no?

  47. So glad that I finally watched this video! It's amazing how the Lord connects us all!

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