44 thoughts on “Tragically Hip – Queen's Jubilee – Poets

  1. Hip lyrics and thoughts!  "Ahhhooooonooooooo, noooooooooahhhyeaaaah! My memory is muddy what's this river that I'm in, New Orleans is sinkin' man and I don't wanna swim, SWIM!"

  2. I'm fully aware that Gordie is the main show, but the way the whole band perform together as a whole is fantastic. The Hip is such a 'gelled' band. Every member has a place, and they all know it perfectly. I would compare the Hip to the Doors no question.

  3. Poets-brilliant art piece de resitance-Merci. Monsieur Downie!

  4. @leegee63 steeplechase (battle of the nudes 2003 GD solo album)

  5. @TheMease hey Man… I agree… its that sssssssssssound… that gets right down deep inside of you… I've seen them 14 times… last time was with 33,000 other HIP fans in Bobcaygeon in 2011… it was sssssssssssuper….

  6. If the Queen doesn't like too fucking bad, go back to the UK and listen to the Sex Pistols then grandma…..

  7. At the very end the queen looks politely bemused. She should've hired the hip to play prince william's wedding – it would've more interesting.

  8. see 'em 20+ times live. always a joy. this just allows me to remember how amazing they are when I can't see 'em. watch 'Put It Off', surely the best Hip Song.

  9. Swim Swim
    Not To me
    Not To him
    Swim Swim Swim!
    From Within!
    You Can Cross The lake!
    Remember Honey Remember Honey
    Not Because there's a six-foot
    dorsal fin closing in.
    Swim, honey! Swim.
    From Within
    You got the laminar flow
    You know how I know.
    I'll follow you in my baby blue canoe.
    I'm gonna support you.
    I'm gonna hand your lunch your
    breakfast and your dinner too.
    On a 25 foot pole of bamboo.
    Because I don't wanna disqualify you,
    Baby! Swim to daddy honey. Swim!

  10. LMAO! See Queenie at the end? Sittin' there with a 'what the fuck?' look on her face!


    couldn't have said it better

  12. whaddya mean "bad night"? This is perfect, exactly what you get live…complete with Gord's diatribes. The other song they sung "It's a good life if you don't weaken" was studio-like. Gord was well behaved on that one.

  13. amen! I hate that word so much now, and I resent hating it because I like words! But dummies made me hate it.

  14. Hilarious. HM Queen looks as if she's ticked off being on our money. Bring out yer dead!

  15. "Bring out your dead!"
    LOL, awesome! I'd love to catch The Hip live.

  16. Obviously the Queen couldn't give a rats ass about The Hip , bout how could we expect her too? her loss… lol

  17. That's what I'm talkin' about! The Hip and Sam Roberts are two of my favourites. Fortunately I live 20 minutes away from Kingston, so I get to see the Hip quite a bit!

  18. omg, the drumming in this vid is awesome. It sounds slightly slower?. amazing. That right. hes been getting reprieve from the heat in the frozen food section. Amazing line. lol

  19. Don't tell me how the universe is altered when you find out it's the writers that get laid!

    Fuck yes!

  20. I saw them last night here in Vancouver and Gordy was in rare form. They blew the doors off the place like I knew they would. Have a good time Sept. Mattbedard.

  21. que son buenos estos musicos!!! nice rock hip,hip urraaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! CANADA,CANADA,CANADA!!!!!!!!

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