train sleepers // a poem

To the train sleepers
Working-their-way sleepers Zero-hour contracted no-living-wage meeters
To the standing-up staying-awake sleepers To the carers and child keepers
Prams up the stairs alone fleeters To the have-a-nice-day gate keepers
The let-you-off-if-you-haven’t-got-change turn-the-other-cheekers To the city sleekers
Makeup on the train to hide exhaustion on fleekers To the NHS never sleepers
Never switch off their beepers Never thanked, always-on-their-feeters To the place keepers
The food bank tea-steepers To the runaway park bench weepers
Sharing-their-warmth-with-a-dog on the street sleepers
Through holes in the system leakers In the night for fear of your life creepers
Frozen to death in search of a life seekers Woken up by the speakers I hope you find a place to rest.

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