Trans Poet Creates New Alphabet

on the website queer t-dot-com that's the name of the website not a website I check very often but it's been it's been this this certain article has been all over social media the headline of the article is Transpo's charles rearranges the alphabet to survive its ferocity ferocity against her body I feel like I should read that against because it might have been confusing trans poet Joss Charles rearranges the alphabet to survive its ferocity against her body and and then this is so it's an article about this poet who is rearranging the alphabet I'll read a little bit of the of the article for you speaking of crazy and stupid you see all the topics now are just blending into each other this is this is pretty it's pretty good what I'm doing I hope you appreciate it says Charles has reworked the structure of language to capture the trans experience establishing her as one of the most promising poets of her generation Charles combines a deep understanding of poetic traditions with her own personal experience to create works that address gender and identity issues in a unique and moving way her second volume of poetry filled name of the name of the poetry book is filled that's fe e LD not felt filled creates a language resembling middle english to challenge our limited vocabulary to describe the trans experience in the process Charles has won praise as one of the most important young poets today and the appropriate recognition field was chosen by the New Yorker as one of the best poetry books of 2018 field challenges readers and not just because of the language it is at once lyrical and pointed here here's a couple of lines they give us from the poetry book here's here's a line did you know not a month goes by a Tran I know doesn't die and that's you spelled with just the letter you know spelled KN Oh month spelled mo and th e and bye spelled B ye and then some more lyrics here gender is not the tran or game gender is yes ahem oh reg glad just that doesn't mean anything that's just that's just literally just nonsense at a gender spell GE n dr e or gain spelled orz ane I don't even know I don't know what that word it this is a made-up word there's so much that it can be said about this or maybe there's not much it's just it's just utter nonsense but you see a few things happening here number one we see the continued disintegration of language of poetry of art where something like this this gimmicky ridiculous nonsensical garbage is named you know one of the poetry or this person put one of the poets of the year poetry of the year whatever it was but you also find here's what jumps out at me is we can't lose sight of this it's the incredible arrogance of this person of the left especially of gay activists trans activists you know this person is saying oh you know what the regular language isn't good enough for me regular leg I'm Ian there are there are thousands of word in English languages it just doesn't it doesn't it doesn't capture my experience my experience is so transcendent and so beautiful it's a so deep and perplexing and wonderful that this is there there's just no I have to invent new words for it and he and even regular words that already exist you know that it's beneath me to use those words I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna rearrange the letters because it that's just that's that's that's that's for that's for the plebs you know as that's for the that's what essence to use word regular words that I I need new words that's really what's going on here it's just incredible arrogance that you find

42 thoughts on “Trans Poet Creates New Alphabet

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  2. I want to write something pro trans like a 14 year old valley girl texting her bff and become famous. Then announce how it was all a lie and how I'm starting a charity for people that struggle with this issue and trying my best to get them the help they truly need.

  3. The alphabet is violent now. No wonder the parody sites stopped a while ago. The parody has become reality.

  4. This is what happens when people think they're popular. Did you know people in school that created their own words and language? I did. They were dicks.

  5. Damn maybe I should get back into poetry again if the bar is this low

  6. "… establishing her as one of the most promising poets of her generation.'
    … low bar, that.

  7. These people need to crawl out of their own asses. Never go full pride.

  8. that is the result of someone with a mental illness (gender dysphoria) who got their hand on a pen and paper and should see a therapist or something to help her with her disease

  9. And people wonder why poetry has become so niche it might as well not exist anymore….

  10. Sounds like "it" plagiarized a five year olds first writing assignment.

  11. You're really kicking and thrashing against reality if you find the alphabet oppressive. Don Quixote would be proud. "I only charged at windmills. I was insane, but even I didn't fight against language."

  12. Dead on, Matt. The narcissism that flows from some of these folks is unparalleled.

  13. I don't know about misspelling words but didn't Shankespere also make up words in his poetry? Some of the most popular phrases we have today were made up from the mind of Shakespere

  14. Charles – Her.. lmao.. they need to start helping these mentally deficient people, Not sure medicine will help, maybe an island where we can send them… like Australia.

  15. The left have been talking in incoherent, incomprehensible nonsense for years… This mixed up alphabet is just a visualization of what rational people hear when SJWs screech.

  16. Most people would be laughed at for this. Because there's a political statement we lower our poetry standards? Gag

  17. So The Whole book is just lame 3rd grade rhymes with the spelling of somebody texting their teenage best friend? That’s pathetic, considering it was so praised as deep and intelligent

  18. Alternatively, this "poet" is a marketing genius… aiming their product at the current state of the masses. This might be what they want. But if it isn't, it is at least readable for the communicating-by-poorly-written-texts-only crowd.

  19. Ya despite all the praise and arrogance…. this has already been done. It's a satirical poem called Beware the Jabberwocky lol

  20. Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss made up words but it added value to the language. He just can't spell and trying and failing to use onomatopoeia.

  21. Schizophrenics so the same thing….
    These people are mentally ill.
    When oh when will we stop accommodating the mentally ill?

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