Transforming an ancient language into a captivating melody

The vowel, for example, the “ah”… The “eh”… The “ee”… And the “oo”… Each vowel is a completely
different entity. It’s a different world. “Twenty-two base letters “engraved in the voice,
carved in spirit, “fixed in the mouth
in five areas of the throat, “in the palate,
on the tongue, “on the teeth,
on the lips, “twenty two letters
tied in the tongue…” I like to feel them,
I like to smell them. I find a text
and then I see it, I memorize it. Then the music comes. In my new album,
I took holy texts, from the bible, from the ancient
Kabalistic texts and I composed them. Electronic music
with beats. You can also call it
hip-hop. “Created from emptiness,
made something from nothing…” I take the letters,
I take the vowels and I put them in my mouth. It’s very sensual, almost eating the letters. Today I know that
the stuttering was one of the greatest
gifts in my life because even though
I was suffering, I learned in a very
very deep way what happens
to every syllable.

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