Trash Poetry

oh crap crap crap crap oh my oh roses are red violets are blue so I asked some of you guys to tweet so I asked you guys to tweet me a poem you know roses are red violets are blue all that crap let's just get into it roses are red violets are blue the Sterling pound is now poo roses are red violets are blue this video is cancer and so roses are red I got our Brown shelf I'm gonna hang a noose to it and kill my oak okay roses are red violets are blue I'm going to hang myself you should too roses are red violets are blue I have a rope around my neck do you want one too Oh pimples are pinkish I played the kazoo turkeys are dumb your family is too Wow a lot of a lot of thought put into that one roses are red I just peed do you want to smoke some you know one day I want to go to China and it's become a head chef so I can yell at my employees the power needed to be in Chinese so we use the most reliable resource on the Internet traditional or simplified holy crap ate all that crap man do you know that feed you know I don't have a brush so but I do have a chopstick in a sock you can always make a rush out of these things I'm gonna play while it's blue the color Ollie no internet well we can't connect to the internet I don't know what I was expecting we're in the damn bathroom you know what why would you surprise me outside change Santini

19 thoughts on “Trash Poetry

  1. I think animirmo is the type of youtuber that dislikes their own videos

  2. Roses are red, Here's a fact about me, I say "ITADAKIMASU", Before I eat that pusi

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