Trash Valet & College Station Recycling For Apartment Managers & Owners mov

hello I want to take this opportunity to
tell you about an amenity that a hundred percent at your residence will utilize and it can be a revenue generator for you complex this short video will show you how trash valet and recycling program works and how a number of complexes are already benefiting from our service Here’s is how our College Station recycling trash valet and recycling service works we will
provide each of your apartments a clean branded
bin. Each resident can use any size trash bag to place all of their trash
into the secure bin on the specified night of service the
bin is placed outside the apartment door our professional service team will then
pick up the trash and dispose of it into your dumpster our crew also monitor the area for any
loose trash or debris in addition one night a week we will
offer your residence complimentary recycling service we make being green
easy there’s no need for residents to sort
recyclables everything can go into one clear bag we then take the materials to state
approved recycling facility incorporating the full-service recycling
plan will help your property become green and also drastically cut down on your
dumpster polls creating a significant savings and trash
removal for your facility our implementation process couldn’t be
easier we provide a bin, starter kit, and the
literature describing our service to each of your apartments.
Once the service has begun we will monitor each residence
compliance. We will provide reporting to your management if any residents are routinely not
within the guidelines. Our service is extremely affordable we will work directly with you to
develop customized plan that fits your apartment complexes trash needs in your facilities College station recycling budget. Many times property owners choose to invoice residents an additional fee for this convenient service which will
create a new revenue stream for your facility. Not only is BV trash Valley in recycling
a revenue generator by utilizing the services are many
additional benefits our service is a highly marketable
amenity that all of the residents will utilize. Our services tailored to the needs of
your property. We will work with you to devise a plan
that is customized to your property in fits within your budget with our
complimentary recycling service your property can take advantage of
outstanding public-relations opportunity of now being green. Your management will see a significant
reduction in time, personnel, and resources associated with
garbage collection. the need for fines in the use a
personnel to monitor porches hallways and balconies for debris will be
greatly reduced. Valley service will establish in overall
clean appearance throughout your entire property by reducing visible trash bags on
balconies and porches. General property grounds will be
monitored every night of our service which will
serve as a crime deterrent with uniformed attendants on property
during peak crime hours. We our local aggie owned and operated company which means we will be here to meet your needs. All
of our personnel undergo background checks each of our
employees wear uniforms with our company logo and all of our vehicles are branded for
easy identification. Call us today for a free College Station recycling quote customized to your property’s needs.

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