TRAVEL VLOG TO ESSAOUIRA,MOROCCO : it got too poetic a the sunset (better with subs)

watch until the end please, I promise you it gets better and don’t miss the sunset part. hello everybody , I’m gonna start the video so today, we’re in Essaouira discovering this wild wind city where everything is moving and cold um, things here are very cold And oh, you’re here. So, we’re here walking in Essaouira’s boulevards We’re near a recently restaured park Here, there’s illuminated statues Here’s my mom, my family. We’re in a touristic journey and thanks y’all. We’re at the moment in Essaouira , more precisely in a beautiful plaza where a film projection is held. It’s a great idea that we appreciated a lot . A moroccan movie of course. There’s an audience and it’s well organised. Between the altantic ocean and the antique city of Essaouira. So as you can see , as you can notice, there’s multiple cafés. hotels , riads. We’re here walking around the city small streets. and I guarantee you , it’s very very cold. the wind is freezing our veins. So as you can notice the ambiance is touchable here. Folkloric songs. local symphonies Here you can find every kind of traditionnal product the architecture is very antique and original Cafés are really accessible in terms of location and price Postal cards , despite their obsolescence , have their own spot here It’s always cold, even though we’re a bit further from the ocean and yeah , that’s it I think. I think we’re headed to a pancake seller. Who’s well known here in Essaouira we buy some at each visit . It is a not to miss. We’re here in a plaza where all people are gathered around um, cultural let’s say… symbols As I was saying , this place is very crowded and you can smell very great smells from different cultural backgrounds Now we got to a bakery and ice cream seller. we’re gonna buy a set of ice cream Okay, so we reach this place where, um , there’s a bunch of stores selling different products From argan oil to ice cream let’s not forget things like , curtains and bags… We’ve just done a great dicovery , it’s that we found a slogan written on a giant wall that says: Everything, right away I didn’t really get the meaning of it oh la la , my french is catastrophic. I didn’t get the idea . it’s crazy man. despite that, I still don’t understand I apologize for not being inspired enough today . Don’t know why but I can’t make this vlog properly So, today is our second day here in Essaouira, the weather is great, not too cold the sun is shining above our heads I do really like the landscapes here , so sunny. We’re gonna tan for a bit aside the beach the beach is… the beach with fine sands We’re here then , in Essaouira, the city of a thousand winds , going in multiple directions today is a beautiful day, tourist are walking around discovering the city Mom , over here Essaouira, the city of archs, of blueness, of beauty, of weird fattened cats . give a little time to me or burn this
out we’ll play hide or sing here, I start feeling the arrival of the sunset. Emotions, pure enough. artistic enough, deep enough and finally, this depth, we should interiorise it to make postive and productive energy that will last us a whole year I came across a musical entretainement just there , in the roof of that house and I’m really spending an ideal time here listening to theses Gnaoui and international symphonies mixed together at a time. Extremely beautiful. extremely beautiful to hear , and all theses emotions sunset is near , I’m here, well settled in my spot hi again, the sunset is near, and I’m waiting for it This beautiful lanscape start to be,…taking some colors at this beautiful point of the day. I’m very proud of being
here . That’s a great step. A true step towards happiness, independence, freedom and self accomplishement singing whatever song this is lol Almost the beginning of the sunset and it’s already… magnificent It’s extasy this sunset has really an effect filter that I happen to like We start getting this orange color so emblematic of the sunset .It’s gorgeous. indescriptible Of a divine beauty I’m acquiring an artistic eye, since the artistic eye is built , developed, gets refined by watching a miraculous beauty it’s simply sunset I’m really incapable of describing this scene using only simple emotion-free words. On the other hand, I wanted to say something… it escapes from my conscience. The city of Essaouira is a subtle mix, a combination of all material and human elements, creating a divine power, a strenght that influences this geographical zone, giving it a unique and singular charm and ambiance

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