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so with one episode left of the series some Game of Thrones fans want a region yeah some are so upset with how season 8 has gone that they have started a petition for new writers to rewrite the season yeah they're asking for competent writers more than 43,000 people have signed the petition at last check the petition says quote the series deserves a final season that makes sense the blockbuster show which chronicles the struggle to rule the fictional land of Westeros between the Starks Lannister's Targaryen z– and other houses has drawn criticism from some for its eighth and final season which only has six episodes total some people want a few more episodes to tie up all the loose ends but really there are so many things happening at once in this show that tying it all up with a bow seems really unlikely even the author of the books that the show is based on hasn't been able to finish the series yet I'm in the camp since I'm not a die-hard fan I don't need a whole redo but I would have liked maple or more a 10 episode 12 now so its season 2 kind of let things breathe a little bit take their time out pack everything yeah I do that yeah one battle the next battle so that's it's a lot but all right

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