Trina “On His Face” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

What is good about head? It’s just a very blissful or organic feeling
I believe. I mean, to me, if you do it right. You got to know how to give head. You have to have like the good head because
there’s some not good head. There’s a difference like there’s levels of
head. There’s beginners head, then there’s like, “Okay I’ve been working my set head,” and then there’s like superior, you get the crown of
head. You are the head the king of head. The inspiration for this song it was just
fun and energetic. I was in a studio with Audio Jones. He’s the producer. He kind of came up with this concept. And when he played the beat it was just saying
face. It just kept saying face. Like face. It was like this repetitive thing of just
saying face. I mean, it wasn’t natural to just say, “Sat
on his face,” but when I’m in a studio it was just like, “Talk about these dudes. Let me see what I want to say. Okay. Got it. I sat on his face. He was in a Wraith. I’m blowing a blunt.” And it just kind of went like that. I thought boom! It’s southern, it’s Miami, it’s a beat, it’s
dirty, it’s raw. I’m grabbing Keisha and I hit her up. I was like, “I need you to get on this record.” She just was like, “This is my vibe. You know I’m southern, I talk my junk. I’m ready. And yeah, let’s get it. And that’s on that.” And when she said, “And that’s on that,”
I was like yes. And she did the record and I just loved it. You looking up in the ceiling it look
like stars in the ceiling. You’re getting head. The Wraith, the lights is lit up. You’re in like a three, four hundred thousand
dollar car. Hopefully it’s with somebody who has the superior
head. So, that’s what makes it even more better. I’m sure if they’re in a Wraith, a Rolls Royce
you got to have … It don’t mean they have good head, but if they do then that’s a plus
so you win. Taking it slow means this is the moment. You’re enjoying this moment. You’re in the vibe. Like don’t start rushing. This is not a quickie. We’re not juveniles. We’re not in high school. It’s not a one night stand. I’m a control freak. I like to be in control. In a good way because I know what I want. I think when you don’t know what you want
you kind of like fall short and you just be all over the place. If I know what I want and then I express to you
and I show you this is what I want, then you only have one shot to get it right. I’m not going to keep playing this game with you. That’s like some real, raw baddest bitch unapologetic. Like that’s how I felt when I said that. Meaning of course, I’m being taken home to
mama. Of course. Mamas always love me. You got to have the best head and I got to
really like you. Otherwise, I’m not trying to meet your mama. I don’t want to have that family drama and
all that. Your mama start liking you being all attached
and you then don’t like the son no more. Now the mama still…Uh-uh. Keep your mama away unless we know we’re going
somewhere with this thing. The dude you with he got an ex-girlfriend. She can’t let go. She still texting and calling. He still sometimes falling for it and they
might be swap texting and all that. I don’t play that. Or you got a baby mama and she is definitely
with the drama. The kid drama. She need to see you. You ain’t seen the kid. We got to grow up. I like to be drama free and let’s focus on
building. I love Nobu. I do. And I’m a fan of Benihanas but I had a really
horrible, horrific experience at Benihanas. I was sick for a couple of days and I was
just like they tried it. Benihanas, well you better have fresh lobster
because the last time I was sick, okay? Thank you. I was born special. Because I come from a family of women that
strong and forceful and independent. You’re the captain of your ship. You always got to be the important person
in your life. You got to always love you more than anybody
or anything else you know that loves you. You got to be all into yourself because other
than that, that gives people speculation they can try it and they can try you. Scrape the plate means like the leftovers
like all you got. Everything that’s on the plate, I need it
all. Like scrape it up. Everything that you got to give into this situation
that we in, I need that. Bring it all in to mama. That’s called claw talk. That’s when the girl like talking slick and you
hear internet and like other girls be selling out, “Oh yeah, she fucking on your man,” or whatever
the case may be. Like tell your dude to go. It’s getting late. He got to go home. I got what I want. I got the head and the Wraith. I got shopping I got the plate scraped. I got everything. Now it’s late. Good night. It’s time for you to go. Clock out. Like I’m done. The whole day is over. You had a whole day for you to do your thing. Now it’s time to go. I don’t need your extra baby mama, your extra
ex-girlfriend, whoever your little thots. All these people on your little DM. I don’t need them with the chatter-chatter
so I’m going to just let you go on back to that world because the dream has been fulfilled. He needs to always be praising you. It’s not you, you, you, it’s him, him, him. No, it need to be me, me, me and then you,
you, you. You got to make sure I feel protected. You got to make sure I feel covered. You got to make sure I feel you’re carrying
your weight.

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