Trivia Toast: Literary Questions

game show sweeping the nation it's time for a little tribute toast will you test your knowledge on all kinds of random topics that you can have fun with at the water cooler at work we're doing literary questions okay okay all right here we go first question what is the first name of dr. Frankenstein goes first name of dr. Frankenstein is it a Vincent be Vigo or C Victor correct answer is C Victor Vigo Vigo Vigo begs Victor Victor Frankenstein or Victor Frankenstein some people mm-hmm okay question number two which of these Charles Dickens characters wanted more which ones wanted more good a Tiny Tim be Oliver Twist or see Charles Darnay visa can I have some more my name is Oliver Twist let's go to stock what authorities sure please sir may I have some more your collector and I got a migraine I'm killing our rocket us

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