TROM Poems: If Only…

If Only…
by Seb & Fee If only I had a million dollars. If only I would be remembered
in history by famous scholars. If only I could eat. If only I could find a way
to get up off these streets. If only I had six different Ferrari’s. If only I’d look like those on the TV
and have a perfect body. If only I could walk. If only I could afford the technology
to hear other people talk. If only I had the world’s biggest
and sickest house. If only I was dating 10 different women
besides the world’s hottest spouse. If only I was no longer homeless. If only the world wouldn’t make me
so hopeless. If only I had the latest phone,
car, and clothes. If only I was invited to Hollywoods
most popular shows. If only I could afford
proper medical care. If only I could live in a community
that’s somewhat fair. If only I had that watch, suit
and those new shoes. If only I could afford to buy everything
and everyone I choose. If only I had clean water. If only I could provide the necessities
of life to my son and daughter. If only I was super famous. If only I’d win the mega millions
jackpot in Vegas. If only I could stop my addiction. If only society would help me out rather
than punish me with a conviction. If only I was promoted and then
promoted again until I reach the top. If only my financial success
would never ever stop. If only I had the courage to quit my job. If only I could live a life where I love what I do
and not feel like my life’s being robbed. If only I had unlimited political power. If only I owned and built the tallest tower. If only I could go home from
this meaningless war. If only I could live in a world without nations
and the threat of being poor. If only I’d control all the planet’s oil. If only I could keep making endless money
regardless if the Earth begins to boil. If only I wasn’t under all this financial
and family pressure. If only I could escape this corporate and
cultural madness and live a life of adventure. If only I was the most powerful player
in this possessive trade game. If only I had the most fanatic followers
and was the epitome of fame. If only we recognized that technology
with a social concern can make everyone have more than enough
food, water, stuff, and space. If only we could engineer a world where we humans
live as one family, one unit, one race. If only… To understand more, please look into TROMsite,
The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project. Thanks for listening guys,
and as always, much love. Also, if you want to see more TROM content
and help this project grow, please, support us on Subtitles by the community

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