TROM Poems – Look Up

Look Up
By Seb If you’re lucky to have an eye,
Look up at the night sky. You won’t see much in a bright city,
So head out to where it’s less busy. On a clear nightThe dark sky will shine light. The universe is full of wonder.
There are so many stars to ponder. It’s a never ending mystery.
Science keeps re-writing history. A big leap started with the telescope.
It gave rise to understanding and hope. Distant worlds keep being discovered.
Galaxies, stars and nebulas are uncovered. Look into blackholes, quarks and dark matter.
It might make you question what really matters. There is so much to explore.
Curiosity will always lead us to more. We live in a vast cosmic arena
Filled with balls of spinning ballerinas. We are one amongst trillions.
A little dot with us human civilians. Yet we are made of the same elements.
Stardust is in every earthly resident. So don’t worry too much about the self,
As you are the universe itself. Subtitles by the community

2 thoughts on “TROM Poems – Look Up

  1. Beautiful. Thanks Seb. BTW I see no link to amara on the description. Big hug

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