True Story of a Navajo Nation Elder

to begin my story form the South Anitha and though Palo Mesa doesn't mountainous so that's where I was born is my birthplace in the Hong Kong among the hospice the way my life started from there and then that those days we used to move around a lot my parents because my father was come across the whole capital he's close to Paige Paige Arizona so does worthy he's from August at those days they move around a lot they moved from here they'll move to here on wind Carl's Red Lake walk happy then right across the cartoon this is how they met each other's down there some from there on they go on tear gas we move down they move across the by the way it kind of move around like this here and there those days they will say nothing tell you need they move with the Sheep move the Sheep and I'll stop whatever he had so you're telling me that wherever they found the stream or whatever they found a source of water that's where they wanted to be what is you to my family that though do you move around a lot in the summertime there's warm people long as Hardy both this time move our guest is to just like I say you traveling to different places so that's where they will cross that's how they met each other suckas so and they move around all the way down and back to the city back up this way that's why the time to summer's over so there used to be a place time that we hear about four five miles down sup up there so they move back over there all families the same so that's the way they do used to do maybe that's already met them father was from Derek Russell and then after when I was about this 119 certified as when I was born when I was about five seventy years old it put me to school boarding school I just had to beaten up when I got there the it were to just like a service you know when they go to service to shave on your arrow nothing on there right this the way it was it was just like a military school well we're screwed and so they had to cut my hair not all thank you right so my mother was crying because she told me not to cut my hair in the traditional or enamels we're supposed to cut out here because that's around a story to it the stories that we have alone here yesterday Sumbul double rain thunder there was for that purpose so you never cut up hair even a horse hair horse tail is supposed to become so Lester baby I was then they didn't wait to me my mom says cry she was crying because they shave all my hair off Garrity well the Nazarites in the Bible in the Old Testament were like that too I believe they they they had certain vowels first of all they didn't they didn't drink wine mm-hmm and they never cut their hair they weren't supposed to cut their hair because it was like sacred it was like like Samson his strength he was in his hair right yeah and so so there's a lot too bad yet you know a lot of it there's a lot to that story not just Navajo tradition that biblically there's a lot to that story as well yeah additionally was not like to school is what happened by one time I went about it was a wonder what tell me how did she still why I feel who that depression place way back then well I told her at my firm on they know how to supply from loud there's a lot of food out there those days they can almost get anything after that not just to feel although they go out there stealing but to get growing while while while food Arthur his lottery monitor so this how we went to depression and all that when they had no food but she managed to put food on the table not the food that we eat known like a can and all that can stuff but this one was a regular food for the country right so she see and then at the same times they plant at the same time the there's some teachers oppose they know how to fix all these things so that's how we survive then they have ice I saw a frigerator type earth has just been thick inside the hill it's just like a real cold area the chef is made out at that same sand didn't make the little shop out of it then they put food in there that's what kept it cold to keep it from spoiling yeah walk since the weight loss and then I don't know what one time I want that one there I try to get more of what Sam was all covered with I'll be standing there but probably Capone is still under the ground so that's the way these routine is to save all these food and all these try apples peaches apricots corn there's a lot of ways that they they used to fix by course little corn but together corn days they use them for second praying the other corner the other corney's for that morning at dawn you see all that yellow right light that's what do you use a yellow and the white hood up my part in the morning by calling the morning and in the evening the yellow part to sunset on you see all that yellow and then the morning is white here's a white corn yellow corn the heat snow that's the way it was so he separated like that so that's the way she was those days those are our gardeners they work hard in that they never get tired even as short as they are there was never I seen a whole couple tall black we they're all short so they had everything I was written with a lot of shoes the sheep goats horses nothing I can say to then I got hungry or anything or a bear hunger you see no bother with survival so I never thought of it is a new oil Italian the chant of today are there nothing we never did either gonna stop never ate nothing even the salt they used to get the salt on in the Grand Canyon they take it out from there they bring it back over here not in stages for the first one and a baby their first Marquis music which salt with whatever that gave boil it for them and they pass it up a little one you Jason we need do it now and your parents your grandparents lived until they were over a hundred a hundred ten hundred seventy years old oh I went over there wrong when I was about five or six years old and then you've raised me following from Dara Dara I used to sleep inside right here what the old skin sheepskin thread me up and putting her here for the mess up and derelict never a dated I was a quick word it is in news on precious and when I have that see touch her Jesus take your skin up like this does not follow she cried and said you looked at the basin down in the basin of the canyon no he's thrown this psyched Crossley whether you know what that momma Dee's okay on this side on the west side is for what he's done it okay and there was a dugout in the side of the mountain no no no no that's after that like that but this one is up there it was a little hole come just like I was telling her that's the small one the small right I went over there and when I looked at it that was two table now tutorial because they down the priority lovely sticking out that way notice when I was talking about yesterday so that's how small the Hogan was I never knew until I went back up there see their foundation are so small the that they used to have on in front of the Hong Kong it was something amazing then all the field that he used to plant it's a big area but my name my grandfather was only one day when no water not in the way we used to have a lot of rain never get air key so tell me about Oh when you lived at the base of the canyon and they used to your in-laws used to come and bring barrels of water to the edge or they would throw the firewood down and it would land in the back toward the back of the Hogan that you go collected from the tell me about those times well after that at that I went to school and I stopped her schooling from there every year and then take them to school in the horseback no be will not live right through here dawn two to one JD struck me off for no reason only to school out and that was like 18 miles from here right 18 money out on horseback yeah through the Cashman attitude right straight through here we were done to do it well you know sometimes on the wagon but not too long after that she went he went he died after that that's what my I went to my grandparents so I that my school indomitable will to laws 15 16 years old in between them we used to lived on in here Tomiko candy this world we have this trail pomander chased a sheet down in there in the wintertime then we get down there and other girl now my death they used to live on it we had a big feel we don't below just be Francine two brothers coming together but there you can see from your right there was a fence for a tutor up this one we picked our corn field so they used to plant just like I said it was may have brain there was plenty of rain at that time and I noticed at this corner at this rim of the canyon where it starts here is a like a gully where the water would flow down into the canyon dia and that's where it went down into the fields for the corn was from yeah well then wait under bertadawn away from here is just a wash of by the tummy his tongue to the flat area he's press off just like her earrings just laying your ear deep Wow so this one deep plant called a machete still stood in there one time I was riding down a horse on there it was still there still there so it's all caved in no I don't know but no but so then my other grandparents the third on them early don't hit at the same thing – he's the one to squash corn melon the Savas and everything it's a real rich land on an instant one eighty percent into the water comes down will away from here by the time he stuns a flat area distress our Elohim this with you who is the first person in your family to become Christian a lot of when I came back and I came back fish for schooling and I came back and then what those days well you when if I wear somebody up you know nobody called mouth and oh my wife Rebecca just once so it's the mother there too that has a talked about right he had the agreement they had to pay each others do mom has to pay and mother no way this is like the gypsy culture – or like a dowry yeah a lot of cultures still practice that today oh yeah gypsy culture is very is very adamant shut this thing right identity as to why they do it so that's how I got to disband me I went across America here before then my mom was uh she was 60 70 years old and one day I guess they were what my other aunts there were quite a few ladies my aunt my sisters they were older than me from another different family not that blood but so they were all going to church they had let her sway back where I was born just get together but that God I was talking about the Harper guy and his wife from Rocky Ridge and hard rock mission this were they used to come in and come through here too Minister upon here to preached on here this one that church was started so that was in the 47 40 around 45 45 46 47 it was gone for quite a while no so and then that the guy was probably about that scarf Franklin Dominic's October that was only Church to Southern Baptist Church so they go over there and then distance how she got to know does the word that she have for mom but olive she had a lot of stuff for us in traditional with the bundles for us the preacher told her so she just gave it to him what he gave with him so from their own but to that this hog but to know that Lord represent she was the one choice so I don't know how she knew that she was going in 66 Mary I'll not be long it's just like saying I would marry you that I'll go make sure you have a good place to stay type C that's a way I thought of it so she proceeded deeply she had she perceived that she was ready to go and she wanted to make sure that you were going to be settled in establish an abortion left Wow life so that's what she did so my brother was the last one days it was barren and so that's how I know the Lord's from their own then I went across and then they was already Christian I was friendly they were already christened so I just kind of landed right there with you so then my uncle was the treasurer to death your uncle was a brute do you know she used to teach my kids as they grow up these so just talk about it so what's here what's here did he mention early to the Navajos young Wow so he was a Navajo minister yeah that guy from hot rod machine he was an ammo – it was my brother oh so right at that time just kind of blending with the energy I had no part time and you asked question about the boy that's what he says in the wife I had to do this Cory whatever you blend in with the family from their own area start raising my family I just heard she for a year it was too much room because it was over thousand sheep that had to her every day during the summer do it on winter winter was the toughest one because the sheep would be lining out there then I have to haul them in what Connie said oh by 6 M lamb it they haul that back over here go out there can get some more so one day one summer I just got a bit sort of on the work so I did my uncle was ready to leave for work – she was a policeman Don and tuba now this is a 1955 as when I started working and the Navajos have their own law enforcement yeah yeah he was a captain he was a he was a policeman person then he went to captain later on he was a judge he got three so yes when I was gonna I learned the Lord every time when I do anything about his kids anymore and I was like we do everything for me everything it's the way works this way I was taught to do it and then disobey I I taught marches get up you just keep everything to the door you didn't come back he's thankful for that you've done something wrong speak something said something thanks I'm worried and dip somebody in the user says what forgiveness is all it takes that's what I've been telling since they're on then my work fake equine started working so do my job all 36 years that I work just like I was saying that he helped me to do my work raising my kids not that my grandkids them Iraqi soldiers to generation so it's the way my life went so after this day are you still pray for them everybody all the way from the old East on to the babies throughout the world so that still we had more prayer I and everything I had yes sweets I am right not at the stage still site special and what's your favorite verse in the Bible John 3:16 my favor he said my heart remember others right there anyway why i test the humming testimony a lot of survival sarong and resonation released to gold in her true but after she but sick on bail on – it's really a heart or meat take her now when I came when I first met you I believe it was like November of last year you were experiencing some difficulty with your health right you know and then since then you feel like the Lord's given you to restore your strength and now you're back out in the fields and your wife is doing so much better and seems like everybody's just been really well now yeah that all this has happened to her she was really down on us for a while they just brought when she got back on her feet and she broke her leg again she went fall back on this when she came in so start up all the way from the square one is saying us up to the stacy's until you guys came pray for us and my son at the story that I did told me I was a prostate cancer so I was going down with it and all of sudden everybody started helping me in different ways mm-hmm and you pray for us and my wife right now after the sting I realized everything's going uphill so the blessing of the Lord is it's making rich I pray my night divine health and yeah yeah that's how he helped me just like I said through my job Julie see I do even a plain ball playing basketball I go to all that I never got hurt too right now my kids my grandkids birth or like that I incur some anomalies and curse them to know the Lord there's somebody out there is with you every day there is certain that that they need what you what would you say if you just look into the camera and this what would you how could how would you encourage other Navajos to seek the Lord how would you International yep okay I think more updated everybody's talking business down like these people trying to get back on the road back on their now old traditional ways talking Arabic language but not Daisy chaos not company no more an animal because the other they don't understand but we're trying to like this age that I heard it they know it but their cheese fair the one day he'll often caught my lost about your house so I had to use both and midlist an apple that's the way I curse them he can't just tell me that you can't hide them from the board if you don't in the ocean the flora the ocean he's on there if you crawl under a rock he's right there he's living there if you go up in the air somewhere so high when a plane is up there you can't hide in your holy hill or in your world so that's the way I explained it to them so that they understand the Lord's watching every day during a night everyone about each one it was you would had to age the city right here the spikes just a way that explained to that well you pray that last night you prayed of just a beautiful prayer in Navajo who would you say would you pray a little prayer and Navajo for that the Lord would pour out his his spirit on the Navajo Reservation once again and that there would be a Great Awakening and that the Lord would really touch these people at in these final days if the Lord would do a great work amongst the Navajos would you pray a little prayer not vote for us okay JGI that ain't new with water ahead not residing in currently ahmadi 30 who who wanted one Gloria home yard aircon G&R estado yatta hakuna and then jupiter canopy of are not in the bottle different district una closely don't know they'd only been other to be part of our society as a community as a family yeah but you don't know who but I guess for you are you not a state of carnality she creates a national company in history akuto in Jabalia capitalist cottages here now what are the nose is calm hard crazy our daughters give them but every in the state origin Cordelia was to order throughout the world the old London any diamond earrings are their children – indistinct of other gentle Narnia or the owner say organist the sorrowful article before normally particle analysis are they not change without them but also love so done Amy knows it's important art in the course Toronto they were to be hosting needed it on some mountain initial contacts cause of needs parte de una Trudeau happy that any no is 1000 show but she is what are you cool so this leader it wound up I've been a hominid Catholicism because the needle but this date of 15 year price dependence it out and thank you so much for sharing this time with us and for sharing your life and thank you for your heart and really appreciate it and that just really pray that this message would touch many many many people and change the lotta lies I'm sure it will god bless you thank you so much guys with yet another word I've seen it it's good to know the Lord he was our everything tastes terrible you would have to sing even worse he's taking care of us so he anything that you don't have is gonna help you to take care of your life occurs the mazing then by every day today what your everybody session tonight so I'm hurt even when I think try and learn know what the Lord is our God it's my help you do your life protect you right your protection it's gonna be safety that's what I like to encourage

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  1. This is a Awsome video I wish I could have know my grandfather. C. Blackmon. And his. Wife. Rosie. Blankenships. They were my mother's family they from. Coosa county in. Alabama. Near the. Reservation They had a grave yard called. Quincy. Cemetary on. Red line. Road They All had property at the end if the road called. Blackmons. Landing. I also have m My father's. People who were. Ida. Mims. From. Verbena. Alabama. And. My grand. Father. Enock. Minor. His family was from. Ireland. They All were from. Cherokee. Blackfoot and. Dutch. Irish. Races from what I was told by my elders and I did go in one day and actually seen the grave yard where my Blackmon and. Blankenship graveyard is my sister. Debra. Sue. Cleckler. Went. With. Me and I visited the graves one other time with my son Christopher. Easterling when he was in the hunting club over their he's not in the private club now though you can't get in to visit my ancestors graveyard or. The. Reservation I do believe me and my family should be allowed into this. Road to the. Reservation and. The graveyard. I'm a disabled nurse with as past back operation and a manor car wreck on. December 3 2018

  2. Thank you dear elder for sharing your story. You have much wisdom dear man. Much love and peace for ALL Indian people everywhere. No matter what tribe or religion you associate with represent. Be proud and continue to help others in need. Do what you need to do y’all. Try to always be honest. We are ALL human and have things in our past that we are not proud of so make the future better.

  3. According to my ancestry DNA results my family were major farmers and that was there trade makes me wonder if I am Navajo

  4. I absolutely love this man. Idk him but have night respect for him and the Navajo people. As for all the Native American. I am currently on the research to find out my family's tribe I recently discovered I was 51% Native American throughout DNA and my ancestry were from Mexico mainly from Nuevo Leon area love my people and I will delicate my life to discovering my Native heritage.

  5. Where I come from, we don't call the elder by their name instead we say "Grandpa and Grandma"

  6. whish i could talk to you , my granmother is 93 years old from Finland! Love o Peace <3 I see o hear you

  7. Blessed . the native language so beautiful . only if I would of know how to ask gramps and grams about what tribes we were from .

  8. Meu respeito e admiração à esses Povos de LUZ! ! Evoluídos moralmente e espiritualmente! ! O olhar desse senhor e de outros que observo em imagens são olhares de PAZ e SABEDORIA! ! ❤

  9. I remember from the dorm days when my siblings and I were there. he is very nice, just all around respected man. thank you

  10. Christianity was forced on us natives…it was not a free will choice, and this video is perfect example of those outside religions trying to keep their belief system in native lands and lives to control native people. That's all it is. Force. And brainwashing.

  11. When I get stressed out by everyone in life, I come and watch these videos. Seems like the only normal people around. I love all native elders. But it angers me about non native religions because we lost so much embracing other people's beliefs.

  12. What beautiful people. The grandmother was just lovely and I see her in her grandson. He was very handsome…very handsome young man!

    I loved his prayer and his faith in our Lord. How nice it would be to spend time with him and others.

    God Bless

  13. Cutting hair in the Bible,gather your hair in your hair in your hand.What was left c coming out the end of the hand was cut.The Nazerines was kept to a certain length,wasnt suppose to be longer then a woman's.

  14. I love u so much Chei ❤️ You were my everything! You are the epitome of what a real man was. Raising a huge family and instilling values and morals. You led a great life and accomplished so much! None of us can ever fill your shoes, ever.. I miss you so much! A part of me is gone… but I know your my angel❤️ I miss hearing your voice.. I remember u just like this. I love u Chei ❤️

  15. this humbles me , may the revival and power return to these special people

  16. Christian Dogma is a major factor in losing the Dine language, culture, and ultimately the spirituality.

  17. Thank you very very much for sharing and caring of your story. It is very inspirational and powerful for us to look listen learn and understand the best way of living learning protecting and praying from the heart and mind. Its has been a long long time I have heard a loving story of a true story …. Bless you always. This is one i will not forget

  18. I appreciate your sharing this so much. Sincerity, integrity, and honest living are not only going away by some weird modern world cultural agreement to be not much more than meek consumers, but seem also to be condescended and derided now. I'm listening to older people tell stories as often as possible and this one is really compelling. Thank you…

  19. He's good man that's all I can say about him I really respect my elders don't matter if I don't know them also no matter color skin

  20. Too bad they lost their traditional belief system and became christian…

  21. Music in the background is very distracting. Couldn't watch it thru

  22. Really enjoyed and respect the history. My grandmother told me of her experiences in Oklahoma especially how the white man forced them to go to school and took away "their tongue" I will never forget her saying those words to me as a child. Thank you Ed.

  23. We lose so much wisdom by not listening. Please hear our elders.

  24. Prayers don't work, action works. There are no gods. Just lazy people who hope gods do their work for them.

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