Trump is making US-Iran war ‘inevitable’ – author

meanwhile Russia's Defense Ministry says their data backs up Iran's claim that last week's unmanned a US drone was over Iranian airspace when it was shot down I mean I used in pharmacy I have evidence from the Russian Ministry of Defense that the drone was in Toronto airspace we did not receive any other joining us to discuss further return to a journalist and author dan Lazare thank you so much for joining us Dan my pleasure as Rachel just reported the u.s. did pass more sanctions against Iran this time is targeting the leadership directly after the downing of the drone last week what is your take right now on the drone incident and does it help with this pointing fingers back and forth as to who did it and where it was when it just seems like all that does is escalate the tension no it's very important to point out who did it who's responsible I mean I think at this point the u.s. credibility is so shot so thoroughly shot that I'm inclined to believe Iran and now I'm backed up by Russia as well well I wouldn't necessarily do this but the US has just lied constantly and describing Iran is the central banker for international terrorism is an outrage it stands reality on its head well and that's the thing you know I be it known I think there's a lot of powder kegs within the Middle East and I think Iran's bad but I don't like many of the other countries as well that being said does this kind of talk this kind of rhetoric to actually make it even bigger escalate it doesn't seem like it's winning us any allies in this fight would it be better what is going to bring both back to the table and the fact that we're having to choose sides kind of like what we did in Red Rover Red Rover come over that makes me look like we're on more of a direction for collision rather than actual peace Oh totally totally and and and placing sanctions on on the Iranian Foreign Minister the man in charge of negotiations is about the worst way of bringing people back people back to the table but the point is but they had a perfectly good nuclear accord which the u.s. walked away from for no good reason so it was the u.s. which has destroyed negotiations now the u.s. is now engaging in ever more provocative ever more aggressive behavior and I'm I'm I'm pretty sure that I got let a war an actual shooting war is on the way well I'm a little bit more optimistic and hope that cooler heads will prevail in that that being said the reason why this was torn up and why I remember President Trump when he was campaigning said this was a bad deal is because they didn't have confidence that Iran was abiding by that they were you know it took 24 hours in order to get inspectors inside and but obviously right now you've got Iran threatening saying you know what we're gonna go against it anyways does it run still oh the others that they're in the deal with the Accord to actually still keep up with the peace with the treaty or can they just you know tear it up because the United States is no longer in it well the u.s. is torn the treaty up so you know so and it's not only torn the treaty up it's applied economic sanctions highly highly destructive highly painful economic sanctions so Iran is already the victim of economic warfare waged by the United States so as far as Iran is concerned the US has torn the treaty up so the treaty is therefore no longer operative and it is free to do what it wants to do I mean Trump is Trump has painted himself into a corner he is making war and inevitability so he is in over his head he's behaving extremely foolishly and if a war breaks out it'll be a doozy but that's the thing what do you have to say for all of those that you know even Ron Stephen come back and said listen we could start our centrifuges back up and be back to nuclear capability within you know 10 days two weeks is that not a little bit scary you know from your perspective of observations that there needs to be some sort of regulations some sort of parameters put on Iran that they have this much capability and I think that's why the initial deal was put in by the Obama administration in the first place yes that's the whole purpose of the treaty was to was the place such was to regulate Iran to place such parameters put such such parameters in place now Trump has has has walked away from the treaty and as a result of that the parameters no longer exist and Iran therefore feels free and not only free but justified in returning you know then and reactivating its nuclear program because it is now under severe SEC economic sanctions that are causing its economy to reel in distress so Iran is taking a real hit you know if you steal someone's wallet don't be surprised if they come at you with a gun and I understand it so do you think what could Iran do right now to show the United States or those in the Trump administration or put the information out that listen we are not a hotbed for terrorism we promise that we are saying we are cracking down that we are not what you're accusing us of doing of wanting to create a nuclear bomb can Iran how does our on best send that message to the United States so it's like you said seems like they're on a path right now to wanting to have some sort of a collusion well I mean I it's hard it's hard to answer that question because the u.s. is not listening I mean I mean first of all that the main sort the central banker for international terrorism is Saudi Arabia America's main ally in the Middle East that is a well-known fact it's been established over and over again Iran is not as not backed any of the any of the terrorist organizations to say that Iran is a backer of El Al Qaeda is an absurdity an absolute absurdity well I'm so how do we communicate it obviously there's some sort of miscommunication whether it's right or wrong going between the two countries right now so how does a rod prove listen it's not us how did how can they say that to the president where the way if there is a strike done that at least Iran could say we told you in when were the victims here of obviously an aggressive country well the Iran has said that and Iran has been the victory at approval of al Qaeda terrorism at the epithelium is the is of Washington isn't listening Washington has stopped up its ears so the the problem is not as not for Iran to better craft its message though the problem is for Washington to start listening no you know there's there's none so deaf as you know he he who has ears you know use them listen well listen we might disagree a little bit on whether or not I do believe that there there some powder kegs within Iran and I do believe that we need to make sure that there isn't a nuclear bomb being built from there or any sort of nuclear at the same time I do agree with you that Iran not the only one the Middle East and I think a lot of people on both sides of the aisle think that fighting an actual hit going after each other physically is not going to be the way to help any of this thank you so much for joining us thank you hey YouTube thanks for checking out our channel we hope you enjoyed the video we have tons of concept for you just like this for more of RT America's one-of-a-kind news and analysis be sure to subscribe and never stop questioning more

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  1. She is so stupid and sick, she has corporate media syndrome,she needs canceling, Hamas,( Palestinian)and Yemenis, Syrian and Hesibellah, they are not terrorist

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  4. Who cares about her biased opinion. Isn't she meant to be a reporter?

  5. Is this the new way to come, initiated by an employee or the backers new policy?

  6. Whoever this woman is, wow? Poor guy kept trying to save her, and she continues with the same liies, Iran shouldn't be allowed to build nuclear weapons. Everyone knows the limit they are rising to, still falls well below nuclear weapons grade.

  7. Who fkn cares about a drone!
    You American people are fighting for israhell!

  8. This stupid woman is turning RT into a mouthpiece for an unjustifiable war by the united snakes

  9. Why isn't anyone or even RT asking why Israel has secret NUKES.

    Israel locked a guy up, IN fact I think he is still in prison. He was a Israeli nuclear scientist.

    For exposing the Israeli nuclear weapons program many years ago.

    And why isn't America taking action against Israel?

    It's all a bunch of lies to further the agenda. One world Government AKA the new world order.

    They cant have countries outside the Petro-dollar. They want every country with a central bank controlled by the 1% And nothing like a war to keep the petrol-dollar afloat.
    Notice how the only countries WITHOUT a central bank controlled by the IMF are being attacked by the Anglo-Americana alliance.
    North Korea.
    There was no central banks in Libya and Iraq also but we all know what happened with them right.

  10. Is she dumb or what? She doesn't talk about U. S. aggression. And yet, wants to know what Iran should do to please the U. S..

  11. Only Euro Descendant elites want war. None of us in the US do…. Well maybe except some bootlickers.

  12. Washington is not listening LOL only 3 people controlling Washington right now. Trump Bolton and Pompus.

  13. She knows nothing about the real Iran. I lived there during the revolution. I married an Iranian and have family there. I get sick of people who talk out of their axx about places they don't understand.

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  15. Americans are discussing so only allies of America are allowed nukes right ….if iran knows what good for them they best get their hands on a nuke,otherwise the great evil that calls herself America will be coming to kill rape an destroy you land

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  18. Blame Iran
    Blame US

    Russia & China backing up Iran

    Another Cold War?

  19. Iran is under no obligation to any country to develop its defense capabilities. I wonder why Iran can't request that in order for it to even talk about denuclearization, they address Israel's nuclear and ballistic programs alongside. If the so-called IAEA is so concern about peace in the Middle East, they must treat all countries equally

  20. You bitch! Staying on a nuclear deal for more than one year after Trump tore it up, was not a good proof that Iran is not seeking war and nuclear weapons?!? You are dumb or just playing Trump’s cards? Bitch! 😂

  21. this woman in red if u listen the point she is driving in spite of the truth and the fact clearly given by mr. lazare…she is part of those devils trying to create havoc…

  22. Iran is lying through and through,,,,it has lied,,,, and is Very dangerous

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