“TRUMP-KIM SUMMIT” — A Bad Lip Reading

*** You can turn these captions off and on using the CC button Now I touch you Yeah, buddy Cool beans, homie Umm… that’s pretty weird, but cool Can I just say, I think she’s hot Just look at that figure She is pretty cricket, dude I said dude She is cricket I always try to be charming Cuz you never know Yeah, dude, like whatever, text me Nailed it! Yeah, not really hhuuhhhhhh So, I’ve read a lot of pages of his diary And I gotta tell you it’s really funny He truly still wants to grow up and get in a real rocket ship On one page, he mentioned how he was gonna chuck a flip-phone at me And he also mentioned that he wants a little German sheep And he intends to name it Glen Ohh, look at the thing Dah-da-dah I think I shoulda hit the… never mind LOOK THERE’S A BIRD They have such a lot of birds here Wowww Hey, look at the little tiny zucchini That’s not for the birds! [bird noise] And that is the dove The Dove of Ishmael The bird of one song Whenever I’m done drinking a milk, I am done, that’s it Ishmael taught me that, it’s really cool We’re going to have frittatas Hooray! I win! No, I’m the best I’M THE BEST

100 thoughts on ““TRUMP-KIM SUMMIT” — A Bad Lip Reading

  1. Eh..I mean yeah Trump is bad but not so bad that he deserves to be trolled more than that Kim

  2. With the expression on Kim's face you almost believe Trump is actually saying this lmfao

  3. I REFUSE to believe that these aren’t the actual words they said 😂

  4. This is freaking epic!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Dead AF!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🔥🔥♥️ // ~Nic~

  5. Putins poodle Trump. Has been ordered to see kimmy. 😀😀

  6. Kim Jung un is like that kid that still uses the word swag

  7. Why didn’t you lip read Donald for he talks exactly the same 😂

  8. Around the 0:33 mark….um why does that door behind Mr. Trump have 2 door knobs ?

  9. “I think I should have hit the……oh never mind”

    Lol. Those damn frittatas

    Also “when I’m done drinking a milk, that’s it. I’m done”

  10. lol how do you do it 😀 i know how hard it is to bad lip read. i tried many times

  11. Donald, Vlad, and Kim star in this summer's wackiest comedy: "World War 3, a Love Story". Coming soon to theatres!

  12. Sorry. These last two trump lip readings sucked. Your NFL ones are great. Sorry I didn't get any kind of chuckle out of these.

  13. "I shoulda hit the…never mind." I'm dead. I died laughing. This is too good.

  14. Humor is tremendous. We choose of our own free will to to designate ordinary individuals to the status of gods and then we mock them when they fart, and then we say "Look! He's only human". I love it. I actually feel like all of us (me included) are more ridiculous than the people we mock. If only for the clear fact that we're actually just mocking aspects of ourselves. Any sane society would either do away with leaders and walk stead-fast into the jaws of chaos or come to grips with our terrible and terrifying subconscious.

  15. I think little Kim is annoyed by the chatty Trump, no wonder he’s a Donald Trumpet 🎺 🎙🎶🎵🔊💬

  16. Trump: Whenever I'm done drinking milk, I'm done. Ishmael taught me that.

  17. 0:40 Kim face when Donald Trump mention his dairy. 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Usually I'll laugh at these types of content, unfortunately I find it mostly disturbing to say the least. President Trump is literally the greatest president we've ever had since Jackson….. And JFK, and RR, it's impossible for me to laugh at such an amazing man now if you make more of these liberal lip content I'll laugh at there brainwashed liberal views. The man is doing great things for our country and it's citizens. I've always been proud to be American now im more prouder than ever to love my country and it's us presidency it's truly a blessing being an American today god bless our president 🙏

  19. My parents were so proud of me. They thought i was politically inclined because ive been watching trump bad lip readings. Hahaha

  20. I was doing something else and this video went on autoplay without me knowing that it's a Bad Lip Reading video. Somehow I wasn't surprised to hear Trump say what he did because it seemed plausible that he would say it in real life, I was surprised though when I knew that it was just voiced over.

  21. Thought this was suppose to be bad lip reading video not the real thing I think you uploaded the wrong video. 😆

  22. Grasping for straws. Worst writing for a video ever. Next to Rob Zombie. And that's really lowering the bar.

  23. 1:40 not for the birds kurrr kurr!! ..
    This channel is epic as shit…!!

  24. Lol brilliant
    I love the Asia video more but he mentions he wants to chuck a flip phone at me lmfao wow

  25. I LOVE it! PLEEEEEAAAASE make more videos with Trump. He's simply perfect as he mingles with other people, famous or not.

  26. These pair and Putin make me cry.
    I love Trump and this is class .


  28. Trump: I’ve read a lot of pages of his diary

    Kim: *suprised pikachu face

  29. Wait a sec, this channel is a scam

    You just use the original audio. I did not subscribe for this.

  30. I feel like this is even more hilarious because I have NO clue what they really said.

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