Trump pardons author of flattering biography about the president

good morning guys I'm getting a bit of a late start today because I got one of those wonderful summer colds anyway Abbey's out and bud and Brenda are still sleeping and let's dig into some of the news here this is AOL so bill bar as I mentioned yesterday he he came face to face with Nancy Pelosi aces madam Speaker did you bring the handcuffs he correct as a to cross paths at the event honoring law enforcement on Wednesday and closely reportedly replied by noting that the house sergeant and arms was at the event should anyone need to be arrested and you know she made the crack she goes well we can have you arrested and put in in the handcuffs well I have a feeling before it's all said and done it will be William bar that's going to have her put in the handcuffs I I do hope we see the military tribunals soon very soon because that's what it's going to take for all these people to be rounded up and to be prosecuted people like Nancy Pelosi they they just the bottom line is as we all know they never thought that they were going to be brought to justice and as joe digenova said yesterday he says finally he says i do believe we're gonna see real justice and we're going to see these people be put in jail moving on to present trump pardoning author let's see here let's stroll down it says president all Trump on Wednesday granted a full pardon to Conrad black a former newspaper publisher who has written a flattering political biography of Trump blacks media empire one included that Chicago sun-times and The Daily Telegraph of London he was convicted of fraud in 2007 spent three and a half years in prison an appeals court reversed two convictions but left to others in place while House press secretary Sarah Sanders said black has made tremendous contributions to business and to political and historical thought in 2018 black published Donald J Trump present like no other he wrote a column Wednesday and Canada's National Post describing how Trump called him and revealed a pardon and he says he could not have been more gracious and quickly got to his point he was granting me a full pardon wrote black who used much of the rest of the column to explain the case he called it a long ordeal that was never anything but a confluence of unlucky events the belligerents of several corporate governance charlatans and grandstanding local and American judges all fanned by an unusually frenzied international media showing exceptional interest in the case because I was a media owner and you know as we have seen if you are on the wrong side of of the isle flottante what they come down on you they come down on you for no reason ie the Russian witch hunt and then women of late-night they surrender their bodies in a scathing abortion bandit it says the female writers on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers handed over control of their bodies to men to make a comedic yet powerful point about Alabama straighten abortion law and amber Ruffin Jenny Hagel and a leaf award each allowed men to stand behind them and manipulate their arm and movement there's something that these people are so strange honestly you know what they can't stand is the Governor of Alabama is a female she's I believe she's the first female governor they've ever had and here she is signing the most restrictive abortion law into into wall and they're just like Oh can't believe it can't believe it well what they can't believe is and there's more my women all the time who choose not to have an abortion and they just can't believe it well you know who better than a woman to sign an anti-abortion law who better than a woman to realize it is murder and to say out loud and proud it is murder and I'm not going to do it and we're gonna stop this stuff you know I mean it's just ridiculous heather locklear returns to rehab for the second time since hospitalization you know they don't what we have in this country and around the world we have such a problem not just with I mean with all kinds of drugs and alcohol and everything people are just they're just man they're just giving up control themselves to to drugs all the time my goodness and they get hooked and that's all there is to it and they never it they have a hard time getting off of him anyway I see a little blurb over here about Selena Gomez and you know she said yesterday she said you know Matt the social media has been the worst thing for the people in my generation and she's right as a matter of fact it's been it's been a bad thing for all generations and I think I think as we move forward and I know that one of my relatives she teaches in grade school says man I don't see I don't see it becoming less I said becoming kids were just glued to their phones but as they get older what seems to be happening is more and more kids are discontinuing the use of social media because they realize it's like man I it everything is out there and they're winding their privacy back anyway that's all for now god bless y'all have a good day bye bye guys

22 thoughts on “Trump pardons author of flattering biography about the president

  1. Trump abuses the pardon power by pardoning his cronies and sycophants. Disgusting. The rule of law means nothing to him.

  2. Yes. I think Twitter indirectly did me a big flavor by banning my primary account. I was spending way too much time on it. So I decided to voluntarily vacate my two back-ups.

  3. Martin – you might want to check out this video: "Orange Is The New Democrat," which is also on U-Tube.

  4. Abortion is murder nobody is saying you can't have control of your body what we are saying is you cannot murder the body of someone else. Time for America to grow there own and stop importing foreigners

  5. That handcuff crack tells us a lot about the way Barr feels about the guilty left . They will regret the way they treated Barr when they goaded him in the senate

  6. Does piglosi really think the sergeant at arms would ever go try to arrest Barr. Kick rocks piglosi. Go have another gin and tonic

  7. Mr.BAR will certainly put her and all Her CRIMINALS Friends in Jail. Thank You for this Good News GOD BLESS YOU.

  8. She jis the second female governor in Alabama. Lurleen Wallace was first Governor. She died in office

  9. Thank you Martin.
    Do you know you're a breath of fresh air?
    Your posts are like we're having coffee in the kitchen. (- :

  10. Just to point it out, Martin, they've got you speaking their "narrative" language. It's not "anit-abortion", it's "pro-life". People subconsciously react much more favorably to a "Pro/in support of/for" word, and the opposite is true for the "against" side. So, saying "anit-abortion" provides a subtle negative context for someone who is actually for protecting innocent babies. In actuality, we should call them "anti-life", not "pro-abortion", (or maybe "pro-baby murder") because they are actually the negative ones. Just trying to helpfully observe, man, keep up the great work!! 🙂

  11. Bravo for governor of Alabama 👏👏what these sick peoples can’t believe is that can’t kill babies no more no more blood to drink no more disrespectful of God rules

  12. She probably crapped herself at first if she didn’t hear him correctly.

  13. Mr. Brodel do you think we will be go to we war with Iran?

  14. I live in Alabama and Kay Ivey is the governor .. she’s in her 79s but she is not the first female governor … Lurleen Wallace was the first female governor here. George Wallace’s wife. Back in the 60s

  15. Nice! You just know that’s going to piss off a lot of “liberals” who have only hatred in their heart and nihilistic destruction on their minds!

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