Trump writes a poem to America, are you ready to hear it? • Trump vs Bernie

I wrote a poem.
You want to hear it? It’s a fun little poem.
Open up all your holes when you listen to this.
Here I stand, huffing and puffing like a horny beast, wet at the mouth. Lo,
I am a flexing pig. My speeches, scant, senseless, the rhythm of an idiot.
I piss vinegar on the black and the brown. Orange? I am rusted, rippled,
white-lipped, tossing my jaw back and forth, belching bloody bile. I’m a fat, little redhead….ever
lonely, never loved, pure ego. Let the nukes fly,
bursting prostate-choked pearls of [bleep] spilling from my gnarled
acorn. I am the trumpet in the sky.
I am the bringer of death. I am the fire dog,
according to China. I’ve muttered these sick
and sad psalms of vigorous stupidity
for months. You depart from Plato’s cave. Stop screaming silent
at the shadows on the wall. Agitate me, disrupt me,
save me from myself. Let me be an absurd,
oily sideshow, the inverted clown, who snidely molests people with my smarm.
Tell me you’re fired. Return me to New York,
to eat amuse-bouches at Per Se. And I will sit alone
in my tower, gold and chrome, wondering about the time
I almost destroyed the world. We’re
gonna make America great again!

20 thoughts on “Trump writes a poem to America, are you ready to hear it? • Trump vs Bernie


  2. The deepness and complexity twisted with truth and comedy, genius.

  3. The impression was so good that i forgot that i was watching an actor.

  4. America, just because diversity is all the craze right now does not mean it's time to elect an orange president. Lets stick to the regular, human colors.

  5. Here I stand,
    Huffing and puffing
    Like a horny beast
    Wet at the mouth

    Lo, I am a flexing pig
    My speeches,
    Scant, senseless,
    The Rhythm of an idiot

    I piss vinegar
    On the black and the brown
    I am rusted.

    Tossing my jaw aback and forth
    Belching bloody bile.

    I'm a fat little red-head
    Pure ego

    Let the Nukes Fly!
    Prostate-choked pearls of jism
    Spilling from my gnarled acorn

    I am the Trumpet in the sky
    I am the Bringer of Death
    I am the Fire Dog
    (According to China)

    I've muttered
    These sick and sad psalms
    Of vigorous stupidity
    For months

    You, Depart from Plato's cave!
    Stop screaming silent
    At the shadows
    On the wall

    Agitate me!
    Disrupt me!
    Save me,
    From myself.

    Let me be an absurd oily sideshow
    The inverted clown
    Who snidely molests people
    With my smarm

    Tell me, "you're fired!"
    Return me to New York
    To eat amuse bouche
    At Per Se,

    And I will sit alone
    In my Tower
    Gold and chrome
    Wondering about the time

    I almost destroyed the world.

    -Anthony Atamanuik as Donald Trump (2016)

  6. I would love to see Hillary's poem about herself. Tons of room for biting satire there!! 😆 Maybe Hillary goes to hell and meets Richard Nixon, they let Nixon go on a pardon, while Hillary ends up taking over command from Beelzebub.

  7. "My speeches: scant, senseless… the rhythm of an idiot."

    LOL! So accurate.

  8. Could not live through this administration without Anthony Atamanuik. He is doing god's work.

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