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You and Me! A boat on a ravaging river seated there is this “ME” On that shore is You And You, on this shore too Where to am I to go, that is the question. Question? Wherever I may go, isn’t it You that I’ll find? Why query thus, then? Decide if you must, but decide fast The boat is floating away too Who knows if it’ll stop or not If stops it does, who knows where Think! Think, But why should I think? Do what you may, the same destination awaits, Whether it touches this shore or that. But wait! Why the dilemma at all? Are You not there too, where this stream flows to? If not, then You can’t be on this shore or that either If You are, You would be there too. What then? Just hold tight the boat The very flow will take you to the shore To fall not is my only duty now What if I fall? Oh, why cling to such negative thoughts at all? Alright, say you fall… So what? Are you not here (where I fall)? If not, then You can’t be on this shore or that either How then can You be downstream? And, if You are here, then why fear? Jump, and embrace the Beloved Isn’t it for this, this journey I began But wait! Another thought… Gosh, these thoughts. Wish they weren’t The union, easy it might be Anyways…. If You are on that shore, and on this one too In the stream, and in its destination too then.. are You not here now, with me? If no, then You are nowhere But You are! You are here too then. What a strange dilemma? As much as it befuddles, So much it clarifies too Now, where’s the query, why the worry Nothing to do, nothing to muse On that shore it’s You On this shore too You are here midstream too You are where it all ends too You are the boat, the bank too I was with You I am with You Why then this struggle The one to call out to is You The one to take along too is You The one to deliver me too is You What an experience!! Wherever I go, You are there If I go nowhere, You are still there If I do something, I find You If I do nothing, I still find You I feel liberated Hey! This is no liberation, isn’t it? If it is, it’s so easy! Then, why such asceticism and so many ascetics? When, this simple truth, living in this world… going for work… Work? Tomorrow I’ll get my salary. Next holiday, the car I must fix. And the car, I must drive less, for petrol is getting dearer now Gosh… now this petrol, these expenses, how did they come between me and You? Uff, these thoughts again…. Mind, this mischief is all yours Why don’t you stay immersed in thoughts of His? You tell me, what am I to do with this mind? But who am I to do anything at all? You are the doer, You are the cause If it be Your wish, the mind too shall be tamed It is by desiring You the mind is restless Everything is You, Everything is for You This game is Yours. I, the player, is also Yours What You wish, You may do Truth is, that’s what You do You are my path, my destination too You are the tempest, the safety of the shore too You are the boat, the bank too You are the beginning, You are the end I hope, Me and You, You and Me, is all that remains Why hope? This will happen. Perhaps, this is happening too YOU and Me Me and YOU.

18 thoughts on “Tu Aur Main | Spoken Word Poetry | Radio Sai NEXT

  1. Sairam brother,
    Very nice poetry!!!! I had watched 1st Jan 2014 New year celebrations evening program when You had offered some Shayari in Divine lotus feet … ( Jo आंखो में बसते थे सनम …..)

  2. Vichaar,
    Vichaar aate hain mujhe
    Jispe koi kaabu nahi.
    Uljha hua sa hai mera yeh mann
    Dhoondh rahi hun uska kaaran.
    Kahan jaun, kidhar khojun,
    Mai thi woh bholi jo sach nahi jaan payi.

    Vichar ka sacchai hai WOH,
    Jo humara maargdarshak hai
    Jo humen sabse zyada pyaar karta hai.

    Beautiful poetry lines. It is healing.
    Thank you Radio Sai Next. You are a blessing :))

  3. Fantastic one. Wow…. bro.. in few minutes u told the story of life, path, thinking, desire, negativeness, positiveness &Our original destination. Thanx bro again. Sairam

  4. 👌Kya baat ! Wah.👏🏻👏🏻 Depth. Brother in one of your experience sharing you had said – “Humne Bhagwan se Ishq kiya hai”… with this poem … You have again proved it. Beautiful poem for our dear Lord. Touching. Stay blessed. Sai Ram 🙏🏻

  5. Thank you , Sairam, beautiful thought provoking poetry by Abhimanyu Kaulji. God Bless u. Sairam

  6. Wonderful thoughts! 🥰🙏 Feel so peaceful listening 💓 thank you so much Radiosai team 💐🙏 excellent video 👌🥰 Loving Sai Ram.

  7. It's wonderful to listen to these thoughts in the early hours. So true. Thank you. Loving Sairam.

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