Tulsa Woman First Native Ameican U.S. Poet Laureate

is the first Native American and Oklahoma to ever receive this prestigious award joy Harjo was just named poet laureate of the United States two works for use Tatyana Taylor takes us inside her studio to find the talent it takes to earn such a title this is joy Harjo studio where she comes to be creative she's realized some books in here ridden a lot of her poetry and she's even working on some new music even a small remark can shift everything the United States Head Librarian Carla Aydin appointed joy Harjo as the 23rd US poet laureate Joy's the first Native American in the first Oklahoman to be named a poet laureate of the United States actually very humbling because there's a lot there's always responsibility I think anytime you use words we all use words and with poetry you're using them in a more stylized way Julie grew up wanting to be an artist like her grandmother but she says poetry found her well being a poet is not it's usually not top on the career list for her young people and I've come to think of it as a kind of calling in a way there's a it's a very discipline she said poetry got through some of the hardships in her life oh man I remember asking the poet Audrey Lord years ago and I was a young poet and she just she embodied poetry and I said I just asked her if it got any easier no and people in the community say she's an inspiration that joy always puts everyone before herself as a native Oklahoman and as a Native American as a native woman for joy to receive this award while she's back home in Tulsa is incredible and exactly how things should be mrs. Hart Joe is excited to celebrate her title and September 19th is the first poetry reading that she will be having at the Library of Congress as the poet laureate in Tulsa Tatiana Taylor too works for you

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